Major General Abbas Ibrahim , head of Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security (DGS) is a member of the Amal Movement which is headed by Speaker Nabih Berri , a close ally of Hezbollah

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim has finally exposed who is behind the cabinet formation obstacles

He reportedly held separate meetings on the government impasse with President Michel Aoun, his son-in-law MP Jebran Bassil , Speaker Nabih Berri and PM-designate Saad Hariri according to Lebanese. media reports

During his Thursday’s meeting with Bassil at his residence in Laqlouq, Ibrahim discussed the possibility of resuming stalled efforts to form a government, on the basis of an equation of concessions related to the justice and interior ministry portfolios, “well-informed” reported.

They added that Ibrahim suggested the allocation of the justice portfolio as part of Hariri’s share, and the allocation of the interior portfolio as part of the President’s share, provided it gets the acceptance of both teams, otherwise they have the right to veto the names.

According to the sources, Ibrahim’s mission exposed Bassil’s “stubbornness,”

The conflict is not reportedly limited to the distribution of portfolios, but also to the number of seats allocated for each party.

Ibrahim also exposed Aoun’s stubbornness in insisting on getting 6+1 cabinet seats in a cabinet of 18 to provide him with the veto that will allow him to collapse the cabinet whenever he wants . Hariri reportedly offered Aoun a total of 6 cabinet seats instead .

It appears that nothing can be resolved in Lebanon without the direct involvement of Lebanon’s top trouble shooter Abbas Ibrahim , Ibrahim , a close ally of The Amal Movement chief Nabih Berri has been utilized by him, Aoun and Hezbollah for trouble shooting both domest and foreign .

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