2 explosions rock southern Lebanese city ( Sour) Tyre


Tyre, south Lebanon

Two explosions rocked Tyre ( Sour ) Sunday evening, as two sound bombs exploded in two areas within the city, wounding a citizen and damaging a car.¬†According to reports a a Lebanese identified as “W. Jahir” threw a stun grenade in front of the “Bohsali Sweets” store in Tyre, which led to the injury of a person identified as “A. Mana”, who was wounded, and was subsequently transferred to Jabal Amel Hospital for treatment.

The “Bohsali Sweets” store in Tyre ( Sour) . One of the oldest chains of sweet shops in Lebanon

The explosion was reportedly heard throughout Tyre

Following the first incident “W. Jahir” reportedly drove to another location in Tyre and placed another bomb inside his car , a silver Mercedes bearing plate number (109625 / F) which set it on fire instantly . A Civil Defense vehicle came to extinguish the fire

A Tyre security force patrol arrived at the scene and arrested “W. Jahir”