Restricting weapons to state is first step to economic reform, says Lebanon former president

suleiman bids farwell
Former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman

The former President of Lebanon, General Michel Suleiman, said that restricting weapons under the Lebanese state’s command and putting an end to weapons outside the framework of legitimate authority is the first step towards economic or social reform in the country.

Former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman

Suleiman stressed during a meeting with French MP, Gwendall Royard, yesterday the need to pursue the French initiative launched by President Emmanuel Macron “in a way that serves the supreme interest of Lebanon”.

Suleiman added that France can help Lebanon in the UN Security Council, the European Union and the International Support Group for Lebanon to ensure that it is neutralised from regional conflicts and their negative repercussions.

Last month, Macron criticised Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which is both a political and military force in the country, saying: “Hezbollah can’t be at the same time an army at war with Israel, an unrestrained militia against civilians in Syria and a respectable party in Lebanon.”

The Baabda Declaration which calls for disassociating Lebanon from the events in Syria war and other regional conflicts and was approved in a national dialogue session in June 2012 under the leadership of president Suleiman

Hezbollah representatives attended the session and did not object to it but months later in 2013 the Iranian backed militant group violated it when it sided with Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad against his own people in a war that is still ongoing

According to observers , the Baabda Declaration constitutes an important document that remains a national requirement. Domestic parties must liberate themselves from their commitment to foreign parties and must work on the basis of national motivations and thus not link their activity and fate to foreign parties who are only seek to achieve their own aims

The declaration constitutes a solution to the ever-plaguing crises which Lebanon is currently suffering.