Hezbollah gave up on Diab, exerting more pressure on him to quit

PM Hassan Diab’s government is primarily supported by the Iranian backed Hezbollah and its allies. This why they refer to his cabinet as Hezbollah’s government

It appears that Hezbollah has finally given up on PM Hassan Diab .

This morning Deputy Parliament Speaker Elie Ferzli , a very close ally of the Iranian backed Hezbollah held talks Thursday at the Center House with former PM Saad Hariri .

Hours later former minister  Wiam Wahhab, another close ally of the Hezbollah called on Diab to quit before being “ousted”.

“I call on PM Diab to resign before they oust him through street action, because there are negotiations behind the scenes on forming a government and the disagreement is only over some details,” Wahhab tweeted.

All this development is taking place while the cabinet has been meeting at the Grand Serail .

Earlier today local media reported that intensive contacts are underway with the aim of pushing some ministers to tender their resignations ahead of the resignation of the entire government

“Negotiations have been ongoing for the past 24 hours with former PM Saad Hariri over the possibility of his return as premier,” the Akhbar al-Yawm news agency quoted highly-informed sources as saying.

The sources said Deputy Speaker Elie Ferzli’s visit to the Center House on Thursday and the stances he voiced in support of Hariri might be part of the reported efforts.

“PM Hassan Diab is waiting for the development of these contacts and he does not want to leave the Grand Serail unless they convince him that the alternative government is ready,” the sources added.