Aoun urges cabinet to reconsider decision on Salaata Power Plant

File photo: President Michel Aoun L and his son-in-law MP Gebran Bassil. Lebanon’s economic collapse has turned many people against the president , who is seen as an ineffectual leader focused on advancing his son-in-law ’s agenda.

File photo: President Michel Aoun L and FPM leader Gebran Bassi

President Michel Aoun on Friday urged the cabinet to “reconsider its decision” after it decided to drop the proposed power plant project in the Salaata area,

The Salaata power plant was proposed by the Free Patriotic Movement ,whose founder is president Aoun and whose current leader is Aoun’s son-in-law Gebran Bassil

“Carrying on with this plan represents a necessity for Lebanon and also for the negotiations with the international institutions,” the president told Cabinet during a session at the Baabda Palace on Friday .

Prime Minister Hassan Diab meanwhile said that Cabinet is “committed to its Policy Statement as to the electricity plan and to the resolutions of the previous government taken on April 8, 2019 and October 21, 2019, which mentioned the sites where the power plants should be set up.”

“Cabinet considers that its resolution on May 14, 2020 is part of the implementation of the electricity plan and does not contradict with it,” he added.

According to Siemens company the Salaata power plant is unnecessary and the two other proposed power plants are more than enough to provide Lebanon with the power needed .

Analysts , are of the opinion that the Salaata power plant will prove to be very costly for Lebanon since it involves purchasing land for $250 million.

The land which is in a rural area is reportedly owned by Free Patriotic Movement officials and businessmen that are affiliated with FPM and was reportedly purchased with the intent of selling it to the government at an inflated price .

One analyst told Ya Libnan ” this is what corruption in Lebanon is all about “