Lebanon gets its first case of coronavirus from Iran, update

Dr Hamad Hassan , minister of health who represents Hezbollah in the cabinet .

The first case of the coronavirus has been reported in Lebanon . The patient , a Lebanese woman returning from Iran is being treated at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut.

Dr Hamad Hassan , minister of health who represents Hezbollah in the cabinet .

Lebanon’s health minister Hamad Hassan who made the announcement said that he was heading to the Hariri Hospital to check on the patient .

Dr Hassan represents the Iranian backed Hezbollah in the cabinet of PM Diab .

Coronavirus deaths rise in Iran

Iraqi and Kuwaiti authorities were on high alert Friday after banning travel the previous day to and from Iran, where authorities say the death toll from the new coronavirus has hit four.

Iran’s health ministry Friday reported two more deaths among 13 new diagnosed cases of the COVID-19 virus, doubling the total number of deaths in the Islamic republic and taking the total number of diagnosed infections there to 18.

Since December, the virus has killed more than 2,200 people in China, the epidemic’s epicentre.

Update :

The number of Coronavirus cases in Lebanon is two and not one as was reported earlier.

Minister Hassan urged all those returning from Iran during the past 2 weeks to be quarantined at home to avoid the spread of the disease and urged the Lebanese people to take care of hygiene , wash hands well and be careful when coughing to avoid transmitting the Coronavirus