China coronavirus death toll tops 1,000


The death toll in the coronavirus outbreakin China breached 1,000 on February 10, after 110 people died from the virus, the highest daily toll since the outbreak began late last year.

The total number of deaths on the mainland has now reached 1,016, the National Health Commission said on Tuesday.

There were 2,478 new confirmed cases on the mainland on February 10 bringing the total to 42638 , while the total number of confirmed cases world wide rose to 43100.


A 60,000-square-metre structure with space for 1,000 beds and 30 intensive care wards, all built in just 10 days. According to Chinese state media, the construction of a new hospital in virus-hit Wuhan has been completed – just a little over a week after it began.

A team of 7,000 carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other specialists worked around the clock to build the Huoshenshan hospital, Chinese state media said, with construction beginning on January 23 and completed on Sunday.

The hospital, which will be staffed by around 1,400 army medics dispatched to Wuhan, began treating its first patients on Monday.

Wuhan, a city of around 11 million, has been on lockdown since January 23 after it became the scene of the first outbreak of the previously unknown form of coronavirus – a group of illnesses that includes SARS.

A second new hospital is currently under construction in Wuhan and set to be completed soon.




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