Lebanon blasts Trump’s M.E. plan


Lebanese political parties, religious figures and officials denounced on Wednesday US President Donald Trump,’s Middle East plan which he unveiled Tuesday in the presence of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu .

A Palestinian cleric burns a banner that shows a portrait of the U.S. President Donald Trump with Arabic words that read:”Your suspicious deal will not pass,” during a protest against the White House plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp, southern Lebanon, Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

The Palestinian refugees in southern and northern camps also rejected the plan

Hezbollah said the plan is an attempt to “wipe out the Palestinian people’s rights.”

This “shameful move… could not have been made without the complicity and betrayal of a certain number of Arab regimes”, the Iranian-backed movement added.

Al-Mustaqbal Movement expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, denouncing the deal as a “new Balfourd Declaration.”

“The deal cannot pass at the expense of the Palestinian people and their historic struggle to defend their land and sanctities, or at the expense of their legitimate rights to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital,” a statement released by the Movement said.

Sidon Mufti Sheikh Salim Sousan called on mosques in the southern city to focus their Friday speech on the “Palestinian cause.”

“This Deal of the Century is ugly and reprehensible, it is totally rejected. Palestine is not for negotiations or bargaining, and it is not for sale,” said Sousan.

Senior Lebanese officials including President Michel Aoun and PM Hassan Diab also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people rejecting Trump’s deal.

Palestinian refugees in the southern camps of Sidon and Tyre, and in the northern camps of Beddawi went on strike as schools were closed in protest.

President Trump claimed his peace plan for Israel and Palestine will prove to be a triumph that will last for the next 80 years, but proved it was not even viable for 80 minutes after he revealed it.

The plan grants Israel much of what it has sought in decades of international diplomacy, namely control over Jerusalem as its “undivided” capital, rather than a city to share with the Palestinians. The plan also lets Israel annex West Bank settlements.

The Palestinians called it biased and deserving to go in the “dustbin of history.”



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