No Arab assistance for Lebanon under new govt., report


The naming of Hassan Diab as Lebanon’s new PM-designate was not well receive by the Arab counties who consider him “affiliated” to the March 8 camp, “endorsed” by the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group and “close” to Syrian President Bashar Asaad, Nidaa al-Watan daily reported on Saturday.

The daily quoted Arab diplomatic sources as saying ( on condition of anonymity ) ” there is no Arab approval of Diab” and that his designation will reflect on the form of the new government “especially after reports that he visited Damascus and met with officials of the Syrian regime.” 

The report did not provide any details on whether Diab visited Damascus after he was appointed as the PM designate or when he was a minister in Mikati’s cabinet

Arab states were “willing and ready” to provide economic assistance for Lebanon, said the sources, but the Gulf Cooperation Council’s assistance “was excluded after revelations that the formation process is completely politicized and one-sided.”

The sources noted that Arab countries are watching the position of Dar al-Fatwa, the highest Sunni authority in Lebanon, which has not so far given its “blessing” for the designation of Diab. 

Diab was named earlier in December replacing outgoing PM Saad Hariri after nearly two months of intense political wrangling.

But while his appointment was backed by Hezbollah-allied parliamentary blocs, he did not win the backing of parties from his own Sunni community.

The antigovernment protesters have also rejected Diab and have been protesting near his home in Talt el Khayat , Beirut urging him to quit,

One protester accused him of being a Syrian intelligence agent