Amal, Hezbollah supporters try again to attack protesters in Beirut


Tension rose in central Beirut when a group of young men tried to attack the epicenter of the anti-government protests, prompting security forces to fire tear gas. 

Riot policemen fire tear gas against the supporters of the Shiite Hezbollah and Amal Movement groups, who are trying to attack the anti-government protesters, in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. Protesters are demanding a government made up of technocrats that would immediately get to work on the necessary reforms to address the economy. (Bilal Hussein/Associated Press)

Dozens of men threw stones and Molotov cocktails at anti-riot police who deployed to stop the advancing assailants.

Police pushed them back firing rounds of tear-gas. The group of mainly young men who came from the impoverished Khandaq al-Ghamiq area were chanting “Shia, Shia!” as they approached the area of anti-government protesters.

It is not the first time supporters of the two main Shiite groups in Lebanon, Hezbollah and AMAL Movement, attacked the protesters’ site.




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  1. Chanting “ Iran,Iran” you mean. So Lebanon is NOT in these peoples vocabulary.

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