Silos in Lebanon only contain 20 day supply of wheat


lebanese breadThe head of the syndicate of the bakeries in Beirut, Ali Ibrahim told OTV that the wheat in the silos contains only a 20 day supply and there are 5 ships at sea waiting to offload but the banks have been closed for several days and we can’t get the funds to pay for the wheat.

He drew attention to the great difficulty of delivering flour to meet people’s demands but the roads have been closed.

Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh warned that a “solution” is needed within days in order to restore confidence and avoid a future collapse of the economy.

Salameh said that the local currency peg to the dollar will be maintained and that when banks in Lebanon re-open, “there is no capital control and no haircut.”

But the banks remain closed in Lebanon and prices at supermarkets have reportedly skyrocketed . Many protests are accusing the government of trying to starve the people to force them to end the uprising



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