Nasrallah speaks as if he is the supreme ruler of Lebanon: Siniora


sinioraFormer Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora accused Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasralah  of speaking as if he  is the Supreme leader of Lebanon

The survival of this government will  not get  us out of this dangerous impasse, but a  change to a  neutral government of experts   headed by Saad Hariri  will give us hope  and will get us out out of this predicament. That’s the safest way for the country.

Siniora added : The position expressed by the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah when he said that :

It is forbidden  to end of the regime

It is forbidden for the government to resign

It is forbidden to hold early elections

In saying so he  he is acting as if he is the supreme leader of Lebanon”.

He added no doubt the situation is extremely serious and requires a neutral  government that will restore confidence among the Lebanese people  and help rescue the collapsing economy .


Phalange Party leader MP Sami Gemayel on Monday called for the formation of a “neutralgovernment of experts.”

“Only an instant resignation of the government and the formation of a neutral government of experts can restore the confidence of people and the international community in the state,” Gemayel tweeted, saying the move would “rescue the economic and monetary situations.”
This remarks  come after Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh  warned that a “solution” is needed within days in order to restore confidence and avoid a future collapse of the economy.

Salameh said that the local currency peg to the dollar will be maintained and that when banks in Lebanon re-open, “there is no capital control and no haircut.”

But the banks remain closed in Lebanon and prices at supermarkets have reportedly skyrocketed . Many protests are accusing the government of trying to starve the people to force them to end the uprising