Abu Faour accuses Bassil of going to Syria to ‘beg for presidency’


abou faourDuring a rally on Monday that was  organised by the Progressive Socialist Party at downtown Beirut’s Martyrs Square,  Minister  of Industry Wael Abu Faour accused Free Patriotic Movement chief and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil of seeking to visit Syria in order to boost his chances of becoming the country’s upcoming president.

“You are rallying at this square, the square of national unity, freedom, sovereignty and independence, the square of Gebran Tueni, Samir Kassir and Rafik Hariri. You are rallying to raise your voice in defense of freedom and democracy, which are facing new attacks,” Abu Faour said as he addressed the rally.

“You are the economic conspiracy against Lebanon. You are destroying the economy because you are seeking to renew your presence in power, and there is a political camp that is controlling all ministries and the political and security decisions. You are putting your cronies, the cronies of your cronies and the women of your cronies in state administration. You are speaking of turning the tables but the tables are your tables and the cronies are your cronies. You are monopolizing all tables. You are too weak to be able to turn the tables,” Abu Faour said, addressing Bassil.

Commenting on  the controversy over the foreign minister’s plans to visit Syria, Abu Faour said Bassil is not going to Syria to return the refugees but rather to “beg for the presidency” because “he has been told that the path towards the presidency goes through Damascus.”

PSP supporters had marched from the Cola area to the Martyr square via the Salim Salam road and tunnel.

March 14 General Secretariat ex-MP Fares Soaid and representatives from the Kataeb Party took part in the rally at Martyrs Square alongside a number of PSP ministers and MPs.



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