Lebanon today: Wednesday April 10th Top news


Here are the top stories for Lebanon today:

Avedis GuidanianTourism minister calls upon Arab countries to lift travel ban on Leban

“The security situation has improved remarkably,” Lebanon’s Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian said, noting the United Kingdom has allowed its citizens to visit several Lebanese areas while France is studying this issue seriously. Guidanian added that  that Lebanon’s hotels are fully reserved for the coming spring season and if the tourism sector continues its excellent performance throughout the year, tourism revenues will reach 8 billion U.S. dollars as it was in 2010.

Jumblatt-0619-def1Jumblatt: Hezbollah can’t usurp our decision forever

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt announced Tuesday that Hezbollah cannot “usurp the decision” of the Lebanese people forever.“Hezbollah must listen to criticism and we have the right to speak,” Jumblatt added.

Aoun bulgarian presidentAoun warns: Syrian and Palestinian refugees could end up in Europe due to difficult economic  conditions in Lebanon

  President Michel Aoun highlighted  during a joint press conference with  visiting  Bulgarian President Rumen Radev the strained economic conditions in Lebanon because it hosts around 1.5 million Syrian refugees and nearly 450,000 Palestinian refugees and warned that the refugees could end up in Europe because of the Lebanese  economic conditions  “We are concerned if the situation gets more difficult, Palestinian and Syrian refugees could move to  Europe. Economic conditions are very difficult in Lebanon,” said Aoun stressing “that the displaced Syrians are  a common international responsibility.”



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  1. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

    Depopulating Syria and pushing those souls into the Western Democracies has been a central objective of Iran’s adventure and Hezbollah’s compliance with Persia’s expansionist revolutionary designs. Aoun is just now figuring this out? Simply stupid or willfully compliant to his foreign masters .. you be the judge …

    Where is Rafik when Lebanon needs him most? And while we are are it, where are his assassins?

    1. The real lebanese Avatar
      The real lebanese

      Aoun’s whole political career has been a head scratch.

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