Grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar calls polygamy an ‘injustice’


Sheikh-Ahmed-Mohamed-Al-TayebThe grand imam of Egypt’s famed Al-Azhar institution, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, has described polygamy as an “injustice” for women.

“Polygamy is often an injustice to women and children,” said the influential cleric, in quotes published on Twitter late Friday by Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning.

The practice is the result of “a lack of understanding of the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet,” he added.

Tayeb also addressed the issue in a weekly Friday television show, telling viewers: “Those who say that marriage must be polygamous are all wrong”.

He added the Koran says that in order for a Muslim man to have multiple wives, he “must obey conditions of fairness — and if there is not fairness it is forbidden to have multiple wives”.

After the grand imam’s comments sparked fervent debate on social media, Al-Azhar on Saturday clarified that he did not call for polygamy to be banned.

In his Friday comments, Tayeb called more broadly for the way women’s issues are addressed to be revamped.

“Women represent half of society, if we don’t care for them it’s like we are walking on one foot only,” he said in the remarks published on Twitter.

The grand imam’s approach was welcomed by Egypt’s National Council for Women.

“The Muslim religion honours women — it brought justice and numerous rights which didn’t exist before,” said the Council’s president Maya Morsi.




8 responses to “Grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar calls polygamy an ‘injustice’”

  1. Wow, finally the truth is out . Thank you Grand Imam for having the courage in declaring Polygamy is wrong and is an injustice to women . It should be banned because no human being can comply with the conditions of fairness as stipulated in the Koran.

  2. welcome from feudalism to neofeudalism

    1. What does feudalism have to do with this article?

      1. polygamy belongs to feudalism

        1. The only link between the 2 is that a feudalist could be a polygamist but that is where the link ends.
          Feudalism is a medieval way of structuring society while polygamy is a way of abusing women by pretending to misunderstand a holy book.
          VS , I don’t think you want to be either . Both are evil

          1. polygamy exactly is medieval way like stoning, girls circumcision,
            honor killings etc.

          2. I am glad you and I agree that both are bad and glad that the Grand Imam of al Azhar has spoken up against polygamy . Now all we need is a Rabbi to outlaw circumcision , another Imam to outlaw stoning and honor killing and a good politician to outlaw feudalism . Find these guys if you can vs. lol

          3. 🙂

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