“Hezbollah is stronger than the Israeli Army”: Nasrallah claims


nasrallah 071117Hezbollah chief   Hassan Nasrallah  claimed in a televised marking the end of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war   that “Hezbollah is stronger than the Israeli Army.”

He added : “ Hezbollah is stronger than at any time since it was launched”.

Israel talks about the increase of the forces of the resistance and says its army is the second strongest army in the Middle East after the Israeli Army,” he said. “This is not accurate. … Hezbollah is stronger than the Israeli Army, ” Nasrallah claimed

Speaking on Hezbollah’s role in Syria, where it is fighting alongside the forces of President Bashar Assad, Nasrallah said the group would celebrate victory “very soon.”

He claimed that Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu had changed his stance and has now accepted the Syrian regime and army remaining in power, but is insisting on the ouster of Hezbollah and Iran from Syrian territory.