Putin says Trump should be respected


putin praises trump againSOCHI, Russia  – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday President Donald Trump should be respected because he has a democratic mandate.

“He has been elected by the American people and at least because of this he should be respected, even if we disagree with his position”, Putin said at a forum with scholars.

Putin’s remarks add more questions to the many questions that have arisen in connection with Russia’s help in getting Trump to the White House.

Did the Trump campaign (or President Donald Trump himself) collude with the Russian government to interfere in an American presidential election through illegal means? Did the president’s son-in-law intentionally lie about his contact with Russian agents? Were there Federal Elections Commission violations involved? How much contact did members of the Trump campaign have with Russian agents during the campaign and leading up to the Inauguration?

Those questions  that were raised by the New York Times  last July will be probed and, presumably, answered in the course of the Justice Department investigation headed up by special counsel Robert Mueller. But one question remains unanswered and may not be in Meuller’s purview. That is: Why? In particular, Republicans should be asking themselves this question: Why did Russian President Vladimir Putin so desperately want Trump to win?



3 responses to “Putin says Trump should be respected”

  1. I am amazed !!! This is so ironic !
    Does Putin think the whole world is stupid?
    May be, he thinks he is the only smart ass in the world !

  2. Hannibal Avatar

    Putin and Trump hand in hand is a dream come true…

  3. PatienceTew Avatar

    It’s just ‘Krap from the Krem’…….

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