Hezbollah chief says he is not a war monger but ready to fight, Israel, US and its Arab allies


nasrallah war mongorHezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah said that he is not a war monger or interested in war, but ready to fight against Trump, the Zionist regime, some Arab followers of them, or the world following them.”
“Resistance is a means to reach the ends and it should not become a goal per se,” said the Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, on Thursday, “this is the principle governing over the behavior of all divine prophets, to fulfill the duties assigned by God, not follow the goals of their own desires.”

Nasrallah made the remarks on the occasion of the outset of the Muslims’ new year of lunar calendar.

According to analysts Hezbollah’s legitimacy in the Arab world and specially in Lebanon has taken a serious hit due to its involvement in the Syrian civil war. Nasrallah hopes that the threats he serves to Israel can fix Hezbollah’s image . Ever since the 2006 war Hezbollah has not engaged in any resistance activity . Its primary focus has been enhancing Iran’s role in the Arab world at the expense of Lebanon’s relations with its Arab neighbors . Over 1500 of its fighters were killed in Syria defending its dictator Bashar al Assad. Several Arab countries have labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist organization



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  1. “ready to fight, Israel” …….Go ahead, they just bombed the shiite out of another one of your weapon bases in Syria. The Party of God is ready to fight where and when Iran says so. Disposable minions.

    1. Steve Harvey Avatar
      Steve Harvey

      Another Hezbollah terrorist linked to Hariri’s assassination has been knocked off by Nasrallah. Hopefully the others will be taken out soon. It’s great to see Hezbollah kill their own (kind of like alligators eating their young).

      1. Hezbollah, Syria and Iran had nothing to do with Hariri Sr.’ Killing:

        Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s assassination

        Quit trolling Steve Paul, Rainbow Sponge, whatever other usernames you have.

        1. Steve Harvey Avatar
          Steve Harvey

          Dream on you Phoenician douche. Go tell your narrative to the ICJ (they will get some belly laughs for sure).

          1. I don’t need to dream. I rely on facts.

            The ICJ was a circus from the get-go. Prime witnesses admitted to perjury. Key The prosecutor resigned. France refuses to disclose their investigation. Neither Syria nor Iran was found guilty.

            And yes, four Hezbollah members were charged – in absentisia – based on flawed evidence.

            Hariri Sr.’s killing was a Western-Israeli false flag aimed at:

            1. Removing Syria from Lebanon (thanks for that).
            2. Disarm Hezbollah.
            3. Start another civil war in Lebanon.

            All failed, hence the war of 2006 between IsraHell and Hezbollah. Thing is, that failed too.

            Hence the war in Syria. Again, thing is, that, too (!), failed.

            Let’s see what they do with take two of the war in Syria with the Kurds this time. Hopefully, Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah annihiliayed them like they did the Takfiri hordes.

      2. This traditional Lebanese way of shutting up people by killing them continues……
        After Hezbollah killed Mustafa Badreddine after the International Court of Justice in the Hague requested he present himself and give testimony about the events surrounding the Hariri assassination…… they Hezbollah now killed Musa Muhamad Wahabi, the personal bodyguard Nasralla, because he knew too much regarding the killing of Hariri .
        As long as this festivals continues…… more and more are going to disappear the Lebanese traditional way……

        1. Ditto:

          Hezbollah, Syria and Iran had nothing to do with Hariri Sr.’ Killing:

          Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s assassination

        2. Steve Harvey Avatar
          Steve Harvey

          Hallelujah! Hezbollah’s body count continues to go up since the 2006 war with Israel. 300-500 Hezbollah KIA wasn’t enough for them in 2006, so they are going for broke with Iran’s Martyr Foundation. With 2000+ Hezbollah KIA in Syria, Yemen and Iraq…around 100 IAF airstrikes in Syria…I’d say that that Israel is winning the war between wars with Hezbollah. Let’s try for 3000 Hezbollah widows, Sec-Gen. Nasrallah!

          1. You might want to catch up with reality: no war for hegemony was ever won with diplomacy. Bullets and yes casualties is how it’s done.

            Besides and last time I checked, Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) went begging Putin to stop supporting Iran.

            Russia also announced they have no intention to partition Syria.

          2. Meanwhile Hezbollah are killing each other, to try to shut up those who know how
            Hezbollah killed Hariri…….

  2. “Hezbollah’s legitimacy in the Arab world and specially in Lebanon has taken a serious hit due to its involvement in the Syrian civil war.”
    In all seriousness if they did not interfere this site would have been renamed YaDa3eshan…
    I myself do not like the laughing hyena of Damascus but the alternative is salafist filthy apes, the brainchild of zion. NO THANK YOU.

    1. Our choice in Lebanon should not be limited to being between 2 evils.
      After all we are supposed to be the Switzerland of the Middle East.
      We deserve more civilized choices .
      To me Daesh and the Iranian regime (and its proxies) are two sides of the same coin… Islamic extremists. Both share the goal of creating an “Islamic state” capable of enforcing Sharia law and undermining the achievements of the civilized world.

      1. I always voiced my opposition to the Islamic “portion” of Hezbollah. The Islamic resistance in Lebanon is a non-starter for me pretty much like the cross of the LFs as a symbol or the star of David on a flag. Religion belongs in the religious institutions and they never build nations but apartheid. That being said, can we deny that they (HA) did not pay a heavy price themselves and cleaned the mess created by the PLO in Lebanon? Can we deny that they stopped the Islamic State from taking over the Levant and Lebanon? I acknowledge their sacrifices without subscribing to their slogan.

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          Who stopped ISIS from taking the levant? Hezbollah? wahahahahaha
          You must have forgotten that your gift home in dahyeh was being shaken weekly if not daily by Isis suicide bombers, that akkar was overran by extremist jihadists, that tripoli was boiling, that the Palestinian camps were arming and if it wasn’t for the Lebanese Sunnis (unlike their sunni brothers in Syria) who categorically refused Isis’ ideology and supported the army 100% in the fight against ISIS (with the US and the UK providing weapons and intelligence) your name would now be abu bakr hani al homsi.
          Hezbollah was and still is loosing dogs in Syria and Lebanon by the dozens and at no point was it able to stop Isis from doing anything it wants by themselves and still can’t.
          Sacrifice my ass!! 12 years ago Hezbollah blew dozens of Lebanese on the street, that of course you avoid to remember, that Hezbollah killed the revolution of the Lebanese people and brought back the occupiers effectively in 2008 after killing more Lebanese. Call the families of those who died at work or on the streets in front of Phoenicia hotel. Call the mothers of those who were thrown out of the windows in 2008 and explain to them what Hezbollah knows about sacrifice. Wahad jardon enta wle. A senile dotard you’re becoming.

          1. bta3ref miin le wle? jedd jeddak 😛
            Now I am convinced that someone in HA did stuff to you like in the a$$ maybe? lol

          2. MekensehParty Avatar

            keep evading with homophobic insults, proves yet again that you have 0 argument.
            What makes me laugh the most is how long you hold a grudge and how you manifest it one way or the other by returning a joke I made on you days or months ago. For example, you haven’t digested yet that I called you for being deep in Hassan’s ass and now you (mzawazli) rephrase the same joke and use it thinking you’re hurting me, while in fact it amuses me to see how uncreative your stupid ass is.
            Thanks for the a decade of laughter Hani!!!

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        much respect!

    2. Steve Harvey Avatar
      Steve Harvey

      The alternative is an independent Lebanon that makes peace with Israel and one that forces Hezbollah terrorists to disband.

      1. and who will force Israeli terrorists to disband?

  3. Steve Harvey Avatar
    Steve Harvey

    Hezbollah is being tested in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The terror army sustained over 9000 KIA AND WIA. Hezbollah is not in a position to invade the Galilee as it is fighting on various fronts. Israel needs to continue the “war between wars” with Hezbollah. The best thing about the war in Syria and Yemen is that Iran’s terror proxies are taking a beating (over 6000 Hezbollah/Iraqi/Paki/Afghan/Palestinian losers KIA and thousands of Taliban and Houthi terrorists are KIA). Iran’s Martyr Foundation is being tested too. Thanks to President Obama and President Trump, America’s proxy war against Iran has been shifted into high gear. A little payback for 60,000 US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. PatienceTew Avatar

    He is actually too stupid to be a proper warmonger.

  5. No end of fake news….
    Paul Horner, a prolific purveyor of fake news whose articles went viral during the 2016 presidential election, was found dead in his home outside of Phoenix, Arizona, last week. He was 38.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0b2af2e7eb8e4565ff7bd5faf06a0552d35f566f9682afd56cb30abb041faacf.jpg Image taken from Paul Horner’s interview with CNN in December 2016.

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