Haley: Trump ‘has grounds’ to kill the Iran nuclear deal


iran nuclearBy NAHAL TOOSI

Donald Trump’s U.N. ambassador says the president “has grounds” to declare that Iran is not complying with the 2015 nuclear deal, stoking doubts about whether Trump intends to keep an international agreement and core legacy achievement for former President Barack Obama.

Nikki Haley, speaking Tuesday in Washington, said she did not know what Trump plans to do next month when he is due to certify to Congress whether Tehran is complying with the agreement. But she appeared to lay the groundwork for Trump to declare that Iran is in violation of the deal.

Haley stressed that such “de-certification” does not invalidate the nuclear deal or constitute a U.S. withdrawal. But it would likely enrage Iran and rattle U.S. allies in Europe and beyond who fear that Trump wants to unravel the agreement without actually declaring that the U.S. will no longer honor it.

“I’m not making the case for de-certifying,” Haley told an audience at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “What I am saying is should [Trump] decide to de-certify he has grounds to stand on.”

In particular, Haley said, those grounds include findings that Iran twice exceeded the amount of heavy water (a form of water in nuclear reactors) it was allowed to have. The Obama administration brushed off those incidents as minor technical infractions that were quickly resolved. Haley also blasted Iran’s refusal to allow international inspectors to check all of its military facilities. She also alleged Iran has “hundreds of undeclared sites that have suspicious activity that [inspectors] haven’t looked at.”

The nuclear agreement—struck in July 2015 between the Obama administration, Iran, China, Russia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom—requires that Iran severely curb its nuclear activities in return for global sanctions relief. Inspectors with the International Atomic Energy Agency have repeatedly declared that Iran is upholding its end of the bargain.

Under a law passed by Congress, the U.S. president must tell lawmakers every 90 days whether the Islamic Republic is complying with the nuclear deal.

Haley said that, should Trump not certify Iranian compliance, he may choose to leave the decision on whether to quit the deal to Congress. That could involve lawmakers passing legislation that reimposes nuclear-related sanctions on Iran and effectively kills the agreement.

That was a surprising suggestion, especially considering that the nuclear agreement is not a formal treaty. Whether to scrap the deal would spark a highly charged debate and open rifts among Trump’s fellow Republicans, some of whom, while trashing the deal, would be loath to abandon it.

The suggestion also may frustrate lawmakers who already feel that Trump is punting too often to them on sensitive issues. On Tuesday, Trump urged Congress to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, an Obama-era policy that defers the deportation of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

Asked whether the administration was placing too much hope in Congress, Haley said: “Our lives are not about being easy. Our lives are about being right.”

Obama cast the nuclear deal as essential to world peace. But as a candidate, Trump called it “the worst deal ever negotiated” and has repeatedly indicated a desire to find a way out of it.

The 2015 deal focused specifically on Iran’s nuclear program, not the larger dimensions of its foreign policy. Echoing a longtime conservative critique of the deal, Haley insisted that Iran’s non-nuclear behavior also should be considered.

Haley said that other countries are so worried about keeping the nuclear deal intact that they are willing to look past Iran’s human rights violations, its missile tests and other misdeeds.

“The Iranian nuclear deal was designed to be too big to fail,” Haley said.

But Haley got some immediate push-back on her demand that Iran’s non-nuclear behavior was fair game in determining the deal’s fate. France’s ambassador to the United States, Gerard Araud, wrote on Twitter shortly after Haley spoke: “The Iran deal is about the nuclear issue, nothing else. So far, Iran is abiding by the commitments taken in this mutually agreed framework.”

Supporters of the deal also argue that its participants have other ways of punishing Iran short of scrapping the agreement. For instance, the U.S. still has many sanctions on Iran — ones that don’t have anything to do with its nuclear program — and the Trump administration has imposed new ones since taking office.

Haley, often mentioned as a potential next secretary of state and even a future presidential candidate, also alleged that Obama was naïve in his view of Tehran, and that “everyone hoped that this deal was going to make the Iranian government good people.” Obama and his aides have hotly disputed that notion, insisting that the deal needs to be judged solely on whether it prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Speaking two days after North Korea’s test of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb, Haley warned that Iran could one day pose a similar threat to the U.S. Haley noted that major elements of the Iran nuclear deal expire after several years.




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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    I hope he does but Obama already done the damage and what can Trump do.. Russia and NK are already supplying Iran with Uranium along with Al Qaeda..

    1. Ignoring for a long moment the abysmal absurdity with Al-awards supplying Iran with Uranium, where is the evidence that either or both Russia and NK did/do?

      Use some critical thinking for a changed and quit swallowing so docileley everything that is fed to you.

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        what? what did NK do? didn’t nearly strike Japan? did Jung Threatened to nuke Guam? you ignore russia attacks against Ukraine and other eastern countries but you always wanting to stick it to the US. Yes it was huge mistake invading Iraq and I was totally against it. I am not saying the US gov’t is full of angels but the US do not stay in countries unlike Russia. Why Al Qaeda has not attacked Iran yet? or even Russia? Or Israel.. what is up with that? Bin Laden Son was in Iran and many other al qaeda members. Syria Assad used to facilitate them to go to Iraq. Even Iraq at one time threatened to bomb the syrian borders. either you are trying to mislead or choosing to ignore it all together.

        1. I see that you still can’t stay on point.

          You seem to forget, or rather you are completely oblivious of the provocative US-SK-Japan military drills going on and simulating an invasion/attack of NK. NK asked for the drills to stop, in vain, prior to testing/firing any missiles.

          You are right: the war hungry US is no angel. It would takes one years to cover up the entirety of their crimes.

          You claim that the US doesn’t stay in countries is contradicted with their 800 military bases in 70 countries.

          Russia annexed Crimea, yes. It’s not any different than the dozens of of territories and islands the British Empire has annexed (under its Commonwealth) over the course of the past centuries. It’s called hegemony.

          “Al-Qaeda” was the name of the US computer database containing the names/info of the Mujaheddins trained by the CIA (and financed by KSA) against Russia in Afghanistan. You should ask the US why they don’t attack Israel, Iran or Russia.

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            There would not been drills if the threat of NK didn’t exists. the US is open to SK and NK to join as one country. Has China and Russia thought about it? as far as the Military bases no one is forcing these bases on these countries. Qatar and Kuwait is more than happy to have them. Philippine asked the US to leave and they did. Iraq asked US forces to be reduced and they did. Of course they should not have been there in the first place and in my opinion the US should be forced to pay war reparations to Iraq until kingdom come.
            I feel the same way about Israel if they want to make peace with Lebanon they need to pay reparations in billions of dollars and I still don’t trust them anyway.
            You tell me I am not staying on point i never protected the UK empire and it’s dirty deeds. Because of what the PLO did to Lebanon I would never forgive the British for it since they are the ones who orchestrated the Balfour Act that has caused so much tragedies and displacements of palestinians all over the arab countries but mostly Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. When Ukraine asked Russia to leave Putin responded with terror tactics thru his Chechen thugs. And lastly I have not seen any missiles anyway from the UK, SK or The US aiming at the NK. show me where they ever did or even threatened them with nukes?

          2. Your comment is again, all over the place. Do you suffer from ADD? For the sake of simplicity, I will stick to the topic in hand: NK.

            I was going to ask you if you really believed all the silly stories the West made up about NK leaders over the decades but you seem easily duped and live in the US so I won’t bother. Instead, let’s talk facts.

            When Japan announced its removal from Korea after a bloody, military decades-long occupation in 1945, the people of Korea decided that they wanted one territory-country. It’s the degenerate Anglo-Americans who split them in two on the made up lie that the North was a threat. Please read the following to see for yourself (I have pointed at it before):

            The Unknown Truth About Korea: U.S. Sanctioned Death Squads and War Crimes, 1945-1953

            You’re telling me that now the US wants to unite them back? The US can go to hell. It has no right to break up and make up territories. Not even the UN has that legal power. It is entirely up to the people to decide what they want. It’s called self-determination.

            The threat from the north of Korea was a lie back in the 1940s-1950s and it’s not any different now. NK is not interested in bombing anyone. You need to stop swallowing the propaganda fed to you daily. NK wants to avoid the same faith as Iraq (who agreed to disarm itself at the request of the UN) and Libya (who agreed to give up its nuclear weapons). We know what happened to them. The same tactic is being applied on Iran. NK has not once hinted at taking an inch of land from anyone nor has it made threats for no reason. The drills the US, SK and Japan conducted were not in response to NK firing missiles. They preceded them. I repeat: NK is not threat. Furthermore, Russia and China asked the US to stop the drills in exchange for NK stopping its tests. The US denied, so it can deal with it. You claim the US did not threathen with nukes but it threatened to destroy NK as a whole. What’s the difference?

            That being said, nothing will happen – aside from potential economical sanctions. This circus will likely go on and off until the next financial crash hits.

          3. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Omega you are the one who is all over the place. you will spread lies and deceits just to get your points across. just cause you are very articulate and write better than me I admit. that doesn’t make you right. You are full of it and I am tired of your protection of terror regimes like in Iran, NK, Syria (Assad was in Angel in Lebanon) i wept when the syrian army left.. laughing.. Russia ruled over eastern europe for decades but you always want to point your fingers west. well i don’t care anymore because you always spreading misleading and false information. That’s typical of Hezbollah and Assad followers.
            And yes the US want the Koreans united and why not, that means one less enemy for the US to deal with. Instead like China who wants to use NK a leverage against the US in particular. The Chinese gov’t is one big con artist like you and assad and Tehran. Go convince somebody else with your false crap.

          4. Not too long ago, I wrote that KSA, via Rafik Hariri Sr., wanted to make of Lebanon, an Islamic state. Shortly after, you threw a tantrum and accused me of lying – that I said Saad Hariri brought in Islamists into Lebanon. You throw an identical tantrum now matched with a similar, unfounded, accusation.

            The countries in question are being targeted for resisting the British Empire’s conquest. I rightfully support that resistance, yes.

            Russia did not rule over Western Europe for decades, the Soviet Union did. If you had the slightest clue of history, you would know that the creation of the Soviet Union which followed the Bolshevik Revolution was fomented from the outside with internal agents helping – powerful families like the Vorontsov (in charge of the third section of the interior ministry and the Okhrana) for instance.

            Also, if you read the link I presented you, you would have had a better historical angle on the situation in Korea. For some reason, you prefer the narrative of CNN et al. Suit yourself.

            The civil war in Syria is a foreign aggression. Whether one is pro or anti Assad, this is a fact. The demonization of Iran has been going on for two decades now. But it is them who are the con artists. Interesting.

            We can agree to disagre; resorting to false accusations and solely presenting your opinion does a poor job at contradicting what I present.

            Lastly, free will, and thus critical thinking, is bizarrely absent with most of the people who live on US soil. When I say bizarrely, there is also a engineered aspect to it as it’s by controlling ideas, and thus the culture, that oligarchies through time( Phoenician, Byzantine, Venetian Party and its heir, the British Empire) has controlled most of the world – minus the boogeeymen countries that prevent you from sleeping peacefully – for centuries.

          5. zorbatheturk Avatar

            Krembot crapola from Saushkina Street Sewers.

        2. Don’t worry about Omega, he is a master of disinformation. Despite all the evidence that Iran coordinates and hosts sunni terrorist as well as the numerous shiite proxy terrorist, he will deny it tooth and nail. There will never be enough evidence to convince the pre-programmed propaganda masters. They have a job to do.

          1. Omega, is not the only master of disinformation, you forgetting Hind spreading disinformation and propaganda about the west and Jews (I have her twitter account under surveillance.)

  2. The British Empire’s puppet-state, the USA and its prostitutes in Congress should stick it; deep.

    Aside from the fact that Iran’s nuclear sites have undergone more intensive inspections than any other IAEA members, the IAEA has recently confirmed that Iran is honoring the terms of the nuclear deal.

    Additionally, the P5+1 and the IAEA signed the JCPOA.

    Why doesn’t the British Empire’s other puppet-state, Israel, sign the NTP and let the IEAE conduct a series of thorough inspections?

    1. Iran bought “Iron Dome” Anti aircraft defense system from Israel via Azerbaijan a majority Shi’ite state. Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev was speaking during a state visit to Baku by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the purpose of which, in part, is to help Israel sell arms, reportedly missile-defense systems. Israel agreed (DECEMBER 13, 2016) to sell nearly $5 billion of its infamous “Iron Dome” defense system to Iran’s northern neighbor, Azerbaijan, in a mutually beneficial trade deal.

      Show less

      1. You shared this with me before. My answer remains the same: there is no friends or enemies in geopolitics, only interests – especially between ruling classes.

        Besides, and assuming that all of the $5B was spent on the Israeli-repackaged Raytheon “Iron Dome” system, it’s a complete waste of money. Unless intercepted under specific variables, the Iron Dome’s efficiency is reduced to around 5%. The 90% interception rate is fallacy. But it’s good for business and it gives the illusion of security. Hopefully Iran is aware of this.

        1. Got any proof of that 5% efficiency?

          1. The number is advanced by MIT professor and national security expert Ted Postol. He successfully demonstrated that the (Raytheon) Patriot Missile’s, used in Desert Storm, interception rate was less than 10% while the Bush administration claimed 97%. The US COGR confirmed the number.

            The case of the Israeli repackaged Raytheon Iron Done doesn’t seem any different:


          2. Is this the same guy that tried to equate property/casualty insurance reports to the Iron Dome effectiveness?

          3. I don’t know.

          4. You should find out. After reading the article Postol’s analysis has several flaws. One being his use of said property/casualty insurance reports. One rocket can cause many reports. That doesn’t mean 10 reports equates to 10 rockets. Another is the interception with the warhead exploding upon contact. Destroying the rocket before it is in a populated area doesn’t mean failure. Much of the rest of the article is “filler”.

          5. Pistol proved that the Patriot Missile had an efficiency of less than 10% (versus the claimed 97%) – thus establishing his credentials in the matter – and you brushed off his second study on the Iron Dome writing one paragraph filled, like a tall sundae, with layers of unscientific, opinionated extrapolations. The “filler” closing “argument” is well, the cherry on top.

            The article I presented you was written by Patrick Tucker, an editor at Defense One. The original report by Postol is the following:


          6. Thought we we referring to the Iron Dome. If you’re not familiar with “filler” try reading the article you posted. You didn’t know about the property/casualty reports but were mention in the article you posted. Try reading before you post. Might save embarrassment later.

          7. We are but the technology is similar.

            I read both articles back in 2015. I didn’t remember the insurance argument when you brought it up.

          8. It’s in your article that you posted.

          9. I reread Postol’s article quickly to refresh my memory.

            You stated there are several flaws in his study. One of them being the insurance claims and another, the destruction of the missile’s warhead before it enters a populated area.

            1. No where do I read him use the insurance claim argument to support his scientific methodology. He only suggests that Israeli insurance claims data would show a reduction of damage in areas protected by the Iron Done system. And that Israel has not provided data on a reduction of ground damage corroborating the sucess rate of their Iron Dome system.

            2. A successful interception is defined as the destruction of the warhead – which can only happen with a head on hit. Whether that happens before or after entering a populated area is not a criterion.

          10. Skimmed through, lots of sub-articles. Will have to go through them all to respond appropriately.

            As of now, I find it odd that you refer to a history major blogger in response to a scientific paper and in the light of your tendency at discrediting information on the basis of “blog”.

            Either way, will get back to you.

        2. Iran is working with Israel hand in hand and the Muslims around the world will know it sooner or later.

          1. As I also said before: it’s possible.

            Most of the conflicts and wars of the past century were orchestrated by the same group of oligarchical degenerates.

            I always wondered who’s been leading the country since the (British) Ayatollah. But if so, what’s Hezbollah’s purpose? I can only think of the following:

            • A reason for Israel (and the US) to milk its military-industrial complex.

            • Stage a war plan to try to re-occupy the south of Lebanon for its fresh water.

            Iran aligning with Russia and China – especially economically – might draw a different picture this time. Time will tell.

  3. The JCPOA is a farce. If the Iranians are going to build a nuclear weapon then no country is going to stop them. It’s more about the frozen funds and the ability to use that money in their efforts throughout the ME.

  4. Oh my god, Hind Abyad‏ finally made a intelligent comment! ???? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/391455583b43fb7a9606a083cbefb5cbf4052010bf16b3419dd4b6d7428c29d1.jpg The Dimona nuclear reactor, must be closed in order not to expose the Middle East to its own Chernobyl –
    threatening the entire region.

  5. It is discussed too much about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, while North Korea has already accomplished rock-slides and even trigger an eruption of the active volcano Mount Paektu with its nuclear tests.

    I wonder how many fear the undesirable scenario? described by a Newsweek headline;
    MYSTERY SHOCKS AT NORTH KOREA’S SACRED VOLCANO TRIGGER ERUPTION FEARS AFTER NUCLEAR TESThttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17c590809e65c64e52ecfd24335ca5b4c94d20148ef74c147dd979d5150fc3b5.jpg Mount Paektu

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/db53f749610e9c99dc83e44a45cf0af2f15fce068f59973c8088fdb0e42d5bcd.jpg Kim Jong-un does not care about the dangers of his tests. He wants to destroy – apparently also the mythology of his country.

    China has limited access to a nature reserve on its border with North Korea after mysterious seismic shakes at the rogue nation’s nuclear test site were detected less than 10 minutes after it launched a missile earlier this month.

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