The secret of the strategic alliance among Iran and al-Qaeda and ISIS


khamanei and terrori groups ISIS , AlqaedaThe documentary film ” Menace in Disguise” confirmed , which was produced by the margin Scoop company and broadcasted by some US and global media in the last March , on the close relationship of the state organization “isis” with the Republic of Iran.

The film to expose Iran’s threat as Menace in Disguise to US and aims to convey how Iran is a potential destabilizing force in the US as well as Middle East and the film shows interviews with officials and US researchers revealing frankly the ties of terrorist organizations with Iran, including national security adviser in the current administration , Michael Flynn, and former adviser to the National Security Council Michael Ledeen.

It also shows the Iranian crimes against direct and indirect US interests, as well as documents proving Iran’s link to the most of the terrorist groups in the world.

And the film indicates that the US Secretary of Defense James Metis, when he wakes up every morning thinking about only three things: Iran, Iran, Iran, and the problem with Iran is the Iranian government was able to avoid the punishment since 1979, stressing that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of global terrorism, and the nuclear agreement facilitates to it to do the aggressive expansive actions in the world which has begun already.

The film raises several questions looking for an answer, including:

– Is the Iranian ballistic missiles violate the nuclear deal?
– Why isis does not attack Iran ever, and what reasons?
– will the world be surprised when the close relationship is revealed between Iran and isis?
– Who constitutes the first threat as Menace  in (Disguise) to the security of the United States of America?
Iran was before the Iranian revolution in1979 a friendly state to the west , and one of the most close allies in the Middle East to the United States of America, and in the New Year 1977 celebration , the US President Jimmy Carter invited Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, as Carter described in his speech, Iran by the ” the great ” , and it is an island of stability in one of the most troubled regions of the world.

After the Iranian revolution, Iran and its people have become interpolated with anti-American sentiments and all its allies in the region.

The former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Smith stressed that Iran was able to get away from punishment since 1979, despite the proven involvement in the Beirut bombings in 1982 and the involvement of the Iranians in bombing of the US embassy in Africa, and their silence on the bombing of the US Cole warship.

Smith stressed also that Iran was behind the killing of thousands of Americans and Iraqis in Iraq, pointing to their involvement in IED manufacturing, and it was behind the electronic attack on Saudi Aramco, where 30,000 computer were destroyed, and it was behind a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States of America.

The former Attorney General Eric Holder analyzes, the plot was done by the Iranian sponsor that it constitutes a clear violation of international law and the United States, including the clear convention that protects diplomats from being harmed.

Holder adds that Iran has not received any punishment for its actions, which created a feeling that it can exercise its aggressive terrorist acts and impunity, and this policy towards Iran made it to continue to its terrorist policy, and continuing efforts to expand its interventions in the countries of the region, making it aggressively seeking to acquire nuclear capabilities , which the Iranian regime pretends that it wants to use this capability for peaceful purposes.

And he warns of the real intentions of the Iranians, to possess nuclear capabilities, stressing that the nuclear agreement, which allows Iran to possess nuclear weapons and carry out aggressive activities is a source of real concern to the world, and this is what is happening today.

Holder adds that the Iranian nuclear deal at its best is a postponement of the strict policy that increase Iran’s ability to build its nuclear program.

According to the French newspaper La Tribune that Iran opposes the idea of a written agreement, because it fears that this will lead to a narrow the margin of maneuver for them later through the development of technical details in the final agreement.

According to a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin said the nuclear deal at its best is the postponement of strict policy, and does not weaken Iran’s ability to build nuclear, and Iran after a decade would have a nuclear program for better resources.

He adds that the agreement contains a lot of violations, as Iran can command a tank through it, and this significantly affects the security of United States and its allies in the region.

The former US Secretary of State John Kerry explains that Iran was moving towards a possession of nuclear weapon but by the agreement we stop it.

Here, the US Representative of the Fourth Congressional District of Pennsylvania Scott Perry asks: Is it possible for Iran to possess a Russian air defense missiles due to the lifting of the ban, to protect nuclear sites?
The first deputy of president of the American Foreign Policy Council , Ilan Berman says : The nuclear deal with Iran is basically wrong , since it could be tactically, because it addresses one aspect of Iran ‘s behavior, the benefits granted to Iran as a result of the agreement were strategic advantages , and Iran received enormous economic benefit , both in reducing direct sanctions on the one hand, and the expansion of international trade in the post – agreement on the other hand .

the former US President Barack Obama pointed out : “under the nuclear agreement , which we and our partners have been reached with Iran last year, Iran has not been able to put its hand on Nuclear bomb. ”

And the researcher in the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Dr. Michael Dean said there is no formal nuclear agreement, and this is worrying, while Iran is pretending, it applies all the conditions, and we are supposed to pay all they want, whether a ransom about them, or part of the completion of their Iranian nuclear program who claim that it is peaceful.

And that the nuclear deal itself is none existed that no one has signed anything and there is a kind of a verbal agreement only that neither Iran nor the United States has signed on it, and political analysts have said Iran has not and will not sign an agreement with the United States, and things are open on a wide swing for them, so they can do what they want , and the United States did not put any controls on them.

This result make it easier for them to violate all restrictions on ballistic missiles and they manage to build it and test intercontinental ones.

The deputy of international operations, dlm, Jason Apichaan emphasizes: The addition of a point out of nowhere in the final moments to ease non – nuclear sanctions, it will allow Iran to enter unmarked currencies that cannot be followed, such as the Swiss franc and the euro, and others that are transported in the cover of darkness to Iran, to convert them in spending on the purchase and development of advanced systems of surface –Air missiles that came from Russia.
United States adds that the Iranians have a lot of money to spread their revolution and not to spend to improve the social situation and poverty eradication within Iran.

But it will go to support their militias outside of Iran, whether in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Hamas, because it serves their expansionist interests, and this is part of Iran’s very bad behaviors which is the biggest sponsor of terrorism, and seeks to military modernization, which plays a negative role in the region, and what we are witnessing of a negative role in Iraq is the best witness on it.

James Jeffrey , US diplomat, and is considered an expert on strategic issues in the Middle East and Balkan regions and Germany said that militias backed by Iran are responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops, and its involvement in one of the biggest attacks on US soil since Pearl Harbor.

The US criminal court Judge George Daniels, in New York asked in a default judgment that Iran has to pay more than $ 10.5 billion in compensation to the families of those killed in the 11/9 attacks, as Judge Daniels revealed in the documents of the court that Iran has provided material support to the perpetrators and planners of the attacks including Osama bin Laden, as Iran was providing moral and material and logistical support to al – Qaida inside Iran.

And now Daniels sees that al – Qaeda operates by what is called the process of the management of branches, which means that the al-Qaida has many terrorist branches that are shared with the characteristics, but the mechanism of action and goals are different.

Here Iran is applying the principle of diplomats , ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend , ” In this sense , al – Qaeda is working against the United States and its friendly countries in the region, as it is possible Iran is working with al – Qaeda and assist in the implementation of the terrorist operation of the Organization.
The experts confirm that Hezbollah is the first and greatest supporter of the terrorist organizations that are run by Iran, as it began its work in 1986 as it governs Lebanon, which is the main force inside Syrian territory executing the policy and targets of Tehran.

Political analysts mention that if anybody wants to punish Iran or to take action against it because of its support for terrorism, he must begin with Hezbollah, stressing that the real danger is the presence of an Iranian government that uses the power and resources of the state, to promote and coordinate the use of terrorist organizations, a tool of national policy, and these are foundations in Iranian politics and everyone must see it as a dangerous enemy.

Hezbollah, which represents Iran in the world, especially in Arab countries is part of the Iranian regime, and as a matter of fact that there is no separate organization named Hezbollah because Iran is supporting and financed it, and manage and train its elements and arm it, and anyone who says that Iran will stop supporting Hezbollah, like the one who says Iran will cut off its right arm.

And that the problem is not restricted to this terrorist or others, but in the government that is using the entire resources of the state to promote, support and coordinate and the use of terrorist organizations as part of its foreign policy.

And that the concept of exporting the Iranian revolution is one of the functions of Hezbollah and is the basic principle of the work, and this is what strengthens the result of the nuclear agreement, and provides more money to Iran.

According to military studies that the priorities of the Iranian regime is to equip its army with weapons , a Ak-103 , new generation of Russian weapons for city warfare , or the so – called war of streets.

This is proof that Iran is planning for the future of the war of the cities and the export of the Iranian revolution, not for peace and stability in the region, but to achieve the the expansionist terrorist objectives of Tehran , and this is what we hear from the head of Iran ‘s Quds Force Qassem Soleimani and other senior Iranian officials, who see : “The money they receive, is for the the comprehensive control not only in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain , but for its supporters in the east of Saudi Arabia, and thus , all the countries of the region have become less safe, “Iran has a long – term interest in the region to expand its influence in the Gulf, especially the so – called Shiite Crescent.

Here it must be noted to the Iranian terrorism in Venezuela, and the mysterious relationship that was gathered between Khamenei and the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, which is run by Hezbollah.

And 1992-1994 bombings in Buenos Aires committed by Hezbollah with the help and provocation of diplomats in Boris Aires, and these people were wanted by Inter Paul for participating in attacks, including Mohsen Rabbani who was among men wanted and accused of the 1994 bombing, as he encounters and contacts secretly in Latin America to recruit people and make them extremist militias.

If we reviewed track record of Iran we would find it was worrying as they catch in troubled waters, and they have a common cause with more regimes hostile to the United States, in Latin America, a neighbor of America, including: search for uranium using their relations with Venezuela for the escape from the international sanctions, and the establishment of financial institutions, and all this evidence of Iran ‘s anti-American policy .

According to analysts, Iran is seeking to make itself more powerful by investing a lot of money, or to make its neighbors weaker, and Iran ‘s policy is always characterized to destabilize other governments; as always feel insecure, and focused on the global instability strategy, and this has nothing to do with doctrine or religion as far as its relationship with politics, which used terrorist groups to attack multiple embassies all over the world, such as the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

Thus, Iran violates the Vienna Convention, an international agreement that Iran was one of the signatories, which provides for respect for the safety of embassies and their host states, protection and protection of embassy staff, whatever the circumstances, but Iran did not respect the Convention, and carried out the attack on the US embassy in 1979, and the British Embassy before several years, and the Saudi embassy this year.

Iran is using the provocative manner in its dealings, particularly with US forces in the Gulf, noting the event of arresting of 10 American sailors ,soldiers, in 2016, which Iran claimed that they have infiltrated in the Iranian territorial sea is an evidence on it, and this represents Iran ‘s provocative behavior, in addition to everything they do in Iraq Syria and the rest of the countries where there are a presence of Iranian militias in it to test the reaction of the United States in response .

and try to prove for the simple public, that despite the existence of a nuclear deal , the potential of Iran has not changed and its desire and willingness to move in the region strongly, Iran is challenging the USA in any turn, and trying to deliver a message, it is capable of spreading terrorism and impunity and able to stand in the face of the hesitated West .

But provocation is not an evidence for the power , but the weakness: the provocations of Iran against America as Iran used its Houthi militias to attack US destroyers next to the the coast of Yemen , including the – U – S – Mason , also supported Houthis in Yemen with money and weapons to enable them to control the country, then to control over eastern Saudi Arabia.

Thus, Iran used Hezbollah and al-Houthis to destabilize the region.

The Iranian regime has friendly relations with many extremist groups, such as al – Qaeda isis and has increased its tactical contacts with isis and people who are the most extreme individuals.

The Iranian analyst Dr. Majid Zadeh indicated that some of them believe that the theocratic rule in Iran is a religious ruling in which the ruler derives his authority directly from God, and this means that Iran is allied with the Shiites only, this is not accurate; Iran is allied with any government that it shares its goals and interests, whether an atheist or communist group , and the mistaken belief that Iran is a Shiite and cannot allied with isis , this is a trick can be marketed to naïve people as Iran can make an Alliance with any extremist group, whatever their religion.

And isis and Iran have common interests, according to the WikiLeaks website, which shows that Iran is home to al – Qaeda leaders inside its territory, and this is one of the reasons for the lack of any attack by al – Qaeda or isis against it.
This means that there is a kind of strategic alliance between Iran and extremist groups.

Zadeh indicates that Iran is seeking to destabilize Saudi Arabia, the way in which it has made in Iraq to ignite a civil war, igniting sectarianism, and this is in the interest of isis , and therefore in the interests of Iran, then the stability of the region is not in the interests of Iran, and this confirms that Iran will not be against isis, here it seems there is a concern about handing Syria to Iran that it has saved the Assad regime , which almost to fall without the appearance of isis backed by Iran, which hit the Syrian free resistance, and treated with Syrian regime commercially by selling Syrian oil cheaply to it because it was in control of the Syrian oil fields, Iraq also was handed over to Iran, and Yemen is likely also to be in its hand.

The film concluded that the Iran would support the terrorist organizations to carry out its own objectives if Republicans and Democrats left Iran with impunity, because the nuclear deal will put arms in the hands of Iran, making it difficult for the United States to monitor how close Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon before it is too late, and this is a kind of nuclear proliferation …
Therefore Iran must return to the pre-1979 period because the Iranian people deserve peace, stability and deserve a system and the government that will not be a global threat.

Originally published by

Iranian Studies Unit

In the
Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies

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  1. Hind Abyad Avatar

    As usual inflaming sectarianism manipulated hate fallacies, Zionists re-hashed absurdities..

    “Zadeh indicates that Iran is seeking to destabilize Saudi Arabia, the way in which it has made in Iraq to ignite a civil war, igniting sectarianism, and this is in the interest of isis”

    -Who invaded Iran; Irak then US invaded Irak.

    “And isis and Iran have common interests, according to the WikiLeaks website, which shows that Iran is home to al – Qaeda leaders inside its territory, and this is one of the reasons for the lack of any attack by al – Qaeda or isis against it.. This means that there is a kind of strategic alliance between Iran and extremist groups”.

    -Julian Assange: Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar
    ‘This is the most significant email in the whole collection’

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      “James Jeffrey , US diplomat, and is considered an expert on strategic issues in the Middle East and Balkan regions and Germany said that militias backed by Iran are responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops, and its involvement in one of the biggest attacks on US soil since Pearl Harbor”. (???)

    1. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      Is that all you have some stupid Iranian paid agent to spread their false propaganda?

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Same to you.
        She’s an investigative Journalist lucky she was not killed they have no proof it’s False.
        Did you watch the video Danny boy???

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        Not that I would ever click on any of the virus infected links that this virus infected person posts endlessly, I’m just guessing that that little piece of paper this “reporter” is pointing at reads:
        “To my bff Al Baghdadi, my best wishes for your birthday, here’s your present. [signed] the CIA”
        That’s plenty to convince the Hamasne of the fartsistance axis that indeed the CIA is arming Isis.

    2. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      She discovered this about the CIA. but the explosive supplied from her countrymen to hezbollah and Syria that killed Harriri and 18 other lebanese. You always want to twist the truth against the US. But heaven forbids the Devils in Syria and Tehran and Dahia are all angles to you who never hurted a soul.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Tired of your cul-de-sac litanies it would take you much more research and information Mister.

  2. Hind Abyad Avatar

    YaLibnan, we’re not imbeciles living in Caves or illiterate Fellahin..

    “US criminal court Judge George Daniels, in New York asked in a default judgment that Iran has to pay more than $ 10.5 billion in compensation to the families of those killed in the 11/9 attacks, as Judge Daniels revealed in the documents of the court that Iran has provided material support to the perpetrators and planners of the attacks including Osama bin Laden, as Iran was providing moral and material and logistical support to al – Qaida inside Iran.”

    -Libel damned journalism

    “US Judge George Daniels dismisses September 11 victims’ case against Saudi Arabia
    Judge George Daniels said Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by
    families of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks.”

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar

    Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

    “Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters.”

  4. The overall evidence, not to mention the radical extremist clerical government is all the proof needed to show that Iran will continue to be a terror threat till the Iranian people revolt or the mullahs push Iran to an total state of war. Iran can not simply continue its terror activities indefinitely, something needs to break.

    1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      The Iranian people would have revolted long ago if they wanted to hand over the country to the UPA.

      1. So in your assessment, the people of Iran fully support the Islamic mullah rule? I think you are wrong and anyone supporting such a change of leadership through a referendum would be jailed and “re-educated”. Keep your mullahs and enjoy the coming wars…..

        1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

          Not fully… Only when it comes to foreign policy as I have told you before.

          1. So the average Iranian will suffer the oppression at the hands of the mullah dictatorship and continue their dismal future of economic hardship and lack of any real freedom just to preserve the Islamic rule. Good to know, maybe the people are more like sheep to the slaughter than I thought.

          2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Please don’t make me laugh. You should have thought about freedom back in the 50s when you removed the democratically elected president of Iran.

          3. Sorry, I wasn’t born yet and it had nothing to do with me. The Iranian people should learn to fix their own problems instead of living in the past and blaming everyone else for their crappy government. Oh wait, Iran does live in the past, it’s year 1387 there and they still stone people for adultery.
            Congratulations on your advanced society.

          4. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Thank you.

          5. Mossadegh was Prime Minister, as Iran used to be a monarchy at the time. How dumb should you be not to know that and still resent the event? 🙂

          6. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            That’s just semantic, Cookie.

          7. Don’t confuse “semantic” with “stupid”. Ain’t one and same, pal.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Too stupid to know you’re Stupid..hhhh…

          9. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Of course not. “Stupid” and “Cookie” are the same.

  5. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Give it to the Anti US propaganda here to distract readers from learning truth. Okay we agree that the Saudi funded in one way or another the 9/11. That doesn’t mean Iran has not been harboring Al Qaeda terrorists all along as well. Iran was the first denier of Al Qaeda of being behind the attack and accused the US of the conspiracy behind 9/11/ so Iran didn’t technically accuse the Saudis. Iran always protected and coveted al Qaeda. they even used them to kill Shiites in Iran. Syria open the gates to thru and allowed them free passage. Syria Assad let thousands of them leave his jails and even armed them. so for those who are all accusing the US and ignoring other facts. I say you are full of shit and you keep coming with more crap. what does Iran do other than help promotes militias.. have you seen Iran dumping money to help other nations? they don’t even help their own people and fund Hezbollah LEbanon, Iraq and pretty soon they will Hezbollah Syria I would not be surprised if it’s already there. Iran is moving Afghans and many shiites and populating them in Syria. They are structures in place where they are creating their own Militias for future wars. It seems also the propagandist want to keep hitting on Saudi Arabia and they did also Qatar at one point. But now since Qatar is friends with Iran. SUddenly they don’t want to mention Qatar as nations that harbored terrorists and still do. The US is guilty on many fronts but it’s on a level of few politicians that are causing havoc. It is not excusable but at least it’s not in the form of full gov’t behind it like Iran. The bushes made mistakes and the US paid for it and still do. It was the DIck Cheney, Bremmer and oil cartels were the ones behind the decision to attack Iraq. George Bush was fooled no doubt by them.
    Right now Russia is openly supporting the Taliban and no one seems to mention it. Aren’t the Talibans friends with Al Qaeda. Even Iran is involved with them and some of the sophisticated attacks in Afghanistan I am sure well organized by Iran and Russia. But killing innocent afghans is okay. Iran wants to come back to it’s glory days of the Persian empire. They are slowly doing it and if they had their ways they would do worst than what Isis did. If you watch Nassrallah rise to power in the early days of Hezbollah he spoke of Islamic state in Lebanon and establishing Waliet Al Faqih. The only reason him and Iran leadership changed their ways is to show it’s not like that and want to show a human side of them because of the complexities of Lebanon religious structure and afraid other sides to rise against them. Make no mistakes Hezbollah has not changed it’s course and Iran will do whatever it takes to achieve it’s goals. If few rich gulfies want to support a group here and there in order to satisfy their short term goals I am can confess to that and I am not discounting their evil threats. But Iran goals are bigger and far reached than any of the all arabs and even western goals combined.

    1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      Iranians were in this region way before Arabs, Israelis and Muricans and we never invited any of you to the region. If you don’t like Iranian rule pack up and leave!

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        NO you jack we are going to stay there whether you like it or not. just because you were ruthless and beheaded everyone in their way and took over territories that doesn’t make you owners of the land. First you are trying to take over Lebanon and no matter how hard you try you will not succeed. Second Israel will demolish in no time with their nukes. the US will be there as well. so shut the hell you stupid moron.

        1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

          This region belongs to Iran only and only. Either you leave or we will make you leave.

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            yeah bang your head on the wall, ashoura style every single day, waiting for the others to pack and leave

          2. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Listen You Gunky Gilaki I know what you are trying to do and your glory are over and even 300 mighty men nearly defeated you. you are making lots of noise and when the push comes to shove all the Iranians mullahs are cowards and scared shit of Israel and America. Make no mistake will wipe you off the maps. You are coward because you hire other people to kill on your behalf. Even when you had protesters during the Presidential elections your guards could not even fight protesters so they used Hezbollah to beat them up. While the prisoners got raped by good upstanding man like you. You are all bunch of freak fuggats and you don’t dare to fight.

          3. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Why would Iranians fight when Arabs are our slaves and fight for us? Sometimes I even get the feeling that even the Yankees and the Jooz are our slaves too for the following reasons:

            1) The UPA ally Saddam Hossein caused the Syrian Assad dynasty to give up its independence and become an Iranian province in the 80s.
            2) Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and the birth of Hezzy effectively made Lebanon another Iranian province also in the 80s.
            3) UPA invasion of Iraq in 2003 resulted in the Iranian annexation of Iraq.
            4) The American backed failed coup in Turkey in 2016 pushed Turkey into Iranian orbit.
            5) Saudi-American pressure on Qatar results in the expansion of the Persian Empire with yet another province in 2017.

            Persians DIDN’T have to lift a finger to expand our Empire thanks to the Americans. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

          4. Your over evaluation of your (Iranian) self worth is criminal.

          5. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            We owe you a big thank you.

          6. Who’s “we” and who’s “you”?

          7. Hind Abyad Avatar


          8. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            You have no arguement, have you?

          9. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Well dude just last year in Hajj the arabs murdered 1200 Iranians and all you did is whinn and whinn. Who is the slave here?
            And last time you had a fight with Saddam you got your butt kicked.
            And lastly the Iranians are crying because Hezbollah is sucking the iranians budget. who is the slave here.. Hezbollah were hired to beat up Iranian protesters.. who is the slave here you knucklehead

          10. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Cookie, you don’t seem to get it. Iran didn’t fight Saddam bcos Iran made the US do it instead.

          11. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Grasshopper Gilaki you call me cookie. what a sweetheart you are.. Lol
            Iran fought Saddam during the Ronald Reagan Presidency Iran and Iraq fought a war in order to control Shat Al Arab. Either you are not Iranian which it seems like you are not and maybe Mossad Agent trying to incite Arabs against Iranian.
            And lastly Saddam kicked your butt very well I might add.

          12. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Cookie, Saddam is dead. It is over. Iran made the US retaliate for his crimes in 80s by having the Americans to remove Saddam. Just like Iran made the US enlarge the Persian Empire. Thus Iran is the winner.

          13. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            And Israel will reduce it to Rubbles soon. Arrogance in the past led you to defeat and this team it will lead to annihilation. Don’t test trump because he is mad as hell. Maybe Obama let you have your way that coward. But not Trump go ahead and test him. You and NK will be wiped out in matter of minutes. Stupidity leads to self-destruction which where you and your dumb ass mullahs are heading.

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        wow, your comment outranks hind’s retardedness by a million point
        If you take a drop of your blood you’ll probably pack up and leave yourself, because, beside being the son of a moron who taught you to say things like these, you are also the son of thousands of invaders from Indonesia to Morocco, from Mongolia to Yemen. So, grab that plastic bag, fill it with your garbage and go drown in the gulf.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          You can’t comment without naming me, MekeKorsakcoff Syndrome couch potato, have another Glenfiddich. Lunatic

  6. I can see what follows in this thread, everyone’s comment will be under a mask, or either Jew, Iranian, Muslim Shia or Sunni, all of them claiming to have legitimate right to the region, But let Me be clear, just lets go back to Real Origin that involves Blood, this is for all the Half Moon Fertile including Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cartage, Tunis, Morocco, Cyprus, Malta, Spain and all the mediterranean, and the Blood is PhOeNiCiAn “Y” chromosome as a footprint in the Mediterranean.

    1. Bingo.

      Worth noting that the cunning, lying Hebrews (whoever they were) not only did not conquer the land, they also did not kill all of its inhabitants.

      Canaanites survived Biblical ‘slaughter’, ancient DNA shows

    2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

      Hmmm, that explains why the region is such a backward place. Think about it: the poorest countries in Europe are the one with Phoenician genes.

      1. A genetic racist. Charming.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Zios are the worst anti-Semites on the planet.

      2. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        The Phoenician genes are the smartest traders always very prosperous. there are lot of Poor Iranians cause their money going to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and we are going to bleed you until death.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          You want to bleed them to death. Lebanese Bishops flag
          commemorating Church of the Holy Cross ✝️ Maaloula Syria.

          While Christians in Syrian are happy

          1. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Google how the Christians are fighting themselves in Iraq. HAHA you are not an iota better than your Moslem compatriots.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar


          3. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Have fun.

          4. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            And Iranians are not fighting each other. Just because you have so much lovely gays in your armed and police force who loves to bump the protesters and make them bleed in Ivan Prison. Or let them bleed on the streets and since Kakamaniacs took over in Iran more than 25000 people died from protesting at the hands of your screwed backward regime. The old Khomeini killed more than 18000 iranians. what do you call this peaceful killing? explain it please..

          5. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar


          6. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            And in Iraq google it the Sunnis are frying Shiites in the mosque and beheading them. same in Iran where Mujahadeen been attacking Iranian forces not as of late but I am sure you know the history of it. so what’s your point?

          7. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            No i don’t want them or anybody to bleed to death. I was merely trying to make a point. Because when Christians in Lebanon were bleeding to death at the hands of Syrian regime, the christians in syria were supporting Assad just like you. And you call yourself Lebanese Christians.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar

            During the Armenian Genocide in 1915 (WWI) they were dying of thirst and starvation in the Syrian desert fleeing Ataturk “Young Turks” and Kurds massacres.
            Syria took them in gave them shelter and protection where they strived, now they’re almost extinguished (in Syria Iraq).

            If you wan’t to marinate your hatred of the Genocide grand- children of survivors and Assyrian Christians robed of their land in the Nineveh Plains, for the Kurds, it’s not good for Lebanon nor for Levant remaining Christians.


        2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

          Phoenician genes are the reason that the region is so backward.

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Well that tells me how stupid you are not knowing anything about them. Read about them first and read my comments above to Niemals. If the Shah was in control i would have no arguments with you. But when you donkeys ruling Iran with Iron fist and not allow woman to mix in restaurents, soccer games or even allow them there. that’s why when they come here Iranian women are so loose i could not believe my eyes when i was in the university. that’s because Iran is so backward and you still that damned turbans and all look like they can just came from the Cemetery yellow faced and pale like what the f.. happened to you.

          2. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            I won’t read comments made by one Cookie to another Cookie.

          3. I take it that’s the part of you who enjoy “provoking” (to quote you).

        3. You have become increasingly partisan with your pseudoscience of the Phoenician genes.

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Well when have gulki going around and insulting people he deserved it. Lebanese make good businessmen and they have done it all without much resources in the country. That tells you about how the Phoenician were world traders and so have many lebanese. Our only problems is that the politicians in our country are corrupt and can make it much better if they don’t steal and people don’t go alone sectarian lines. But the nature and the culture forces it this way. It’s not like Iran if you don’t like the mullahs then you get bumped in the ass before you get tortured in the gas chambers.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Haida Akbar Hmar

      3. They roamed and conquered the planet and they still do… They brought the modern Alphabet to humanity. What have you done? Brought Mullah style Islam and covered your females? No wonder you’re sex-starved.

  7. Hind Abyad Avatar

    Article…” Michael Flynn and former adviser to the National Security Council Michael Ledeen”.
    Big read

    ‘The New Yorker. Michael Flynn, General Chaos’

  8. Steve Harvey Avatar
    Steve Harvey

    No surpise here. Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

  9. Hind Abyad Avatar

    “US and Israeli security officials in conflict over Iran and Hezbollah”

    Senior US officials have brushed off Israeli concerns over Iran and
    denied Hezbollah is a terrorist group.

  10. The propagandist “documentary” and this article fail to mention that Iran has proposed an initiative that was endorsed by the UN:

    World Against Violent Extremism (WAVE).

    1. “Iran is one of the world’s worst human rights abusers,” Prosor said. “This is a regime that hangs gays, stones women, imprisons journalists, and executes political opponents.”

      “Iran calling for nations to denounce violence and extremism could easily fill the pages of absurdist fictio

      “Reading through the document before us, it wasn’t clear to me if I was reading a U.N. resolution or President Rouhani’s New Year’s resolution,” Prosor said. “After all, Iran is the world’s primary sponsor of terror responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent civilians from Bangkok to Burgas and Buenos Aires.”

      Iran leads the world in executions, having killed nearly 530 people in 2013. Executions have also spiked since President Hassan Rouhani took office, leading some to say that this clashes with his image as a purported “moderate.”

      Iran is known to hang children, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals.

      Iran is also one of the globe’s leading state-sponsors of terrorism and serves as the main financial backer of the terror group Hezbollah.

      Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered his country’s elite fighting forces to step up terror attacks against the West in August 2012.”

      1. Talk about a war of culture – aka propaganda – to justify a military intervention.

        1. Iranian pages of fiction.

  11. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
    Sex & Chocolate

    This thread is waaaay too long….and Yalibnan needs some new material for everyone to argue about or agree on for a change.

    1. What do you mean by “new”? It’s always the some bs.

      1. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
        Sex & Chocolate

        What I mean is this sight has not been updated with any new content since I was here a week ago…Hurricane Irma is a top story still? Did you know that Irma was the last name? first name is shaw….shawirma 😀

        1. I know what you meant.

          YaLibnan should be about Lebanon first. When was the last time the “volunteers” at YaLibnan posted anything about Lebanon? The ad nauseam copied-pasted content is biased and pro-UK, US, Gulf and Israel aimed at spreading propaganda. Ya-Houdi-Arabia-Merica seems like a more approapriate name.

          That being said, I wouldn’t the opposite either but a fair and journalistic type of news.

          Good one about Irma.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            😉 Ex: when you engage “explain” to Rudy, sv, jackass &co it’s talking to the Wall it takes pages.
            “Supervising” trolls diverting topic of discussions, the filthy languages. Ninimals ignorance childish Hind Abyad captures for attention, makes it all boring and pathetic

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Ten days news blackout! Glad you noticed..
          MSM bought actions, not happy.
          YaLibnan neither..conflicts.. etc…

        3. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Ten days news blackout! Glad you noticed..
          MSM bought actions, not happy.
          YaLibnan neither..conflicts.. etc…;-)

        4. You’re not the only one who thinks that this blog hold to the ‘old’ stuff – Hurricane Irma.

          This blogg dares not to take other topics about the Middle East – Kurdistan for example.
          Iraqi Supreme Court suspends Kurdistan independence referendum.

          Iraqi police have imposed a curfew in the northern city of Kirkuk,
          President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Massoud Barzani told a rally for secession in the northern city of Dohuk that the Iraqi Kurdistan did “not take legitimacy from anyone.”

          Iran has also expressed opposition to the “unilateral” scheme, underlining the need to maintain the integrity and stability of Iraq and insisting that the Kurdistan region is part of the majority Arab state.
          If Kurds are arabs, why they prefer to be regarded as KURDS?

          Turkey launched a large-scale military maneuver on the Turkish-Iraqi border a week before the Independence Day.
          According to eyewitness, hundreds of tanks were on the way in the bordering Turkish region of Silopi-Habur on the early Monday morning.
 Türkische Panzer an der Grenze zum Irak
          Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq got the fright.

          The referendum ballot asks:
          “Do you want the Kurdistan region and the Kurdistani areas outside the region’s administration to become an independent state?”

          Being that the majority of voters in the balloted areas are ethnic Kurds with a strong history of seeking self-determination, the result will almost certainly be a Yes.

          There is no mechanism for a part of Iraq to secede from the country, so the referendum will not trigger a “Kexit”, despite the fact that many try to claim that the referendum has immediate administrative effects.

  12. Hind Abyad Avatar

    RED ALERT: Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria And Threaten War With Russia

    I might as well give news, this is 9 days old thread dead place

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