Netanyahu suspected of bribery, fraud, Israeli police say


Benjamin-Netanyahu flip flop flipPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of crimes involving fraud, breach of trust and bribes in two corruption cases, Israeli police revealed Thursday.

Police have been questioning Netanyahu for months over the cases but have released few details. A gag order was released Thursday night on reporting the details of talks that are underway to enlist a state witness.

The document says the cases involving Netanyahu deal with “a suspicion of committing crimes of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.”

On Friday, police said Netanyahu’s former chief of staff and onetime close confidant agreed to testify against him.

The police said in a statement that Ari Harow will serve six months of community service and pay a fine of 700,000 Shekels (about $193,000) for his involvement in a separate corruption case, apparently a lighter-than-expected sentence in exchange for his testimony.

Netanyahu’s office has repeatedly denied wrongdoing over the investigations, portraying the accusations as a witch hunt against him and his family by a hostile media opposed to his hard-line political views.

A statement from his office Thursday night said, “We completely reject the unfounded claims against the prime minister.” It said the allegations are part of a campaign to “replace the government” and “there will be nothing, because there was nothing.”

In a video posted to Facebook Friday, he refered to the news as “the inevitable scandal of the week,” according to the Reuters news agency.

“I would like to tell you, citizens of Israel, that I do not heed background noises,” he said. “I continue to work for you.”

One investigation, dubbed “File 1000,” reportedly concerns claims that Netanyahu improperly accepted lavish gifts from wealthy supporters, including Australian billionaire James Packer and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan.

The second investigation, “File 2000,” reportedly concerns Netanyahu’s alleged attempts to strike a deal with publisher Arnon Mozes of the Yediot Ahronot newspaper group to promote legislation to weaken Yediot’s main competitor in exchange for more favorable coverage of him by Yediot.

The U.S.-born Harow has been under investigation for the past two years for fraud and other crimes regarding the sale of his consulting company while working as chief of staff, according to media reports.

Police reportedly have a copy of a recording made by Harow of a 2014 conversation between Netanyahu and the publisher.

After eight years in office, in addition to an earlier term in the 1990s, Netanyahu has garnered an image as a cigar-puffing, cognac-drinking socialite who is as comfortable rubbing shoulders with international celebrities as he is making deals in parliament. His wife, Sara, has been accused of abusive behavior toward staff.

Scandals have long dogged the couple over their lavish tastes and opponents have portrayed both as being out of touch with the struggles of average Israelis.

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  1. Niemals Avatar

    Is the Israeli Left ready for the day after Netanyahu?
    Benjamin Netanyahu may be on his way out.

    Now is the time for the Israeli Left to propose a real alternative to war and occupation.

    1. Israel at war with barbarian orabian occupation. Are you barbarians friend, Niemals?

      1. The cabbage munching, inbred Nazi-fascist “Jews” invade and stole the land but it is the Arabs who are the occupier?

        How do they indoctrinate your ilk? Through the mouth or the anus?

        1. You are nazi pro-Orabian conquest liberal fundamentalist scum, idiot, intentionally blind ???????? ????????????????????????

          1. Go back to where you came from in the Caucasus or Eastern Europe …

            Conclusion: … Ashkenazi Jews are drawn towards the Caucasus and Eastern Europe …

            “Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture” -

            The Middle East and its inhabitants are against Israel because they are occupiers not because they are (supposedly) Jews. Had the Zionists respected the UN Partition, we would not be having this discussion. How convenient to steal lands, kill and displace the inhabitants and then call them “Nazi” for fighting back. Most importantly, the Palestinians had nothing to do with what happened to the Jews in Europe and Eastern Europe.

            It’s your ilk who behaves like Nazis:

            • Nazis killed but believed they were the victims. They justified their delusion with the belief that they came from a special people, the Aryans. Zionists kill Palestinians and Middle Eastern and they, too, believe they are the victims because they delusionaly believe they descend from a special people, the Hebrews.

            Accordingly, the Nazi mass-murderers imagined that they, not the Jews, were the war’s authentic victims. ‘While moving down their Jewish victims’, Höhne writes ‘the Einsatzgruppen believed that they were entitled to the sympathy of all good Aryans’.

            “Image and reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict”, Norman Finkelstein, p.118

            Again, i will not tolerate you fascist nazi info scum OmegaHell ???????? ????????????????????????

          3. I know who he is. What is your point?

          4. Please, no need collect intentionally hateful crap

          5. I have historical reports (by Jews) stating how the Zionists behaves like Nazis in Palestine. Would that also quality as “hateful crap”?

          6. Sharmuta, “Zionists” is your hateful extension substitution and mental masturbation for Jews, f*cking nazi antisemite scum. Jews are diversity like everywhere, there are not big quantity also of hateful idiots like you

          7. For idiot OmegaHell and Co. Old children’s anecdote about the dragon, who is judged for having eaten his parents, and the dragon asks to mitigate his punishment, because he is an orphan

          8. Zionism is not Judaism. It’s identical to National Soxialism, aka Nazism.

          9. Sharmuta, to NS, nazism identical here you are. ציונות is only idea of Jewish Home in Land of Israel. Sure you are Orabistan fake Caliphate lover everywhere, idiot liberal fundamentalist.

          10. Both Nazism and Zionism are the same and thus, it is quite normal that both operate the same way – claim of descending from a fictitious people (Aryans, Hebrews), racism, violence, terrorism, segregation, concentration camps, random arrests, etc. Guess what: Nazism didn’t last and neither will Zionism.

            A Jewish homeland in Palestine was/is a British machination. Jews were used to make it happen. It has nothing to do with religion or the Caliphate.

          11. ???????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????

          12. Rudy1947 Avatar

            “Jews were used to make it happen.” Palestine was a Roman, Arab, Ottoman and British machination, but Jews did make it happen. Israel is now a productive country. Something the Romans, Arab, Ottomans and British never accomplished.

          13. This hateful info fascist idiots OmegaHell, Kannibal and HindBlahblah may be understand only how to destroy, not productive (vandals)

          14. Ignoring for a moment the fact that Palestine was never Arab, claiming that the Romans, Ottomans and British did not or could not accomplish what the Jews did is a testimony of your ignorance.

            Palestine was Pagan (Canaanite-Phoenician), Christian (Roman), then finally Muslim (Ottoman) – never Arab – before the Brits/French stepped in.

            The vastness, trade and diplomacy of the Canaanite-Phoenician, Roman and Ottoman Empires are not worth debating; pick a book up. On the other hand, none of the ancient people mention the Hebrews (people whom today’s Jews alledgly descend from) in trade or diplomacy although they mention each other. Additionally, archeology has failed for the past 70 years to validate of the Torahic/Biblical stories (conquest of the land of Canaan in a military fashion, the Hebrew Empires, etc). Who were the crooks today’s crooks claim to descend from?

            The Jews made nothing happen. A simple example is agriculture. Zionists claim their turned the waste land of Palestine to an arable one when the Palestinians were growing, harvesting and exporting oranges (crops of Jafa), olives and grapes since the 18th century.

            They were funded, supported and armed to create the Britain’s bridgehead in the ME (something instigated decades before WW2). Give the same conditions (unlimited resources and unconditional impunity) to any people and you will observe the same results with any under-developed territory. Their suffering in WW2 (also instigated by the Brits) surely gave them a reason to work like donkeys and behave like Nazis in Palestine.

          15. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Why ignore that Palestine was never Arab. Did the Arabs not live there? Did they not have some control? Why ignore that.

            A land on the Med, a gateway from the Med to the ME. That’s not important or was Palestine under Ottoman and Arab rule just a camel stop. Odd that such an important piece of land is now rendered to sand.

          16. It’s a question of accuracy – historical and anthropological notably. I don’t know why you keep on saying Palestine was under Arab rule (it never was) but I can only assume it’s again due to your ignorance. Palestine was under Ottoman rule since the Crusades, not Arab. Only the Bedouin/Saudis of Arabia are Arabs. I don’t recall them living or ruling in Palestine.

            The Ottomans didn’t need to conquer Palestine; it was under their rule. The Sherif of Mecca, Hussein and his sons (the real Arabs) wanted to crush the Ottomans and create an Arab Empire. The Brits also wanted to crush the Ottomans (for other reasons) and allied themselves with the Arabs (and others in the region) to accomplish the job in exchange for independent Arab states (ref.; McMahon-Hussein Correspondance). The alliance the Brits made with the Arabs and others in the region was one of betrayal from the get-go as they never intended to give them the promised states. The Palestinians, Kurds and others were among the people to be shafted.

          17. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The beginnings of Muslim dominance in the ME comes to mind. The Ottomans didn’t require much to dominate the region and finally the Ottomans were kicked out of Europe, chose the wrong friends in WW1 and 2 and the Arabs in “Palestestine” were just Arabs.

          18. No clue what you’re raving about but it seems like a very ignorant way out of the conversation to cover up your ignorance. Also, the Palestinians are not just Arabs as their DNA shows so.

          19. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Oh dear, that’s Omega’s signature for signing off for a while.

          20. Yes, repeat what I told you in changing the wording. Wonderful.

            I gave you the details of history. You resorted at a very dumb over-simplification of it and ended with Palestinians are just Arabs.

            I don’t have time with ignorant and bigoted people. Either provide substance and quit wasting your and my time.

          21. ???????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????

          22. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Good night.

          23. Likewise.

          24. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Nice sortie

          25. Modern up-to-dated faLIEstinians are hamasians and fatahians. Tomorrow may be we will see neo-isisians. Political created names vs correct not politically

          26. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            In 1916 Jabotinsky the father of Zionism was Ataturk’s editor of “The Young Turks”, which promoted Armenian Genocide..
            it has been a boring empty discussion and time lost 😉

          27. Rudy1947 Avatar

            In 1916 Jabotinsky was involved with the British Army in WW1 and did not promote any genocide, but promoted the use of Jewish soldiers..

          28. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Ignorance is what you learn in Israeli schools…

            “The Russian Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky arrived in Turkey shortly after the Young Turks seized power, to become editor of the paper “The Young Turk”.

            The paper was owned by a member of the Turkish cabinet, but funded by the Russian Zionist federation, and managed by B’nai B’rith.

            The editorial policy of the paper was dictated by the Dutch Jacob Kann – personal banker to the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik.

            The Young Turks used the Kurds to slaughter the Armenians. The British then used this genocide as a justification for trying to eliminate Turkey:…94_brewda.html

          29. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            In 1916 Jabotinsky the father of Zionism was Ataturk’s editor of “The Young Turks”, which promoted Armenian Genocide..

            it has been a boring empty discussion and time lost 😉

          30. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Boring discussion yet you linger on repeatedly. Lame excuse, try a new one.
            Jabotinsky died in 1940 and never contributed to the Armenian genocide.

          31. Niemals Avatar

            If Hind Abyad (the eternal Jew hater) claims that this Jabotinsky contributed to the Armenian genocide, than how she would explain Jabotinskys idea of the transfer of Arab populations if required for establishing a (still-proposed) Jewish state?

            Documents show that Jabotinsky favored the idea of the transfer of Arab populations if required for establishing a (still-proposed) Jewish state.

            Jabotinsky’s other writings state, “We do not want to eject even one Arab from either the left or the right bank of the Jordan River. We want them to prosper both economically and culturally. We envision the regime of Jewish Palestine [Eretz Israel ha-Ivri] as follows: most of the population will be Jewish, but equal rights for all Arab citizens will not only be guaranteed, they will also be fulfilled.”

            Jabotinsky was convinced that there was no way for the Jews to regain any part of Palestine without opposition from the Arabs.
            In 1934, he wrote a draft constitution for the Jewish state which declared that Arabs would be on an equal footing with their Jewish counterparts “throughout all sectors of the country’s public life.” The two communities would share the state’s duties, both military and civil service, and enjoy its prerogatives.
            Jabotinsky proposed that Hebrew and Arabic should enjoy equal status, and that “in every cabinet where the prime minister is a Jew, the vice-premiership shall be offered to an Arab and vice versa.”!

            Netanyahu is unable to fulfill the equal status suggested by Jabotinsky.

          32. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Jabotinsky died in 1940 not knowing that the Arab world would become a powerful force in the world because of a vital resource required by the entire world. Also, the issue in Jabotinsky’s time was between Palestinian Arabs and Jews, not between Jews and the entire Arab Muslim world.

          33. Sharmuta, Jordan is FaLIEstinian Kingdom. State. FaLIEstinians are KGB Orabians

          34. Yet, they have inhabited the land for thousands of years.

          35. Bedouins or Nabateans? Zoabians? Are you living in Jordan or Israel to know better, hateful to Jews idiot?

          36. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Like the song goes “what have you done for me lately”.

          37. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad


          38. Easy to sing when it’s not your house, family and life that are destroyed.

          39. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I’m sure songs are sung in Syria.

          40. And in Libya, etc. Thanks to your degenerate ilk.

          41. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I’m not Arab or Muslim.

          42. Your degenerate ilk start the wars in the ME – but you understood that.

          43. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The Arabs are never at fault, they are blessed in the eyes of Allah…..barf.

          44. Arabs, Middle Eastern are from the Middle East. Your degenerate ilk, not. Get it?

          45. You are, info sharmuta OmegaHell from Nasrallah or Hitler bunker, hateful fascist and internet parasite

          46. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What a stupid reply, say zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          47. fake, mostly all are migrants

          48. I showed you otherwise more than enough, cretin.

          49. May be you are cretin, i’m living here and know better. But you are not capable to learn, stubborn info fascist hateful idiot, you are fake with all your selected “facts”, sharmuta

          50. You know better. Thanks for he laugh. When exactly did you arrive on the land?

          51. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You know he know no “better” 😉

          52. Stop looking for and posting hateful antisemitic garbage and clean your hateful antisemitic brain, info sharmuta

          53. Cretin (you are), Israel is Noach Arc, refugee camp, Home for Jews (not only) and for me. When exactly fascist BS arrived on your primitive brain? Zoabi Orabians in Israel are migrants from (now) Jordan, Iraq f.e. mostly all are migrants, also you sharmuta or your grandmother

          54. Quit pretending to be Jewish dimwit.

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          56. Funny you see but can not understand and say, worse than dog
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          57. You’re telling me you wrote that cretin? Keep translating.

          58. пнх primitive idiot

          59. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Do you live in Iran?

          60. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Guest Matrix likes.., Omega lives in his country :-))

          61. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Why do you start all your comments with “Matrix likes”? Is that some grammatical rule in your country or something.

          62. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Matrix becomes Niemals stays Guest.

          63. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Still talking with the useless parasite?

          64. I’m glad i’m popular for you, hateful info sharmuta. Canadian useless for creation parasite you are, antisemitic fool

          65. Incorrect.

            Jordan occupied the land allocated to non-Jewish Palestinians (something that was incited/encouraged by Britain) and later ceded the land back to Palestine.

          66. Are you think you are correct, idiot? FaLIEstinians invented in Soviet KGB in June 1964. Don’t play intentionally or not, politically with word FaLIEstina to substitute Israel

          67. Nazis denied Jews.

            Zionists deny Palestinians.

            Nazism = Zionism

          68. You are corrupted sharmuta speaking about accuracy? OmegaHell=Nazism=mental masturbation on Jews, “Zionism” is your hateful fascist terminology, substitution of Jewishness. You want deny Jews, antisemitic sharmuta. I’m not denying Orabians and Soviet KGB, idiot, it is you denying, stupid dumb hateful idiot, pretending to know “something”

          69. I don’t deny Jews. I am against the Zionists’ illegal occupation of Palestine. And it’s not just my opinion, it’s recognizedby international law.

          70. Info sharmuta, “zionists” is your racist nazi extension substitution for Jews. Your dumb brain, idiot, under legal? occupation of left liberal fundamentalism cancer. Put corrupted “international” proorab profaLIEstinian opinion into your ass, please stop mental masturbation, try to think, idiot

          71. What I think is irrelevant. Facts matters. What I wrote is a fact.

          72. What you think is irrelevant, fascist sharmuta. What i wrote is fact. FaLIEstinians are simply KGB Orabians

          73. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Crapped irrational uneducated ignorance of history, Israeli Revisionism..yaawnn..

          74. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Do explain Hind, please spare me the posters though.

          75. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Explain what? Irrational uneducated ignorance of history intellectual laziness.. spare skating around the ring..

          76. Sharmuta, i’m living on Biblical Geographical Archaeological Givat HaMore, you fascist want Hezbollah will kill me with rocket. ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????

          77. Biblical, geographical, archeological. Well, damn. Yet, you came from Easten Europe of Russia.

            I don’t wish death upon you but if you happen to be on Hezbollah’s missiles trajectories, there is nothing I can do about it. You should elect politicians in Israel who seek to make peace with Hezbollah and Iran, not war. Until then, wear your diapers and stock up on cabbage and matzo crackers.

          78. make peace? with like you idiot or Hitler or Hamas or Islamic Jihad or other terrorists? What kind of this “peace” is like, can be, idiot? Please try elect politicians in Iran, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Saudia, etc., idiot, to make peace. lol

          79. A few corrections before addressing the epicenter of your psyhosis:
            – The Palestinians had/have nothing to do with what happened to the Jews under Nazism.
            – Hamas came to be as a resistance movement against the theft of Palestine. Its creation was supported by Israel and they have colluded.
            – Neither the IS nor ISIS have lifted a finger against Israel. As a matter of fact, they apolized to Israel for a clash over the Golan Heights. It goes to show their complicity.
            Now, your psychosis:
            – In 1948, the Zionists attacked the unarmed Palestinians to then steal 60% of their partition. Then lied it was attacked by the surronding Arab countries pursuant of declaring independence.
            – In 1967, Israel attacked surrounding countries to steal/occupy more lands. Then lied it was attacked.
            – Between the 1970s and 1980s, Israel bombed the south of Lebanon, killing Palestinian refugees and Lebanese civilians.
            – In 1981, Israel attacked Iraq.
            – Between 1982 and 2000, Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon. Which resulted in the death of 17,000 civilians.
            – In 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon in a war they planned months ago.
            How do you expect to make peace with degenerates who, in fews decades, have caused more damage than most civilizations have in centuries?
            That being said, the problem is the right-wing Zionist zealots, not the majority of Israelis who want to live in peace. While you whine about the effects, you, for some odd reaons, fail to look at the cause.

          80. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Talking to a wall..are you serious?

          81. Lies, proFaLIEstinian pro Orabian or leftist propaganda, info sharmuta OmegaHell. Please stop your mental masturbation on Israel, idiot. Clean your brain, faLIEstinians are June 1964 KGB Orabians. Muslim Orabians can not tolerate not only Jews and others but also them self clans

          82. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Haha admirable! Zionists used Balfour the holowcost created refugees, terrorism.. Wars ‘from the Nile to Euphrates’ using Islamist and Kurds, while Holocaust survivors lived in squalid poverty.

            Palestine is older than Romans, Arab, Ottoman & British machinations.

            Greek Historian Herodotus, 500 BC, in book “The Old Histories”, writes about 1500 BC Palestine and Palestinians.
            Araméens lived in Damascus 10,000 BC. Maaloula, Syria is still Aramaic

          83. Rudy1947 Avatar

            You need a psychiatrist or a bottle of cheap whiskey, neat.

          84. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I don’t drink, mosquito brain..

          85. Rudy1947 Avatar


          86. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Crap bis

          87. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Come on Hind, you spoke about drinking wine.

          88. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            At rare occasions, one glass of Chateau neuf du Pape with a meal, good night

          89. Sharmuta, let me opportunity to love you, write more something beautiful, nice, fruitful, creative. Sorry i’m using bad words, i will stop at the moment you will afford this possible

          90. Niemals Avatar

            Hinds cheap whiskey is the reason to her shrunken brain. 😉

          91. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Too bad i don’t drink Alzheimer..

          92. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. No psychiatrist can fix that.

          93. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            and monkeys play with monkeys..

          94. Niemals Avatar

            Ask Rudy1947 about Hinds pathological desire to distort the truth.

            Hind Abyad collects her inspirations from reputed links like and others.
            Take this manipulated photography
   published on the theuglytruth.wordpress.
            That is indeed THE UGLY TRUTH about the original photography

          95. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Take this manipulated photography in your ass i never saw it before, spammer!!

          96. Put your tongue into your ass, hateful sharmuta, you are here stupid spammer

          97. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Tsk tsk. You’ve provided false photography and videos before. You should use that intellectual capacity that you have bragged about before and scrutinize what you post. Like I said before your credibility is very much in question. Then again several aspects of your persona are in question.

          98. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Tsk tsk. I never used “false photography” you Zionist counterfeiter propagandist expert. Israel spends billions on PR agencies.
            Deir yassin massacre never took place. Palestine never existed.

          99. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I guess you had a bottle of wine instead of a glass.

          100. Niemals Avatar

            Like I said before Hind spends a lot of her time on her Tweeter account demonizing the West and the Jews.

          101. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You got yourself a Twitter account to spy on my Tweets, not ‘posts’..why don’t you
            use it to complain on me Old woman? Vielle commére

    2. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      Yes for sure.. I totally agree! The Nutcracker needs to go and stop his aggression policies. the only reason he is still in power because the right wing extremists wants to stay so they keep up the building of settlements. otherwise he is a fraud and could careless about Israel.

      1. Danny, You are ugly political correct, “settlements” are simply Jewish villages, kibbutzes, moshavs, towns in Judea and Samaria

        1. Danny Farah Avatar
          Danny Farah

          Nope VS it’s called occupations plain and simple. you can word it as you please but not only it’s hurting the process. These settlements or rather occupations is causing uproar all over the world including Israelis who have the common decency and intelligence to know that enough is enough and these extremists are not doing Israel any good. stop your aggression or face aggression.. get it VS vs Peace…

          1. You are ugly stupid defending “rights” of barbarians. Don’t be idiot, why barbarian occupation is permitted and civilization “occupation” is not? What peace possible with barbarians?

          2. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            VS stop farting it might drive the Settlers away. Lol

          3. You can be idiot, Danny, no problem, but please don’t be corrupt

          4. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            you are just an uptight settler who is having problems getting laid because of his religious restrictions. It’s ok i understand your situation completely and will not blame you for you DAB like english and female hormone outburst..

          5. You are wrong, i’m atheist (religion is kind of mental masturbation) or my God is diversity, information (positive violation) Remarkably i’m “settler” also in Afula, You are a bit fascist refusing to Jews to live where their Home. Thank You are not evil hateful like OmegaHell and evil hateful aggressive like Kannibal and not so much fool as HindBlahblah. I hope You can explore beautiful world, also Jews

          6. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            VS oh my bad so you are atheist but defending settlers who claims to worship God but they preach evil. Just like the Muslim Extremists who prays in the Mosque then they go out and kill people. To me that by itself is not a religion and more like atheist. So logically that puts you the same category as them. I am very peaceful person believe it or not. I do not like what the PLO did to Lebanon but they got what they deserve. But I sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians people as much as with the Peaceful Israelis. These homes do not belong to the settlers. how on earth the Israelis came from Europe and found Palestinians there living in their homes? these falestinians as you call them were there centuries. so obviously somewhere where the settlers occupying properties must been Palestinians. how else they started the fighting about the land? Was Goliath living in Lebanon when him and David declared war on each other? it was david who was fed up with Goliath harrassing atheist jews(Lol) that he decided to him Goliath with a sling Shot. too bad the latter thought he was big enough to destroy anyone in his way. so his arrogance get the best of him and he was knocked out in one shot. the moral of the story is there were Arabs/Falestinians whatever you may call them and also jews. you can call them your homes but we call them occupations. one more thing if you have not learned what happened to the Jews where 18 Millions were killed back then. then you have not learned anything yet and you always live at war and fear.

          7. Again, thank You are peaceful man. Please visit Israel to see real situation and to be less brainwashed. Please, don’t be fascist or liberal fundamentalist (i can explain) using ugly fascist liberal fundamentalist terminology “settler” (Jew of Judea lol) Good if You capable to think and learn unlike fascist idiots here

          8. Rudy1947 Avatar

            10lbs of crap in a 5lbs bag. Trying to meld so much into so little.

          9. At least we can respect Danny for he is not hateful, evil, aggressive

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Crap is business as usual in Israel Zionist electorate.
            Crime and corruption is; “being Smart”


          11. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I’m sure YaLibnan and The Daily Star would fulfill the Lebanese corruption quota. Then again most any country can fulfill their own quota.

          12. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            YaLibnan uses Western media that’s corruption, Lebanese denounce government’s corruption..Israeli calls ‘It’ Smart.

          13. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Everyone denounces corruption.

          14. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Not Israel

          15. Rudy1947 Avatar

            LOL, then why is Netanyahu being investigated and why have others in Israel been indicted?

          16. sharmuta, stop masturbate on Israel

          17. Eldar was described by Nahum Barnea as one of several journalists, along with Gideon Levy and Amira Hass, who do not “pass the lynch test” and “who could not bring themselves to criticize the Orabs even when two Israelis were savagely murdered by a mob in Ramallah”. Barnea called their support for the FaLIEstinian position “absolute”

          18. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Very simple! Crap you ask for crap you get.

          19. Rudy1947 Avatar


          20. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            That’s your crap

          21. your primitive hateful brain is crap, info sharmuta

          22. Hannibal Avatar

            This low life scum is a zionazi supremacist. He shows his ugly beliefs in the open with no shame.

          23. ???????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

          24. Hannibal Avatar

            When one agrees with my assessment he writes gibberish … LOL

          25. You are primitive vandal idiot can not start to learn understand пнх

        2. Niemals Avatar

          Those “settlements” in Judea and Samaria are simply illegal.
          Judea and Samaria are not a part of Israel, it’s an occupied territorium.

          1. occupied is your brain with leftist terminology and BS. Occupied by Orabians are Half of Africa, almost all ME including Judea, Lebanon etc., even Eurape. Please don’t spoil your brain by corrupted “international community” crap. Please don’t be stupid racist against Jews living in Judea, you ugly stupid say “illegal”. Is Orabian occupation everywhere legal?

  2. Niemals Avatar

    Netanyahu’s empathy for Hebron shooter (Elor Azaria) reveals a lot about Netanyahu.

    1. Are You think You are smart?

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Look at the face of the Devil..(scary)

    1. Check yourself. sharmuta

  4. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Zionism is evil, Boteach likens Jews pushing for Palestinian state
    to Jews who helped Nazis”

    1. You are evil, sharmuta, mondoweiss is hateful site, FaLIE stinian is KGB Orabian

  5. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians’ careers ‘suddenly stalled’..

  6. Show me leaders that are pure and non-corrupt. Defiantly don’t look at any middle east countries. Much deeper corruption and denial of freedoms exists.
    Holier than thou?

    1. yeah, because comparing one shit to another will remove the stink!

      1. Hannibal Avatar

        LOL witty

    2. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      it doesn’t matter he needs to go to Jail.

  7. Big surprise, a corrupt politician!

  8. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.” – Maurice Samuel

    “Bolshevik Revolution: The Jewish Bolsheviks, who took over the Russian government in the 1910s, killed 66 million Christians, including 200,000 members of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40,000 churches.”

    -World War 1: Britain was losing the war against Germany. The Zionists stepped in and bribed President Wilson to get the US into the war to help them. In return, the Jews asked the British Empire to deed them Palestine to create Israel. Their wish was granted in the form of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which cost the world 18 million dead.

    -World War 2: The Zionists fomented that war (just like they’re doing today with Iran and other countries in the Middle East), so that European Jews could feel threatened. The deception worked as European Jews fled in droves to Palestine and took over the homes of Palestinians, who were evicted at gunpoint and then either massacred or driven out of their land into neighbouring Arab countries. With enough Jews on the ground, Israel was created in 1948 at a cost of 80 million dead.

    1. sharmuta, check zionist under your bed and visit doctor

      1. Hannibal Avatar

        Your grandmothers and mother and sisters and for that matter all your female relatives are the shramiit b shrita. The proof they bore scum like you.

        1. пнх Kannibal fascist ???????? ????????????????????????, ????????????????????????

          1. Hannibal Avatar


          2. пнх sharmuta degenerate

      2. Niemals Avatar

        Hind Abyad is looking after all Jew-hater she can find.
        There is no lack of Christian antisemits, sponsored by Hind Abyad‏ @AbyadHind “How The Ashkenazi Jews Conquered The West … via @wordpressdotcomeven”
        “Biblicism Institute is only interested in the unadulterated truth of the God-inspired Christian Bible and not in man-made fables. In other words, we only concern ourselves with the key to knowledge (i.e., the word of God), which many have perverted.”
        Hind will finde Christian Zionists under her bed – she sleeps with the Christians from the biblicism institute….

        Furthermore she will present for you; “If you have to colonise somewhere it isnt your homeland. 1900 Postcard more evidence zionists called them colonies.” even if they can’t read Hebrew.

        1. What is the 1900 postcard evidence for?

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Muhammad Smiry‏ @MuhammadSmiry 56 minil y a 56 minutes

            ترى انا مش صحفي ، كنت بشوف فيلم وسمعت القصف قلت اكتب عن اللي بصير!
            بالنسبة للصحفيين ، ترى هظول الصورتين من حرب 2012 و 2014 ????
            À l’origine en arabe

          2. Le con.

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            il y a 3 heures
            Muhammad Smiry a retweeté روان ????Rawan
            It’s not just the sound, it’s that these sounds ring the bells so bad. Bloody memories Israel’s left in their minds. #Gaza

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          O’Matrix get a life obsessed stalcker

          1. Lies. Jews have suffered the most out of mass Muslim immigration into Europe, more Jews have been attacked by Muslim migrants then Europeans
            This video is retarded, it’s a reflection of the people who made it
            This dumb piece of shit edits a video and writes some words, and you all suck his balls
            6 million Jews killed Hitler
            Muslims are conquest and sharmuta Hind with other hateful idiots blame Jews as usual

    2. Rudy1947 Avatar

      The correct Maurice Samuel quotation is “We Jews are accused of being the destroyers: whatever you put up, we teat down”.

      1. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
        Rainbow Sponge

        Another day another fake quote. Hitler’s granddaughter posting from Buenos Aires.

        1. Buenos Aires

          Interesting. Why there?

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It’s a tradition

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            C’est une tradition des lieux communs;)

          3. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Cause Snowturds go south.

          4. On canoe or U-boat?

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time–when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the key manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing back into superstition and darkness. The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30-second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance.”

            Carl Sagan

          2. congratulation, no Jews bad mentioning detected

          3. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Carl Sagan was a Reformist Jew. That’s why she mentioned him.

          4. Oops, thank You. If this fool will accept giyur, she will be able to destroy Jews from inside even better. Sharmuta Jews expert Hind, are you hearing me, want you may be convert to Judaism?

          5. shulamit aloni leftist sharmuta

        2. Niemals Avatar

          Another deceptive Twitter post about the 1900 produced Postcard by the German firm in Berlin that refers to greetings from the Jewish “growers” in the land of Israel.

          Not to ‘Colonies’ as described in this text “If you have to colonise somewhere it isnt your homeland. 1900 Postcard more evidence zionists called them colonies.”

          Colonies should not be confused with protectorates or provinces as it has been done by the RicoHands@rico_hands (Twitter account) retweeted by the antisemitic Hind Abyad.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Old men distractions; spying

          2. hacking

        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          Probably written by Stalin.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Russia’s forgotten role in the creation of Israel

            Without Soviet aid at the critical moment in the late 1940s, it would have been very difficult for the State of Israel to have been born.


          2. A most excellent point. Among other instances, Operation Balak comes to mind.

            On a note related this article, Stalin purging Jews from Russia at and around the time of the creation of the Zionist State was no coincidence. He was an Anglo-American puppet who took part of the Anglo-American financed Bolshevik Revolution aimed at toppling the Tsar, looting their wealth and creating the Soviet Union. (British) Russia had a complicit role with the creation of a (British) “Jewish” Homeland in Palestine from the get-go. The secretly concocted Sykes-Picot plan where (British) Russia was part of is indicative of so.

          3. Please stop mental masturbations, can you try to think?

          4. Look who’s asking if others can think. You take the cake.

          5. Are you blind intentionally or not, idiot?

          6. No, you’re just a cretin.

          7. ???????? ????????????????????????, ????????????????????

          8. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Operation Balak was very successful in supplying arms to the new Israeli state. Also, in an ironic kind of way Israel is grateful to Stalin for his assistance. Good job all around.

          9. Are you pretending you knew or heard of Operation Balak until it was meantioned here? Either way, it was that weaponry that allowed the Zionists to attacked the unarmed Palestinian population, kill, displace them and seize their towns and villages (several hundreds of them - in the last three months of the British Mandate.

            It may seem ironic but it’s not. The (British) Soviet Union nd its many “leaders” were all store front puppets serving the British Empire.

            What is a good job all around?

          10. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Notice the avatar?

          11. Never did in detail until now but I see that you’re still missing the point.

          12. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The acquisition of the Asia S-199 was part of Operation Balak.

          13. I see what you meant now.

          14. Creation of Israel is miracle. Many thanks to Ukrainian diplomat

          15. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I’m sure Russia was thanked in an ironic kind of way.

          16. Jews are not thanked Stalin, SU for creation “Jews Land” in South Siberia, Far East

          17. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Note the word “ironic”. It comes from the YNet article. Just a little sarcasm.

          18. Thank You, Rudy1947, for comments, sorry i’m angry confronting with info fascist idiots OmegaHell, Kannibal, HindBlahblah. This is not my preferences, i hope better communication will be possible here

          19. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Russia is Staline nomore

          20. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Really? Gee what a surprise.

          21. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Without Russian aid at the critical moment in 2015, it would have been very difficult for your favourite butcher Bashar al-Assad to stay in power.

          22. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Without Russian aid at the critical moment in 1950, it would have been very difficult for your favourite butchers Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Ariel Sharon’s bloody massacres to stay in power.

          23. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            What Russian aid you sleazy person.

          24. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Va te faire foutre spongeperson.

          25. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Konuşmayı kes lütfen, Ağzın kokuyor.

          26. Niemals Avatar

            Excellent comment! ????

          27. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Hey Koku.

          28. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Hey şarmüta

          29. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Matrix likes? BTW, Koku is not sarmuta its muta

          30. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Rainbow Sponge- Hind Abyad • a day ago


          31. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

   this your sister?

          32. ????????????????????????

  9. Not sure what the fuss is about. All politicians are corrupted. However, not all are deranged maniacs like this one …

    “We had a big problem with US policy. It’s different now. There’s a stronger stance against Iran. There’s a renewed American presence in our region and more bombings, and that’s positive,” Netanyahu said.

    1. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
      Rainbow Sponge


      1. No clue what that means.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad


  10. 9.08 On Wednesday night, August 9, the Israel Defense Forces Air Force attacked targets in the Gaza Strip.

    According to the press service of the IDF, two objects of the terrorist organization Hamas in the northern sector of the sector were attacked.

    The actions of the Air Force became a reaction to the rocket fire of Israeli territory before in the evening

  11. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Hey, Picot, You Have To Come See The Middle East Now

    By Mark Sykes, British Diplomat

    Mark SykesFrançois? You have to see this, François.

    1. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
      Rainbow Sponge

      Free Kurdistan.

      1. also from Orabian occupants

      2. Niemals Avatar

        It’s about time for independent Kurdistan.

          1. Niemals Avatar

            One specific manooch kargar‏ @ma000111 that is often re-tweeted by Hind Abyad, must be her brother in soul.

            Both are opponents of an independent Kurdistan, but not against an independent Palestine.
            Both are bitten anti-Zionists.

            However I don’t think that “manooch kargar‏ @ma000111” is a christian as Hind Abyad claimed to be.

            When you se “manooch kargar‏ @ma000111” favorit hashtags
            #KurdistanReferandum #independence means #Israelistan, you realize that he supports an Islamic Turkey. Turkey will be the beacon of the world’s Islam, according to Erdoğan“Erdogan will die Türkei zur Leuchte des Islam machen” (WELT | Veröffentlicht am 06.08.2017).

            When such sites exist in the secular Turkey, you know that Erdoğan is on his way to be “the beacon of the world’s Islam”.

            The site “Islamic Invitation Turkey” contains islamic informations and news about islamic world and is an Islamic Politics and Cultural web site blessed by Erdoğan.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            So what get a life parasite.

      3. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Free sponge

  12. The Israeli left marked the 100th anniversary of the revolution in Russia. Photoreport

  13. On the night of Thursday, August 10, the houses of the families of the three terrorists were destroyed by the engineering forces of the Israeli army, with the support of the border police and civilian personnel.

    In the villages of Dir Abu Mashal and Shukba, the houses of Osama Atta and Abu al-Bura’a al-Maqdisi were destroyed and sealed after June 16th terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which killed 23-year-old border guard Adas Malka and wounded five others.

    In the village of Siluad, the house of the terrorist’s family, Malik Hamad, was destroyed after April 6 of this year, driving down two soldiers near the entrance to the village of Ofra (Binyamin district). As a result of the terrorist attack, a 20-year-old sergeant of the Golani Brigade Elkhai Taar-Lev was killed, another soldier was wounded easily

  14. The party “Only Netanyahu” is fighting not for life, but for death with the party “Only not Netanyahu”

  15. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    How The JEWS Caused WW2

    Veritas Vincit Omnia

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      ROFL ROFL.


        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          10 years ago.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        That’s what i got in my MB`-`
        Visit Rudy1947’s profile

        ROFL ROFL.

         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        8:45 p.m., Thursday Aug. 10 | Other comments by Rudy1947

        Rudy1947’s comment is in reply to Hind Abyad:

        Veritas Vincit Omnia

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        I love this. In the first minute the subtitle said Catholic, very universal in it’s translation, yet the man speaking never said anything close. Nice Ms. Pallywood.

        8:57 p.m., Thursday Aug. 10 | Other comments by Rudy1947
        ment is in reply to Hind Abyad:

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        10 years ago.

        9:25 p.m., Thursday Aug. 10 | Other comments by Rudy1947

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        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          What he!! is that all about?

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Hypocrite Bis

            8:45 p.m., Thursday Aug. 10 | Other comments by Rudy1947

            Rudy1947’s comment is in reply to Hind Abyad:

            “How The JEWS Caused WW2

            Veritas Vincit Omnia”

            ” Rudy1947

            ROFL ROFL”

          2. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I edited my comment for a different cartoon for your reading pleasure.

          3. Niemals Avatar

            We did it!
            Now we are world famous, and it’s with the help of Hind Abyad (the eternal Jew hater) ????

          4. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Can’t wait to thank her…….tehe.

          5. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Welcome bird brain

          6. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Imagine, I’m on twitter without being on twitter. That’s very twitterlating.

          7. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Amuse yourself

          8. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I have only you to thank.

          9. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            How old are you? 10 minutes of fame ..pffhahhaha deleted, here’s something of interest for Twits. Bye

          10. Rudy1947 Avatar

            You are well aware of my age and don’t see the connection. Then again you’ve always had a problem connecting the dots.

          11. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            How old is she?

          12. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Carbon 14 test will be required.

          13. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            LOL. Born in the 12th century — a prostitute in the 19th century, and in 2009 acted as Danielle Staub in the Real Housewives of New Jersey before gaining a career on Yalibnan.

          14. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What an illusion 10 minutes of fame frankly my dear ..i said bye

          15. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            So a person who’s selling his house cannot negotiate a price?

          16. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Listen Sponge person get lost. Blocked

          17. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Drink another bottle.

          18. Niemals Avatar

            I say the same, I’m on Twitter without having a Twitter account.

            Talk about the impossible outcome.

          19. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge


          20. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            We did it? Haha..I did it for you, although you got Twitter account to “only” gossip on YaLibnan not man enough to use your account.

          21. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Now we are world famous, and it’s with the help of Hind Abyad (the eternal Jew hater) ????

            ????It’s deleted ..thanks for the fun old maid.

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Haha…Hypocrite Safa you deleted your post poste?

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      I love this. In the first minute the subtitle said Catholic, very universal in it’s translation, yet the man speaking never said anything close. Nice Ms. Pallywood.

  16. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    “Why I Cannot be a Zionist: an Open Letter to Emmanuel Macron”

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