Canada bans ‘Product of Israel’ labels for occupied West Bank wines made by settlers

Israeli wine
A Jewish settler drinking wine made in the occupied west bank. Canada banned ‘Product of Israel’ labels for West Bank wines since the settlements were built on stolen properties and are considered illegal by most countries

Canadian food inspectors have ordered liquor stores to stop selling wines made in the West Bank, saying their label identifying them as Israeli contravenes Ottawa’s policy on the territory, the Times of Israel reported

Settlers and at least one Canadian Jewish advocacy group reacted with anger to the ruling, which singles out the Psagot and Shiloh wineries, made in settlements outside Ramallah.

News of the order emerged with the issue of a letter Tuesday from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to liquor vendors, detailing the ruling by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency a week earlier “that ‘Product of Israel’ would not be an acceptable country of origin declaration for wine products that have been made from grapes that are grown, fermented, processed, blended and finished in the West Bank occupied territory.”

The ruling extended to wines from “any other territory occupied by Israel in 1967” that carried such a label, which would be “considered misleading,” specifically mentioning the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and Gaza, as well as the West Bank.

The CFIA is a government body that controls all marketing and sales of wine in Canada.

Jewish winemaker David Ventura from the West Bank settlement of Ofra checks the sugar level in grapes at his vineyard on September 18, 2011. (Kobi Gideon/Flash90)

“I request that all vendors discontinue any importations or sales of products labeled as ‘Products of Israel’ from the wineries named above (or others located in the same regions) until further notice,” the LCBO letter says.

“We are currently seeking clarifications from the CFIA on how such wines should be labeled in order to comply with the Food and Drugs Act.”

In a statement Thursday, B’nai Brith Canada said that it “is expecting that the [CFIA] will soon rescind its recent decision to order the removal of certain Israeli wines from store shelves.“

“B’nai Brith has received a lot of information on this matter from multiple sources and officials during the past 24 hours as we were advocating on behalf of the community,” said Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada. “We can say now that we are expecting this disturbing decision to be corrected in short order.”

Settlement wineries have boomed in the past decade or so. According to a 2011 report, West Bank settlements are home to 29 of the more than 150 wineries in Israel and its territories, compared to 14 in the famed Golan Heights wine country.

Several West Bank settlement winery owners reported exponential increases in production since the early 2000s, with most of their wines being sold in Israel. Yaakov Berg, Ceo of Psagot Winery, said his operation produced about 300,000 bottles of wine last year and sold about 65 percent of them locally — a hundredfold increase since it opened in 2003.

As one of the most prominent exported products from West Bank settlements and the Golan Heights, wines have been at the forefront of a battle between Israel and the European Union over product labeling.

In 2015, Israel reacted angrily after German department store KeDeWe stopped stocking Golan wines to comply with the labeling rules, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the move amounted to a boycott of the Jewish state.

Yaakov Berg, Psagot Winery’s CEO, said Thursday he was “amazed” at Canada’s decision.

“We are living in Judea and Samaria by historic right. Canada, of all places, which was established and developed on basis of occupying and sacrificing the homeland of another people and which has no roots or historical validity to its existence there, doesn’t recognize the right of a Jew to live and cultivate vines on land inherited from his forefathers?” he said in a statement the   Times of Israel added




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  1. How can anyone enjoy a drink that was made on a stolen property is beyond me . Cheers Canada !!

    1. “stolen property”??? of Ottomans??? of Britains??? of Africans??? Berbers??? Saudians??? Bedouins??? Arameans??? Don’t be idiot even a bit, Arzna

      1. VS, you seem to forget that the Palestinians are the only rightful owners of the land in the West Bank. The Ottomans were also occupiers like the Israelis . Occupying a land by force does not entitle anyone to own it. This is highway robbery. Stop being so rude and be a gentleman at least once . Coming from Ukraine or anywhere else does not entitle you or anyone else to steal Palestinian land by force. Stealing in any civilized country is a crime and is punishable by law.

        1. Please, “Falsetinian land” are stolen Judea and Samaria, Land of Israel, stolen by Orabian conquest like also Lebanon, Half of Africa, almost all ME. I’m Jew, Israel is home for Jews, but also for Druzes, Bedouins, Orabians (21% population), Christians. My wife and my child are not Jews but country refugee camp Israel (Noah Arc) is their home also. Hamasians and Fatahians (lol “Falsetinians”) want all Israel to be “Falastyn” Syria is North Falestine, Jordan is East Palestine, “Falestine” is war against Israel.
          You are corrupted by Liberal Fundamentalism as i see. What about stolen property of Jews in Orabian countries??? You are not fair, what “law” are You speaking about, “law” to fight Jews? What civilized country are you mean, any of Orabian failed state???

        2. Hannibal Avatar

          Oh look you told this animal to behave and here he goes calling you idiot.

          1. Animal is you dirty hateful fascist idiot, Arzna is not idiot, i just warned him, you are fake as usual ???????? ????????????????????????

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          3. Telling a donkey to move ain’t gonna make him move, you know. 😉

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    2. Hannibal Avatar

      Cheers INDEED!

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  2. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    These settlers are no different than Daesh.. that’s why they get along i suppose.

    1. Don’t be racist, Danny, “settlers” are racist derogatory for Jews of Judea, are You different from Daesh

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        Calling them Daesh is not racist.. not sure where did you come up with this logic. they surely behave like them when treating women and people outside of their spheres. They are very selfish and their religion is no different than Islamist who prays to God and kill people. The secular jews are much better than them and more open minded.

        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          Calling who Daesh?

          A lot of folks pray to a God. Are Jews anymore selfish than Muslims who make it mandatory? Are Messianic Jews killed or maimed for conversion?

        2. You are good man Danny, but brainwashed

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      That they are and ugly inside and outside EXACTLY like their Da3esh brothers. Good thing that the world is waking up. Now hear the trolls claiming that Canada is racist.

      1. ???????? ???????????????????????? idiot

  3. Hannibal Avatar

    I hope you friggin choke on that wine you swine.

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      The CFIA ban has been rescinded.

  4. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Settlers pigs Dump Sewage On Palestinian Land

    Anna Lekas Miller reports on a protest in the West Bank village of Sebastiya, where Israeli settlers from Shavei Shomron have started dumping their sewage.

    1. please stop posting fake crap, sharmuta racist pig

  5. Too bad Canada didn’t have bigger balls against the Zionist vermin as the ban seems retracted.

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    2. ???????????????????????? hateful vermin is you Canada is Israeli Friend

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    1. The Jerusalem District Police Command announced the first in recent years to abolish the Friday Muslim prayers on the Temple Mount.
      The decision to close access to the Temple Mount was made after the terrorist attack, which resulted in injuring three Israelis.
      Meanwhile, some Israeli politicians have called to close for Muslims access to the Temple Mount for a considerable period of time.
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