Evangelical pastors pray for Trump in the oval office


evangelical pastors at te oval office prayed for TrumpNot everyone was convinced by the show of faith displayed by Evangelical pastors at the White House . Kenneth Averell , Grant Administrator at The American Marksman said: ‘Lord help us all. How anyone sees Trump as the savior of the evangelicals is beyond me. ” ‘Doesn’t have a Christian bone in his body. Doesn’t attend church. Multiple divorces. Adultery. Literally about every single commandment he’s broken. “

This is the moment evangelical leaders laid their hands on Donald Trump‘s back as they prayed over him in the Oval Office.

Evangelical pastor Rodney Howard-Browne led a prayer circle alongside his wife Adonica in the White House and then shared the image on Facebook.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence can be seen closing their eyes and bowing their heads in the solemn moment.

The group were invited to pray with Trump during a meeting with members of The Office of Public Liaison.

Others pictured included Jack Graham, the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, and Michele Bachmann, the former Republican congresswoman from Minnesota.

Mr Howard-Browne, who is from South Africa but came to America in 1987 after a ‘calling from God’, described the moment as ‘surreal’ and ‘humbling’.

He wrote: ‘Yesterday I was asked by Pastor Paula White-Cain to pray over our 45th President – what a humbling moment standing in the Oval Office – laying hands and praying for our President – Supernatural Wisdom, Guidance and Protection – who could ever even imagine – wow – we are going to see another great spiritual awakening.

Mr Howard-Browne’s teachings on the concept of ‘holy laughter’ – an outpouring of joy caused by the Holy Spirit – helped to inspire the Toronto Blessing, which many believe to be an instance of mass blessing which took place in 1994.

Johnnie Moore, a former senior vice president at Liberty University, a large evangelical university in Virginia, was also at the meeting.

He told CNN that they used to also pray with Obama, but with Trump it is different.

‘When we are praying for President Trump, we are praying within the context of a real relationship, of true friendship,’ he said.

‘He was also in good spirits,’ Moore said. ‘He was as strong and focused as I have ever seen him. It was as if he was entirely above the fray.’

President Trump put his Christian faith at the front and center of his campaign for the presidency, and made a particular point of appealing to evangelicals.

At dozens of his rallies he proudly read out polls showing strong approval ratings from the evangelical community, and thanked them for their support.

It was Trump’s positioning of himself as a defender of the faith – at one point vowing ‘to protect Christianity’ – that saw him ultimately defeat Ted Cruz to become the Republican nominee.

And this latest image attracted a lot of support on social media.

Writing on the Facebook post, Melinda S. Wiley wrote: ‘Thank you Jesus! Cover Your President Lord! Anoint him and fill him with the Holy Spirit for Your will to be done! Hallelujah! Thank you Abba!’

Tammie Rogers added: ‘Praise God fill him Jesus with your spirit keep your hands on him. It’s time we have a president that puts America first and belief in the almighty God the one one that can change everything.

‘Thank you pastors and for obeying God and surrounding our President with all your prayers, and thank you President Trump for allowing them to pray for you.

‘I get goose bumps thinking what God is going to do.’

But not everyone was convinced by the show of faith. Kenneth Averell said: ‘Lord help us all. How anyone sees Trump as the savior of the evangelicals is beyond me.

‘Doesn’t have a Christian bone in his body. Doesn’t attend church. Multiple divorces. Adultery. Literally about every single commandment he’s broken.

‘We’re all sinners, but c’mon, the evangelical right is choosing this guy to lead their ‘spiritual awakening’?’

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  1. master09 Avatar

    Any human who has Jesus in the heart, mind and soul does not pray for the rich or strong, but you pray for the weak the sick the poor and those who have done wrong in all their life. So that’s what you do if you have a Christian bone in their body.
    Jesus help this man to see the light to help make this world better.

    1. The Evangelical impostors have anything but Jesus in their hearts. They make the likes of Daesh look like angels. They’re perfectly fine with bombing millions in the ME as long as the Zionist impostors and the Zionist State thrive.

      1. ???????? ???????????????????????? hateful idiot

    2. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      Amen to that Brother..you are a wiseman. If they are praying to make him see the light and protect the nation. What’s wrong with that..Although I do not want to that extreme but if someone worships Satan and an evangelical decided to pray for him for the Lord to Guide him so be it. Now if these Evangelical intents are to protect their interests, then if you believe in God as some of you seem passionate then the Allmighty will not buy their B.S. and will take care of their deeds..Peace!

  2. Kenneth Averell is right . The Evangelical pastors are praying for the wrong man

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  4. Evangelicals are to Christianity what Zionists are you Judaism: lying, thieving, murderous, hypocritical imposters.

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