House Dems back panel that could boot Trump from office


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At least 25 House Democrats support a bill to create an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity — a panel that would judge a president’s mental fitness for office.

A clause in the 25th Amendment, which lays out the rules for succession in case of presidential disability, lets Congress set up its own panel to review the chief executive’s fitness to serve.

Local Republicans dismissed the partisan ploy.

“Democrats need to accept that the people of the United States made their decision on who our president is,” Rep. Daniel Donovan (R-SI) told The Post.

Four of the Democrats signed on to the effort following Trump’s Thursday tweets attacking MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, said the bill’s chief sponsor, Rep. ­Jamie Raskin of Maryland.

“I’m convinced most Americans believe we are living in a very strange reality,” Raskin told Yahoo News. “The question is, what are the escape routes we have, and the 25th Amendment is one of them.”

The 11-member commission would include psychiatrists and doctors, Raskin said.

But even if the bill passed, Raskin’s commission could jettison Trump only if Vice President Mike Pence were on board.