Iranians chant ‘Death to Israel’ at rallies


iran death to Israel

By Parisa Hafezi
Hundreds of thousands of Iranians chanted “Death to Israel” in nationwide rallies on Friday at which they also burned flag of the Islamic State militant group which claimed responsibility for attacks in Tehran this month, state TV reported.
Iranian state media said millions of people turned out for the rallies to mark Al-Quds Day that was declared by Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and which is held on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Opposition to Israel is a touchstone of belief for Shi’ite-led Iran, which backs Palestinian and Lebanese Islamic militant groups opposed to peace with the Jewish state, which Tehran refuses to recognize.

Israel, the United States and its chief Sunni Arab ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of fomenting tension in the Middle East and of sponsoring terrorism. This is denied by Tehran.

Tensions have risen sharply in the Gulf between Qatar and four Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, in part over Doha’s links with Iran.

“This year’s rally … shows people want our region to be cleaned up from terrorists, backed by the Zionist regime (Israel),” President Hassan Rouhani told state TV.

State TV covering the rallies showed crowds chanting anti-Israel slogans in solidarity with Palestinians whom they urged to continue their fight against the “occupying regime”.

Demonstrators chanted “Death to Israel, Death to America,”, carrying banners reading “Israel should be wiped off the map” while people were shown burning the Israeli flag.

People meted out the same treatment for the banner of Islamic State (IS) which has said it carried out deadly twin attacks in Tehran on June 7. Iran blames regional rival Saudi Arabia for being behind the attacks. Riyadh denies this.

“Daesh (IS), America and Israel are all the same. They are all terrorists,” a young woman marcher in Tehran told TV.

Marchers included soldiers, students and clerics. Black-clad women with small children were among those flocking the streets of central Tehran, many carrying portraits of Khomeini and his successor Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In Tehran’s Vali-ye Asr street, three mid-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles were displayed, including the Zolfaghar missile that Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards used on Sunday to target bases of the IS in eastern Syria.

Top Guards’ commanders have repeatedly said that Israel is within range of Iran’s missiles. Sunni Muslim states in the Gulf and Israel say Tehran’s ballistic missile program is a threat to regional security and has led to the United States imposing new sanctions.

“With this rally our nation is telling America that we are determined to continue our path,” Rouhani said, referring to the U.S. Senate’s decision to impose new sanctions.




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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    how hypocrites of them.. when they had a war with Saddam it was Israel who supported them with parts and accessories. the same time Khomeini was saying death to America and to Israel. that’s all they preach the religion of peace. There were never a good word out of them.they are the version of Daesh that’s why they get along really well.

    1. “Accessories”? (laughing) Are you referring to ammo or actual accessories? Tank refresher maybe. Either way, you need to get your facts in order (read: educate yourself) instead of distorting historical facts and reality to suit your propaganda.

      Ignoring for a moment that Iran was the world’s biggest buyer of Israeli arms under the Shah, Israel did not stop selling arms, military parts and ammo to Iran under the Khomeini:

      Israel lost no time supplying the new Khomeini regime with small quantities of arms, even after the seizure of the U.S. embassy. The first sales included spare parts for U.S.-made F-4 Phantom jets; a later deal in October 1980 included parts for U.S.-made tanks. Israel informed Washington, only “after the fact, when they were far down the line and right into the middle of the thing,” according to a former State Department official. To Begin’s ex post facto request for approval, “the answer was instant, unequivocal and negative,” writes Gary Sick, the Iran expert on Carter’s NSC.

      The White House was in fact aghast to find that its embargo had been flatly violated. “We learned much to our dismay,” Brzezinski noted later, “that the Israelis had been secretly supplying American spare parts to the Iranians without much concern for the negative impact this was having on our leverage with the Iranians on the hostage issue.” Secretary of State Edmund Muskie demanded that Israel cease its shipments; Prime Minister Begin promised to comply. In fact, however, the supply line stayed open without Washington’s approval, carrying tank parts and ammunition. – Marshall/Scott/Hunter, “The Iran Contra Connection”, p.169 (

      There also was the “Jew for arms” deal between Iran and Israel where Iran allowed Jews to migrate out in exchange for arms purchase. The deal only stopped because Iran delayed payment in 1984. –

      Not only didn’t Israel want the Iran-Iraq war to stop, it started Iran’s decades-long demonization campaign when they realize Khomeinism wasn’t going away. So you tell me if this makes Israel less or more hypocritical than Iran.

      1. I believe there will be friendship between Iran and Israel and the orabs in spite of such as OmegaHell

        1. What’s itching you? The fact that I brought up Israel’s role in the Iran-Contra? Grow a pair and be accountable.

          1. What’s itching you, OmegaHell, hate of jews? or of Israel? or of “colonialism”? or of “imperialism”? or of “zionism”? Please don’t be corrupted hateful idiot

          2. I asked you a question. Why are you replying with more, irrelevant, questions?

          3. Iranians chant “death to Israel”, you are relevant to “death to Israel” but irrelevant to friendship like your “questions”

          4. Iran chants “Death to USA/Israel”. USA/Israel bomb people. Which is more lethal?

          5. USA/Israel bombing terrorists or like Hitler, Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Hamas, Hesbollah, may be need Putin, what proportion with suicide bombers and dictators, are you want bombing USA/Israel instead? are you want USA/Israel suicide bombers lethal and proportionally?

          6. Last time I checked, terrorism was brought in the Middle east by the inbred, thieving, degenerate, cabbage munching AshkeNazis. Have you forgotten, never knew, know but prefer to omit how they went on a terror campaign for ten years following the 1937 Peel Commission? How convenient of you to call those on your way as “terrorists”.

            Hitler, again. Can you tell me why his personal chauffeur and eighteen (18) of his staff officers were Jewish? Educate yourself and see who instigated WW2 and the why – I’ll give you a hint: Israel.

            Saddam and Qaddafi were taken out after they threatened and took action to depart from the petrodollar. Dumb move. Syria (Assad) is the last central before getting to Iran.

            I don’t want to bomb anyone and you need to quit being such a dumb, squealing hypocrite. If you’re okay with killing, bombing others, expect retaliation.

          7. you are totally fake, OmegaHell

          8. Niemals Avatar

            Nochmal Hind Abyad
            with material from russia-insider that is infested with this kind of vermin
            a “der-stuermer” vermin with the same ideology as Hanibal, Omega, Hind Abyad & Co.
            “Ich habe bisher nie etwas gegen Juden gehabt, aber das hat sich jetzt geändert. Danke.”, sounds like Omegas known statements of non-existent Jews.
            I am convinced that Hanibal, Omega, Hind Abyad didn’t cared to see the documentary Auserwählt und ausgegrenzt – Der Hass auf Juden in Europa.
            You are naive asking the Holocaust-Leugner “Please don’t be corrupted hateful idiot”.

        2. Niemals Avatar

          You are right, there is a friendship between arabs/Israelis as well as Iranians/Israelis and Omega can’t do anything about it.
          That why he and his ilks continuing with the hate ideology as on….

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Me too laugh..

      3. Rudy1947 Avatar

        In 1984 and a few years prior Iraq was more of a threat to Israel than Iran. Israel succeeded in 1981 in destroying a nuclear reactor where Iran had failed prior. 30 year old news.

          1. just don’t try destroy, damage Israel

          2. Nobody has every attacked Israel. It always attacked others and always lied they were attacked.

          3. your lies as usual, corrupted idiot

          4. I covered this before: Israel was never attacked in 1948, 1967, 1973, 1970s-2000 and 2006.

          5. sure, also intifada is fiction for you

          6. Where do you read me write so? But since you brought tit up, the Intifada is a scratch next to what the Zionists did/do to the Palestinians. Again, your hypocrisy shines. You stole their lands, killed them, displaced them and oppress them for decades but it’s their fault. Be as hypocritical as you want but do me a favor, stop referring yourself as Jewish. You’re anything but that.

          7. you are proFALSEetinion, idiot OmegaHell

          8. I am not pro-Palestine. I am pro truth.

            If you were Jewish, you would know that:

            1) Jews believe God appointed them to be his chosen people in order to set an example of holiness and ethical behaviour to the world. Looking at how the cabbage munching thugs behave in the Zionist State, I can conclude, without any hesitation and doubt, that they are anything but Jewish.

            2) The land was never theirs. It was the Land of Canaan. But let’s say the Hebrews conquered it (even though forensic archeology failed to show so for the past 70 years), God took it away from the Jews as He banishes them from ever forming a nation in the Jordan valley until he sends the Messiah to recall them. They broke the Convenant and are no longer His chosen people.

          9. Are you like Karl Marx?

          10. jews are chosen by OmegaHell to concentrate on them and blame (hate?)

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Attacking Syrian Army to help IS.

          12. There were shelling from Syria of Israel, fool. “Attacking” is response

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            ..and Guest Matrix understood ..;-)

  2. Hannibal, HindBlabla and OmegaHell with such hateful iranians. But it is not all iranians under regime of mullahs, i know there are many good peaceful iranians

    1. Chants harm no one. Grow a pair and quit whining.

        1. смех без причины – признак дурачины

          1. Hannibal Avatar

            Поиметь тебя

          2. пнх

          3. Niemals Avatar

            It’s a personal attack against vs!

          4. Hannibal Avatar

            No $hit Sherlock … It is a response to his attack. An eye for an eye said the Torah. 😛

          5. “смех без причины – признак дурачины” was attack for you? It is not problem for me to say sorry, but give me reason to see you are not dirty idiot and attacking (Israel?) yourself

          6. Hannibal Avatar

            who made you Israel defendant? Go pounce sand vs.

          7. I’m also defending Lebanon f.e. from islam conquest a bit. I’m not concentrated on Israel but i’m living here

          8. Niemals Avatar

            That is the problem in the ME – practicing the “An eye for an eye”, the law of retaliation is very popular.
            Shi’ite countries that use the Islamic Sharia law (Iran), apply the “eye for an eye” rule literally.

            Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, not to practice the “eye for an eye” retaliation.

            The Islamists take advantage of our turn the other cheek philosophy.

          9. Hannibal Avatar

            Didn’t I tell you go away? Talk to the finger Kraut Nazi.

          10. stop barking, Hannibal, caravan can go without your barking. Better provide something interesting

          11. Resistance to ISIS is very good

          12. Niemals Avatar

            Can not meet your request.
            Ungezogene Bengal!

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      Hmmmmmmm. Me no like neither Saudi nor Iran and despise Israel. Me like Switzerland. Look what you’ve done now I am speaking Dab.

      1. Switzerland is less religion, less hate. But even in Switzerland someone is in religion and hate and in Iran someone is not in religion and hate. IsraEL is IsraGOD, el is g-d

        1. IsraEL is IsraGOD, el is g-d

          El does equate to God. But which God? The Phoenician one.

          When Jews encounter the consonants of “Yahweh’ (YHWH) in prayer, they pronounce it “Adonai.” They might be shocked to learn that this substitution word is related to the Phoenician “Adon” and “Adonis.” Further, Muslims, Jews and Arabic-speaking or Aramaic/Syriac-speaking Christians might be shocked also to learn that their words for God come from the Phoenician god’s name of “El” as in “Elah,” “Allah,” “Elahona,” “Eloh,” “Elohaino,” “Eli,” “Eloi,” “Elohak”…etc .

          Read more: Phoenician Adon (Adonis) became Lord of the Hebrews

          1. So what is bad with this? Culture nature is sharing. CULTure is MULTure also in Hebrew TaRBut is from HaRBe (many)

          2. You mean cultural expropriation. The Hebrews came, took everything and claimed it was theirs.

          3. Please stop hate jews, you are fake because of this

          4. Not sure how many times I will have to say this but I don’t mind repeating: it has noting to do with Jews and I don’t hate them.

          5. Thank you. But don’t hate Israel, Britain, start to hate Microsoft, Apple if you want

          6. Microsoft, Apple?

          7. Have you pc, laptop, iphone? where you get internet?

          8. Hannibal Avatar


          9. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            ” Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani “

  3. Rascal Avatar

    Just another reason why most look at Iranians as a bunch of Islamic fanatics. They create that image themselves (even if it is only the small minority of fanatics that rule). They are way wrong if they think this hateful display is in any way normal conduct of a civilized country. It creates the reverse image.
    Good way to shoot yourself in the foot and then wonder why you can’t walk. Yet they beg the USA not to terminate the nuclear deal and whine about more sanctions. They appear to have a bi-polar disorder at the top of the Iranian food-chain. Why would any country want to do business with Iran when they could be next to be demonized and have their embassy destroyed.

  4. 24.06 In response to the drop of mortar shells on the Golan Heights, the IDF attacked the positions of the Assad army from the air. Agency SANA reports the death of several people

  5. 24.06 The Iranian security forces detained members of a terrorist cell linked to the “Islamic state”, which planned to carry out a series of terrorist acts, including suicide bombings, in holy places for Muslims.
    According to the Iranian Press-TV, the militants were captured in the “Al-Quds Day”, after a series of reconnaissance operations.
    They had a whole arsenal of weapons, including three Kalashnikov assault rifles, a machine gun, a night vision camera, three shahid belts, three mobile phones prepared for remote explosions, a huge amount of ammunition, as well as explosives, a variety of electronic devices and Walkie-talkie

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