Hezbollah chief warns Israel that a future war could draw Shiite fighters from Iran, Iraq, etc


nasrallah June 2017Hezbollah leader  Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that a future war waged by Israel against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters from countries including Iran and Iraq.

His comments indicated that the same array of Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias – but not countries – currently fighting in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad could take part in any future conflict with Israel.

Tensions have risen between Hezbollah and its longtime foe Israel in recent months since Donald Trump became U.S. president with his tough talk against Iran. Israel’s air force chief said his country would use all its strength from the start in any new war with Hezbollah.

“The Israeli enemy must know that if an Israeli war is launched against Syria or Lebanon, it is not known that the fighting will remain Lebanese-Israeli, or Syrian-Israeli,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech to mark Jerusalem (Quds) Day, an annual show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

The commemoration was first launched by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the late revolutionary leader of Iran — a main sponsor of Hezbollah .

“This doesn’t mean there are states that might intervene directly. But this could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate – from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

Nasrallah has repeatedly warned Israel against attacking Lebanon, where the Iran-backed Shi’ite group is based, and from where it sends fighters to support Assad against insurgents.

Experts on the group say the warnings are part of a policy of deterrence that has also included revealing some of its military capabilities  .

Nasrallah said in recent months Hezbollah’s rocket arsenal can hit any military target in Israel, which is Lebanon’s southern neighbor.

He said any Israeli war with Lebanon or the Gaza Strip, which is run by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, would be “very costly” and that Israel would not be able to win.

Israel has targeted senior Hezbollah commanders in air raids on Syrian soil. The Shiite militant group and Israel have fought many battles including a devastating 34-day war in 2006 that killed 1,200 people in Lebanon, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

Turning to the Saudi-Iranian tensions, the Nasrallah  said “the Saudi regime is too weak and impotent to be able to wage a war on Iran.”

“Iran, as the main backer of resistance movements in the region, is facing political pressures and economic sanctions aimed at isolating it. The new isolation attempts started at the Riyadh summit with the aim of bringing the war to Iran through the takfiris,” Nasrallah noted.

“The new Saudi crown prince had threatened to bring the war to Iran and this means using the Wahhabi, takfiri groups to target Iran,” he added, linking Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s remarks to the unprecedented bombings in Tehran earlier this month that were claimed by the jihadist Islamic State group.

As for the situation in Syria, Nasrallah pointed out that “thanks to resilience, Syria has overcome the threat of toppling the regime, and should the military developments continue in the same manner, Syria will overcome the threat of partitioning and isolation.”





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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    The God of Lebanon spoken.. Who the hell is he to speak on behalf of all Lebanese? who the hell are you to declare war on ISrael you bastard low life scum of the earth. I hope you and Netancracker go to hell and all the extremists from all sides. You are no different than the jewish extremists and they are as bad as you.

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Danny – Are you having a bad hair day brother? Hey I have a solution that sends everyone home. Create a Palestinian state and turn Jerusalem into a city of peace governed by its own police a la Vatican.

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        I was having a bery bery bery bad day.. Lol.
        Nope but i am tired of this Basha comes on every week to tell us to spread his fear and hate. No I do not support Israel over lebanon despite what Omega and the alpha’s and the Hindis say. But do we as Lebanese let this scumbucket keep preaching us and the world what his mighty army do.. why not go out and help the Syrian refugees so in case Israel weaken Hezbollah these refugees might have mercy on him and the Shiites. There will be massive destruction we never seen before if he decide or Iran rather to do something against Israel. Israel will be like the little rattle snake and it will inject all its poison into their enemies make no mistake about it. And that could limited Nuclear Strike if it feels the security is in a grave danger. if Nassrallah think he can bombs haifa wa yaffa and affiffi lol.. at his own disposal Israel will not be quite about it. And Trump will not be stopping them this time around. Iran should know that by now that he despises them and will not stop israel do it’s damage. Nassrallah needs to chill out and think ten times before he executes Iran orders.. Have a peaceful brother and no worries I am okay today.. Lol

  2. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
    Sex & Chocolate

    Is threatening to make peace permitted? what has any war ever accomplished? hate is the cancer that does not get treated and the hateful suspects on all sides drag entire populations into misery as we see In Syria and as we saw in Lebanon and so many other wars with no gain whatsoever . worse is idiot followers support one side or another blinded or too dishonest to admit there is nothing good about hate. the best and worst of humans are born among sunnis, shia,jews, Christians, budhist, atheist etc, hate is like cancer it does not discriminate between sects. killing is its only mission.

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Let’s worship Chocolate. 😀

      1. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
        Sex & Chocolate

        Shhh! the pleasure police may declare a fatwa on chocolate and order us beheaded 😉

    2. Well said but war is profitable and hence why hate is fomented. Some at the top keep enriching themselves while the dumb, obedient mass on both sides fight each other.

    3. Your rag-tag team of upvoters is a bit too colorful for my taste. But it’s hard to disagree with the gist of your message – especially with the sex part. 🙂

      1. Hannibal Avatar

        Therefore Chocolate is the path to peace.

        1. Whatever keeps you harmless, pal.

          1. Hannibal Avatar

            sex with your mom pal…

  3. Nasrallah erasing difference between Lebanon and Syria, sorry, both failed states

    1. Rascal Avatar

      It sounds like Hezb/Iran are inviting Syrian troops plus other random shiite jihads to reoccupy Lebanon. Its not like Hezb/Iran doesn’t go to war independently without Lebanese approval. What is stopping Hezbullah from hosting foreign fighters from entering Lebanon when they can move their own troops to Syria, Yemen, and Iraq with impunity or government approval. They are a state within a state.

    2. Thanks to the cabbage munching AshkeNazis.

      1. Nasrallah is antisemite antijew like you. Lebanon ans Syria problem are not because of jews, idiot like you trying to masturbate mentally

        1. The cabbage munching AskkeNazis follow Britain’s order to affect the division of existing Arab nations into microstates (based on ethnicity and/or religion) in order for Israel to become an imperial regional power. Resistance is a natural effect.

          1. sure you prefer orabian caliphate خِلافة instead of tiny Israel (you refusing Israel right to defence), but what about Persians f.e.? You are Nazi first of all, OmegaHell, Hitler is in your heart

          2. The “orabian caliphate” you refer to has been supported and an ally of the Anglo-Americans for over a century. It has never, ever, been detrimental to Israel in any shape or form. As a matter of fact, its boogeymen status has helped Israel grow.

            You need to drop the Nazi/Hitler silliness. Hitler was recruited, groomed, financed and supported by the ruling class of England who instigated WW2. Nazism was their machine and part of the rise of anti-Jewish tensions to make their Israel project, a reality. Tell me why Hitler’s personal driver and eighteen (18) of his staff officers were Jewish again? I am not

          3. Try educating yourself instead of being such a whiny, squealing, victimized dimwit:


          4. are you professor? i’m not. but i’m not corrupted like you are. Please let me see you are not idiot. Educating? Lol Try educate yourself http://old.wikimapia.org/#lat=-58.3658957&lon=-155.1348645&z=14&l=0&m=w i can also put links for educate you, stupid OmegaHell

          5. master09 Avatar

            Too much education leads to bullshittt as well. It’s like herding a bunch of sheep to a cliff. The big problem of today is everyone has a certificate printed out from the Internet . Lol

          6. Sex & Chocolate Avatar
            Sex & Chocolate

            Vs I know both of you are at opposite ends but honestly I wish I spoke English or any language half as clear or eloquent as Omega does he has reasons to feel the way he does and so do you, thanks for the video I like foreigner music , enjoy the most beautiful voice of Mor Korbasi , and yes the video is supposed to cut our conscience and emotions, this is the result of wars.

          7. Thank You

  4. The RAT from the sewage tunnel monthly period illusions.
    Looks like 10 years underground has some effect on his brain.
    Suddenly he can’t take Israel by himself…. he needs more rats from other countries.
    That’s his new way to take over the Puppet state Lebanon !

  5. This is dangerous !! What Nasrallah is saying is that the future wars will be between Jews and shiites and not between Arab countries and Israel and Lebanon will no more be considered a sovereign state , but will be ruled by Iran as part of the Shiite crescent .

  6. PatienceTew Avatar

    First time I ever saw a turd that could grow a beard!

  7. Rascal Avatar

    “but not countries – currently fighting in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad could take part in any future conflict with Israel.”
    This is Nassy’s way of continuing to insulate Iran from the future war with Israel. Iran doesn’t mind the destruction of other countries as long as they can technically keep its own soil safe from war. Israel would be stupid not to take the war to Tehran next time. Cut off the head of the snake to kill it.

  8. Former Israeli Defense Minister, Knesset member Amir Peretz (Zionist Camp bloc) commented on the speech of Hezbollah Secretary-General Sheik Nasrallah, delivered on the eve of the Al-Quds Day.
    “One can only rejoice that the secretary general of Hezbollah is making speeches while sitting in the bunker, while the children of the city of Kiryat Shmona spend their summer holidays on the street, and not in the bomb shelters”

  9. Hezbollah and their other brainwashed Shia armies (not peaceful Shia people in general) will not have the Russian or Addad air force to protect them. It will be good to see thousands of these brainwashed people killed by zionist cluster bombs.

    Perhaps then Lebanon will be free of the Hezbollah mercenary terrorists directed by the crazy Iranian mullahs.

  10. PatienceTew Avatar

    The closer they are, the easier to smersch.

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