‘We believe in Lebanon’s future’, British envoy says


British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo shorter
British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo shorter
British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo shorter commented during the occasion marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday and her Sapphire Jubilee ( 65 years on the throne) about the terrorism attack in Manchester .

“Despite the dreadful terrorist attack in Manchester that targeted children and young people, it is in our nature to keep calm and carry on. Not to be cowed by terror. Because you Lebanese know something about resilience, your support means so much to us.”

A moment of silence was observed in honor of the victims.

The occasion was attended by Minister Nicolas Tueini representing President Michel Aoun, MP Ali Bazzi, representing Speaker Nabih Berri, Minister Jamal al-Jarrah representing PM Saad Hariri, superstar Ragheb Alama, and political, economic, social and media officials.

Addressing his guests, Ambassador Shorter said: “The theme of today’s Queen’s Birthday is ‘Investing in the future’. So it is poignant to come together this evening only 48 hours after the terrorist attack in Manchester, which targeted so many children and young people. But it is in our nature to keep calm and carry on. Not to be cowed by terror. To remember, to mourn, but to stay strong. Because you Lebanese know something about resilience. So your support means so much to us.”

“We are a partner for Lebanon’s future supporting Education which is the UK’s flagship program through formal and non-formal education; the knowledge economy supporting the UK-Lebanon Tech Hub and job creation offering support to small and medium enterprises through our INTAJ program and working with municipalities in response to community needs. We’re doing all this – and much more including as you know, in the security and defense sphere – because, fundamentally, we believe in Lebanon’s future,” Shorter added.

He noted that there will always be those who try to “stop progress, to ruin dreams and aspirations, as the cowardly attacks in Manchester have shown.”

“But the simple power of people striving for a better future, that is something no one can stop. Lebanon is blessed with resilient, talented and inspirational people. And that’s why I am proud that together, we are investing in a brighter future,” the ambassador went on to say.

Also present where Chevening scholars, recipients of UK Government scholarships who have studied in the UK and AUB graduate Antranik Sefilian, selected from 6,000 candidates for a Gates Scholarship to do a PhD on astrophysics at Cambridge University.



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  1. Arzna Avatar

    I like what I hear from the British envoy about investing in Lebanon future. Lets hope al these words are turned into action . Lets also hope that our politicians are listening .

    1. The people who have to invest in Lebanon’s future are first and foremost the Lebanese themselves. And the first installment should be disarming the “Resistance”.

  2. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    iidak 3ann Lebneen, Hugo ‘shorter’..

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    We believe English government is corrupted.
    1918 Balfour declaration.
    1925 Euro Count Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.


    1. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      WHat do you care if you claim not to be a Palestinian? yes the British tricked the arabs. But also the Palestinians sold their homes and others ran away. they are cowards and their infighting made israel look good. and then their stupid tactics suicide bombings didn’t do them any good. Then they go to Jordan and wanted to fight the king and the monarch. When they got their butt kicked, they came to lebanon and the lebanese gov’t the cowards then accepted these terrorists refugees and gave them all they could and we all did. Then they turned on us and wanted to kick us out of Lebanon. They got what they deserve so did you. So live and suffer from the consequences of your palestinians fake ass leadership who put you in this mess.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        I can’t believe such parochial crass ignorance, zero about Middle East history.. do you read?’ You don’t read Arabic that’s for sure.
        “Jihadi John’ named as Mohammed Emwazi from London”

        1. Danny Farah Avatar
          Danny Farah

          Jihadi John is that your cousin? cause all your friends are psycho just like you.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Y K is the ‘moron copyright’. Daniel is ‘monologue copyright’ both can’t comment or discuss. YaKov is that your cousin?

    2. The retard is now in full Nazi mode. She’s defending the White Race now.

  4. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    ‘Sorted’ by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi

    1. Love the bikini.

      Nobody would touch you with a stick, so what the hell do you know about rape? 🙂

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Lebanon welcomed Sharon, IDF soldiers shitted in Lebanese home’s living rooms..

  5. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    2011: We’re taking out 7 countries in 5 years

  6. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    To British Ambassador shorter

    “Analysis: Frank Gardner, BBC News

    US and British counter-terrorism officials discovered the identity of “Jihadi John” as
    far back as last September. The FBI, Britain’s MI5 and other intelligence agencies used a combination of voice recognition software, interviews with former hostages and on-the-ground research in London to build up a profile of the man now revealed to be Mohammed Emwazi.

    They have always declined to reveal the name for “operational reasons”.
    Now that it’s out in the public domain, it’s emerged that Emwazi was well-known to MI5 and that it even tried to recruit him as an informer, years before he went off to Syria to eventually join Islamic State.” :))

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