Aoun: I am not thinking of a 2nd term !


aoun 2017President Michel Aoun who will be 82 years old on February 18  ruled out running for a second presidential term  and stressed Sunday that “no one should be stronger than the State” in Lebanon

“Lebanon is facing the last chance to build a strong State  through creating institutions that work for the welfare of the country and its citizens,” Aoun , said in an interview with French news channel LCI.

“No one should be stronger than the State, because that would lead us into chaos,” Aoun warned.

Asked whether he is considering a second presidential term, Aoun,   said: “I’m not thinking of a second term and I prefer to have a good successor.”



2 responses to “Aoun: I am not thinking of a 2nd term !”

  1. Better wait to see if he lives through his first term.

  2. Given his propensity for saying at least two (sometimes more) opposite things within the space of 5 seconds, this pledge is as worthless as anything else coming of the Senile Napoleon’s mouth.

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