Hezbollah wants Aoun to cancel alliance with Geagea as its condition to ease cabinet formation


geagea-hariri-aounReliable Lebanese  sources in Beirut  reportedly revealed to Saudi daily ‘Okaz ‘  that Hezbollah’s condition to help end the crisis over the cabinet formation  is for President Michel Aoun  to cancel his movement’s alliance with Lebanese   Forces  leader Samir Geagea.

“Following the cancellation of the alliance , Hezbollah will facilitate the formation of the cabinet “. the sources were quoted as saying.

Hezbollah also accused Free Patriotic Movement leader , Caretaker Foreign  Minister Gebran Bassil of closely aligning himself with Geagea in order to secure a parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections.

Speaker Nabih Berri is supposed to be negotiating with Aoun and PM designate Saad Hariri on Hezbollah’s share in the cabinet , but according to analysts  the Iranian backed militant group is  setting too many conditions for Berri, including a Aoun/ Geagea divorce