Trump slams vote recount push as ‘a scam,’ says election is over

Donald Trump is increasingly using Israel as a pawn in attempting to reach Jewish voters and non-Jewish supporters of Israel. Trump has reportedly opened the same number of fully operational campaign offices in the West Bank as he has in Florida and New Hampshire.
Donald Trump 

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday condemned a growing push to force recounts in three states pivotal to his Nov. 8 victory, confronting the Green Party-backed effort for the first time even as he worked to address key Cabinet vacancies.

The New York billionaire, who charged the election was “rigged” on a daily basis before his victory, called the developing recount effort “a scam” in a statement released by his transition team.

Trump had been ignoring Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s fight to revisit vote totals in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Wisconsin officials announced late Friday they are moving forward with the first presidential recount in state history.

“The people have spoken and the election is over,” Trump declared Saturday. He added, “We must accept this result and then look to the future.”

At the same time, Trump was scrambling to address unfilled administration jobs, having barely scratched the surface of creating the massive team needed to run the government before his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Experts say presidential transitions are periods of great vulnerability for the nation, and among the vacancies on the Trump team are leaders of the departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security.

Trump, who has virtually no experience in foreign affairs, offered a one-line tweet Saturday morning in reaction to the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro – “Fidel Castro is dead!” – before issuing a more detailed statement.

“While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve,” Trump said.

His transition team did not respond to requests to clarify his Cuba policy, which was inconsistent during the campaign.

Trump first suggested he supported President Barack Obama’s orders loosening the U.S. trade embargo on the island. He reversed himself less than a month before the election, however, vowing to overturn Obama’s order unless Cuba meets demands including “religious and political freedom for the Cuban people and the freeing of political prisoners.”

Meanwhile, the incoming president paid little if any attention Stein’s recount push, but Democratic rival Hillary Clinton forced his hand on Saturday by formally joining the effort. Stein, who drew 1 percent of the vote nationally, is raising millions of dollars to fund the recounts.

“Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves,” Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias wrote Saturday in blog post. “But now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.”

Elias said Clinton would take the same approach in Pennsylvania and Michigan if Stein were to follow through with recount requests those states, even though that was highly unlikely to change the election outcome.

“Regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself,” Elias wrote.

Clinton leads the national popular vote by close to 2 million votes, but Trump won 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232, with Michigan still too close to call. It takes 270 to win the presidency.

Trump, who repeatedly challenged the integrity of the U.S. election system before his win, called the recount push “a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded.”

“The results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing,” he said in the statement, which didn’t mention Clinton’s involvement.

Trump was spending the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with family at his Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago. He had planned to focus on filling key administration posts over the working vacation. On Friday, he named Fox News analyst Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland as deputy national security adviser and appointed campaign attorney Donald McGahn as White House counsel.

Trump planned to return to his New York home on Sunday ahead of a series of Monday meetings with prospective administration hires, including Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He’s seen as a possible Homeland Security pick. Clarke’s vocal opposition to the “Black Lives Matter” movement has made him popular with many conservatives.

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence also have Monday meetings scheduled with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., former Security and Exchange Commission commissioner Paul Atkins, World Wide Technology chairman David Steward and General Growth Properties CEO Sandeep Mathrani.

Internal divisions over his choice for secretary of state have delayed that critical decision. The options include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who lacks foreign policy experience, but was intensely loyal to Trump, and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who aggressively opposed Trump’s candidacy but is largely regarded as more qualified. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker is also a possibility.

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4 responses to “Trump slams vote recount push as ‘a scam,’ says election is over”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Aside from wondering what make Romney ‘more qualified’, Trump has the same problem picking a ‘Secretary’ that the people had picking a President. Maybe a female Librarian would be best … one who’s well-read and from a semi-small town might be best.

    1. Yes to check out all and everybody is a necessity we must accept … and it is not totalitarian system, just safety.
      We have become alert about gaps in the democratic system we have.

      Today the German domestic intelligence agency (BfV) confirmed that on Wednesday a 51-year-old man – was arrested on suspicion of espionage and planning an Islamist terrorist attack – “radicalized himself undetected.”

      “We are evidently dealing with a case in which a person radicalized himself undetected within his personal surroundings,” Hans-Georg Maassen told the German News Agency (DPA)

      The news follows reports in German magazine “Der Spiegel” on Tuesday that the man’s family was not even aware he had converted to Islam in 2014.
      You come with a lifetime experience that people don’t change much after age 25 … and sure not after 50…., tell it to the man’s family.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Can’t say that the ‘homeland volunteers’ have been actually trained in what to ignore. They are too apt, it seems to me, at poking into things they don’t personally think are ‘right’ – and that’s the problem. If they ‘pop up’ while I’m tanning nude in my own yard, I will not be trying to explain my personal psyche to them because they didn’t know it is legal. ALSO, I will not be ‘forced’ to be embarrassed either.
        (Apple Drones will get the finger too, while doing the ‘mapping’ so others can find me.)

        AND YES, in my lifetime it has gone from unlocked doors for kids to run in and out of freely, and property lines defined by particular shrubbery or a tree, to the abomination of higher fences that even themselves have locks on gates, kids watched constantly even inside those, and the ‘Fortress Mentality’ of a theoretical ‘neighbourhood’; where instead of even waving a greeting or saying ‘hello’ the people, whoever they are, watch from cameras and shaded windows, and rush the kids into cars to go 2 blocks to a school – making sure they are INSIDE it before going to work. Some even have a cop standing there to hurry kids along … as a kid I used to stand outside as long as possible to chat with buddies. Do that now, and it might be some ‘gang’ forming, they will say. Something they think is ‘unnatural’.
        One ‘place’, and one span of only about 50 years – much worse in the last 20 – and it’s not ONLY because of simply the increase of traffic-noise from the overloaded vertical human-storage-places, which replaced the previous workplaces nearby. Quite possibly, the farmer who ‘sold’ his land to ‘the developers’ felt the same way I do – although he may have tired of picking apples.

        I am NOT unaware, of course … something really changed the ‘homeland feel’ here.
        I may be the only one I’ve seen in recent years sitting on the driveway tinkering with a car, or even waxing it. People DO walk by … give me the strangest looks, mostly. (what’s he doing??) It used to be a wave, or ‘hello’, or even ‘needed some repair?’ from interested people … and THAT WAS the ‘security’ of the neighbours in the land. People actually knew each other.

        An old fart like me finds some incidents of ‘meet joe public’ rather amusing these days, and I could write about the one around age 20 who ‘dared’ to walk up to this old fart with a power-tool in his hands this summer – taking his eyes off his cell-phone long enough to nervously ask if I could help him find #300. Anyone should help a lost stranger, of course. And I ADMIT I didn’t draw out the conversation largely – not even with ‘great weather’ – by only pointing directly across the street to the largish 300 stuck on the front of that house.
        I can say I wasn’t ‘afraid’ however … I was aware the dummy who couldn’t say ‘Thank you’ was a ‘white guy’ as he stuck his eyes back on the cell, and ran into 4 lanes of traffic as if he had ‘rights’ of passage. And if he had been whacked doing that astounding set of moves, I would probably have used my cell to ‘report’ an ‘incident’ – even though there would be ‘questions’ from cops and maybe some ‘court date’ I’d have to attend FOR the sake of another stranger – the driver of whatever vehicle whacked him – even if a bicycle rider. (civic duty is important)
        YUP – got a few stories … it’s not me that changed ‘the hood’, however.
        The 2 best conversations on the sidewalk this year were with an East-Indian wondering why I (Canadian) bothered cutting grass at my advanced age – when he could do it ‘for me’ for $10.
        AND a conversation with one of the older guys from the Mosque-Conversion Factory telling me he thought it was too cool to be shirtless while cutting grass, and smiling when I said I thought the heavy vest was too much over the long white robes – although after 10 minutes we both agreed that when working it is better for a body to be cooled – especially at the advanced age.
        And again, there was no ‘FEAR’ involved in the conversations … how else can one know the neighbours, after all. Decent folks, I assume first … just with different outlooks on ‘life’.

        AWARE is necessary of course – I’d rather appear to be harmless. Others should feel ‘secure’.
        The day I was holding the chain-saw cutting back ‘public’ sidewalk over-growth, I realized I had absolutely stopped a middle-aged lady in her tracks – rooted her to the cement 15 feet away. She just stood there. Astounding, I thought, since there was lots of space to walk around. (Difficult to tell which ‘homeland’ she was used to being in, by the patterns of the long robes – and the English didn’t work well when I said, ‘It’s Ok – go around, and smiled.)
        In this CASE, I had to make assumptions. Sort of forced to, by the circumstances. And making the wrong one, as we know, only leads to ‘the problems’ of the ‘homeland security’ bits.
        #1. Something in her past set up a ‘fear reaction’ that left her immobilized. She panicked.
        #2. She was a bitch who thought i was invading her ‘right’ to walk on the public cement.
        #3. She enjoyed watching a shirtless ancient male body working.
        #4. She wanted to scream to an ‘authority’ that I had not set up a ‘safety-wall’ and orange ‘work-in-progress’ cones and gotten some stupid ‘license’ to cut my own wood.
        #5. To her, a chain-saw looks like a sawed-off RPG 😉 and she had seen a movie.
        NOT being the TYPE who automatically picks #3 for an excuse, I figured it was more ‘neighbourly’ to just shut the damn thing off, put it down, and pretend I wanted to pick up some of the branches at that moment – I didn’t feel insecure doing that anyway. And wordlessly, she finally found her legs and carried on down the street. No ‘rights’ were damaged by that.

        So YOU can tell me that you feel more secure that some unknown people are running around ‘taking care’ of things FOR you – while no-one even says a word to each other on an elevator – and I will not believe that does anything for the way I FEEL about this ‘new invention’.
        I had an amusing several minutes on a train in France with those types of ‘security’ folks, and was happy it was France, at least, where they allow one to express oneself first. AT LEAST.
        And I could see the ‘difference’ of ‘opinion’ even between the two guys who had been ‘teamed-up’ by scheduling to perform this … probably because they had not been from the same ‘neighbourhoods’ in life either … let alone from mine. And I’m ‘aware’ that I should be a ‘nice respectful person’ when dealing with a kind of mindset which is ‘protecting’ it’s ‘homeland’ as it thinks ‘best’, because one can never know how it actually thinks. OR even if it wants to listen.

        As for ‘feelings’ within a family … You can tell me how many real ‘feelings’ are being ‘shared’ within families these days too … when we are actually all individuals – and due to ‘the societies’ experiencing faster and less reliable and radical changes – beginning to experience the simple fear of expressing ‘self’ even there. ‘Outing’ is not the same as being known within. But simple ‘outing’ has been seen to lead to anguish, within what was supposed to be the most trusted ‘neighbourhood’ one could have – the home. The most ‘private’ individual will not ‘open up’ to where the worst re-action could occur. In ‘love’, however, he protects them – and then hurts them the most by the potential ‘coming out’. A human conundrum, to say the least.
        Who really ‘tells all’ to ‘the family’ when it’s known to be a ‘radical’ thought?

        WHAT’S WRONG is in ‘knowing’ it’s an extreme thought one just had, but then not changing it within, so it becomes a non-important issue to discuss.
        And that’s where the education has failed. Or, has been designed to fail us all.
        Or ‘the character’ does not allow the change. And I’ll stick with my ‘general age’ lines on that.
        ‘Homeland Security’ protecting us from those individuals would be better off finding ‘belief leaders’ who actually follow ‘the good words’ of a humanity in their actions – not the ones who send them to do their dirty-works for them – and who should be the ones castigated.

        So we accept ‘some necessity’ for the ‘good of all’. And that’s being ‘social’ in it’s best concepts and attempts. But really we need some better ‘attempts’ by people who actually can think – working together.

        1. We don’t have ‘Homeland Security’, we have to trust our Bundes Polizei.

          I fell safare now when they do control passports at the borders – the amount of criminals on the streets decimated remarkably.

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