Kim Jong Un’s wife disappears! vanished from public view since March


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and his wife Ri Sol-Ju in 2012
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and his wife Ri Sol-Ju in 2012

Fears are growing for the safety of North Korea’s first lady who has vanished from public view for the past seven months.

Ri Sol-ju is thought to have tied the knot with her food-loving fella Kim Jong-un in 2009 and soon after she gave birth to his child and heir to the hermit state.

Sporting designer clothes and pricey handbags, she has since appeared alongside her ever hubby as he tours factories and theme parks.

But now the slim and attractive spouse has vanished from public view after last being seen at a sporting event in March.

North Korea observers fear she could have fallen foul of her despotic husband or incurred the wrath of his equally menacing sister, Kim Yo jong.

Experts believe Yo jong is the power behind the throne and is even more deadly than her brother.

One North Korea watcher told Yonhap News Agency said: “Ri showed up at public events every two months last year but has not appeared in public for over seven months this year.

“That’s quite extraordinary.

“Some sources speculate Ri’s disappearance may be linked to a check on her activities by Kim’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong.”

Concern is also mounting for Kim’s wife because of the gruesome fate people face who cross the loony leader.

In August it emerged he had executed one of North Korea’s top officials with an anti-aircraft gun after the man fell asleep in one of his meeting meeting.

In December 2013, North Korean state media announced the execution of Jang Sung-taek, the uncle by marriage of Kim Jong-Un.

According to a South Korean newspaper, Jang’s nephew, O Sang-hon, was also executed by being burnt alive with a flame thrower.

In 2007, a factory chief convicted of making international phone calls was executed by firing squad in front of a crowd of 150,000.

It’s reported that six people were killed in the rush as spectators left the stadium which hosted the execution.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Maybe he would welcome the ISIS crowds.
    They’d love a sister like that one. (Best to not underestimate the power of females … ;-))
    But maybe it’s another pregnancy … wait 9 months.

    1. NK is one messed up country, It would not be surprising if he chopped her up and fed her to the hounds.

      1. NK is one messed up country

        Have you been?

        1. Are you seriously going to defend this fvcked up little cult of personality country. Would that be because an equally messed up country like Iran is a good buddy of NK? Birds of a feather. There is more than enough hard proof to support my claim, go do your own homework and see for yourself.

          1. Not at all. I asked you a simple question. Thanks for answering and most important, confirming, once again, that you parrot what you’re fed docilely.

          2. I make educated observations, and I have studied NK enough to know the difference. And in this case, you clearly were baiting me to share your insignificant revelation, when you know that NK is a dysfunctional crap-hole that Iran’s dictatorship is friends with.
            Like I said, “birds of a feather”.

          3. Your “educated observations” and “study” is resumed to parroting what you’re fed. There is no understanding of history and absolutely no critical thinking. You should tap yourself on the shoulder and feel proud.

          4. Please defend mr. Un if you can. Show me your understanding you history and current events.

            By “parroting”, I assume you mean studying, absorbing and forming an opinion based on facts, correct? And the fact is you support a bunch of useless turds because you obviously know nothing about NK if you think Un is a good guy. Now please go educate yourself before you engage in conversation and debate.
            ….or just fvck off.

          5. Where exactly did/do you read me write that I support “mr. Un” – and/or NK?

            You can assume what you want. Parroting means to repeat mechanically. – in your case: what you’re fed with mainstream media. You are an idiot who lacks critical thinking and who pretends to know.

            I don’t support “unless turds” nor did I claim to know everything about NK. I asked you a simple question. You have been throwing a tantrum every since and never answered the question. My question was to see if you actually had the slightest clue. Thanks for confirming you don’t.

  2. PatienceTew Avatar

    MAYBE Jong Un himself disappeared and what you see is his wife wearing a funny wig?? Stranger things have happened!

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