Russia Withdraws Request to Spain to Refuel Syria-Bound Warships


Warships led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov were expected to take on fuel and supplies at the port of Ceuta after passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.

But Defense Secretary Michael Fallon warned that Britain would be “extremely concerned” if a Nato member assisted a carrier group that ended up bombing Syrian civilians.

The Defence Secretary said countries in the alliance must “stick together”.

Speaking in Brussels, where Nato defence ministers are meeting, Mr Fallon said: “We would be extremely concerned if any Nato member started to assist a Russian carrier group that ended up in the eastern Mediterranean bombing Syrian civilians.

“On the contrary, Nato should be sticking together and reassuring its members and that’s one of the reasons we are deploying Typhoons to the Black Sea region to provide exactly that kind of reassurance and solidarity.

“Nato needs to stick together.”

Russia’s embassy in Madrid later said the federation had withdrawn its refuelling request.

It comes after Royal Navy vessels last week monitored Russian warships as they moved through the English Channel.

The fleet was shadowed by the Navy as it passed through the Dover Strait – one of the busiest seaways in the world.

Nato said the prospect of Russia’s only aircraft carrier heading to the region did not “inspire confidence” that Moscow is seeking a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

More than 60 Russian naval vessels have refuelled and resupplied in Spanish ports in recent years, according to the SNP.

But Prime Minister Theresa May sidestepped calls to explicitly demand that Spain rejected Russian refuelling requests.

She told MPs: “Of course, on the high seas they are able to travel as they wish, although of course when they went through the English Channel they were accompanied by Royal Navy vessels as they went through.

“What we have seen, sadly, is that the Russians are already able to unleash attacks on innocent civilians in Syria.

“What matters is that we put pressure on Russia to do what everybody agrees is the only way that we are going to resolve this issue, which is to ensure that we have a political transition in Syria, and that’s where we should focus our attention.”

Amnesty International UK said there should be “no question” of countries assisting Russian warships.

Its Syria campaign manager, Kristyan Benedict, said: “There should be no question of other countries refuelling these vessels or in any other way assisting Russia’s warships as they sail toward Syria.

“The Russian military’s record of attacks on schools, hospitals and civilian homes in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria is notorious. Third-party countries must avoid becoming complicit in any future Russian attacks on Syria carried out in the eastern Mediterranean.”




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  1. Rudy1947 Avatar

    Break the oars mateys, it’s a long way to Tartus.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      One wonders why this story is ‘World News’, while the previous about it was only ‘Featured’ …
      Shouldn’t ‘follow-ups’ be under ‘same headlines’??
      Or is this like putting apologies for major headline mistakes into little paragraphs in back pages much later??

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Amnesty’s criticism of non-Western countries[edit]
        ‘Amnesty International has been accused of ideological bias by many governments of non-Western countries, including those of, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,[3] the People’s Republic of China,[4] Vietnam,[5] and Russia[6] who have attacked Amnesty International for what they assert is one-sided reporting or a failure to treat threats to security as a mitigating factor. The actions of these governments — and of other governments critical of Amnesty International — have been the subject of human rights concerns voiced by Amnesty.”

        Daily Mail-Of course there’s nothing new about the Daily Mail enthusiastically supporting the rise of a far-right German leader.
        For example, here’s the great-grandfather of the present owner of the Mail – Lord Rothermere – with a good friend of his;

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Depending on which ‘reference’ site one chooses, there are 195 or 197 countries of the world. (what’s a couple here, or there, for making any difference?)
          Only a few ‘pop up’ as anything meaningful in conversations all the time.

          Generally accepting that, I suppose it whittles down to 3 main blocks of general thought.
          Democratic, Communist, or Feudal.
          I spent more time today reviewing ‘How To’ videos on You-Tube today re: Woodworking … and dreaming I had some modern tools in the shop. The old ones take more time up.
          But there’s one thing they all need … temperate weather. Otherwise time is lost just keeping warm enough to work, and you can’t do it all in a kitchen, no matter which idiot politician or political ‘system’ thinks you should.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I know that, but it doesn’t change anything

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Imagine an ‘Oil Country’ being too embarrassed to have to beg for a tanker to follow a fleet.
    ‘Sorry we got you into some kind of silly shit, Spain. Carry on. Over and out.’

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