Berri: Hezbollah, AMAL ministers will attend cabinet sessions


berriLebanon Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed on Sunday that that the ministers of his AMAL Movement and his ally Hezbollah will attend the cabinet’s upcoming sessions.

This development comes a day after urging Prime Minister Tammam Salam to hold cabinet sessions .

“I support holding the sessions if there is a legal quorum and this is what is stipulated by the Constitution, which some parties are interpreting according to their whims and interests,” Berri told An Nahar newspaper in remarks published Sunday, in an apparent reference to the Free Patriotic Movement which is boycotting cabinet and national dialogue sessions.

The cabinet “is required to sign the decrees that it has been issuing,” the speaker added, pointing out that “the ministers are yet to put their signatures on the resolutions of the session that was boycotted by the ( FPM) ministers Gebran Bassil and Elias Bou Saab.”

Addressing Salam, who is currently in New York to attends the UN sessions , Berri cautioned that “if PM Salam does not call for sessions, he would be contributing to paralyzing or even executing the cabinet.”

The speaker has long defended Salam’s government, warning that it has no “alternative.”

“We and Hezbollah support the continued presence of the government and it will stay. How can we form another government in the absence of a president?” he asked.



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  1. A pity hell doesn’t really exist. They would certainly fit attending cabinet sessions there. 🙁

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