An Iranian officer killed in Aleppo, Syria


ali-naziri, Iranian officer killed in SyriaIranian News agencies reported the death in Syria of Ali Naziri , an officer of the Quds force of Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The officer was reportedly killed Aleppo .



2 responses to “An Iranian officer killed in Aleppo, Syria”

  1. Muhammad Shoaib Avatar
    Muhammad Shoaib

    Went to hell.

  2. This is not news. There have been many high ranking Iranian and Hezboproxies erased in Syria.
    Israel alone has taken dozens , sunni military have taken many more.
    Iran’s Vietnam. This war must be impacting Iran heavily, and as bad as it is, they still keep dumping men and machine into the meatgrinder. They refuse to lose. And it will keep being wasted until they realize the costs are too high, and they will just use Hezbollah, whipping boy Nasrallah.

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