Hezbollah to send 400 more fighters to Syria’s Aleppo, after rebels broke siege

Hezbollah Funeral of commander Abu Eassa
Hezbollah Funeral of commander Abu Eassa, who was killed in Aleppo

Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement reportedly decided  to send within hours on Sunday  400 more fighters to Syria’s Aleppo area, a battleground where it has suffered heavy losses fighting alongside Syrian government forces against the rebels who united to break Assad’s siege of Aleppo.

A Syrian military academy in the heart of Aleppo made for a bold, even reckless target for opposition forces trying to break a devastating siege, but the rebels gambled on a double advantage: surprise and suicide bombers.

Soon the rebels were sharing pictures of abandoned artillery and a smashed portrait of President Bashar al-Assad on Twitter, flaunted as triumphant proof that the army was routed and opposition forces were within a few hundred metres of their besieged comrades.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said last month:

“We are facing a new wave…of projects of war against Syria which are being waged in northern Syria, particularly in the Aleppo region.”

“The defense of Aleppo is the defense of the rest of Syria, it is the defense of Damascus, it is also the defense of Lebanon, and of Iraq,” he said.

“We will increase our presence in Aleppo,” he said. “Retreat is not permissible.”

Shi’ite, Iranian-backed Hezbollah has long supported President Bashar al-Assad against mostly Sunni insurgents.

Aleppo has been a focus of intensified fighting in the months since peace talks in Geneva broke down and a ceasefire deal brokered by Washington and Moscow unraveled. Russia intervened in the five-year-old conflict in September with an air campaign to support Assad.

Hezbollah reportedly lost  in the  Aleppo dramatic attack  Abu Eassa ,  who is considered one of their top commanders in the area.

According to Ahmad Ramadan, an opposition spokesman most of  the Syrian regime  troops fled after the attack by the rebels and Hezbollah  and Iranian Revolutionary Guard fighters found themselves alone in the battle .

Ramadan also told al Sharq al Awsat newspaper : Also all the other Shiite militia elements from Iraq, Pakistan  and Afghanistan fled the scene .




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  1. Muhammad Shoaib Avatar
    Muhammad Shoaib

    Hizb is involved in shedding blood of sunnis childrens

    1. master09 Avatar

      Why do we have to mention Sunni Shitte or Christian, children are humans are they not.

      1. Why do you write “Why do we have to”? Are you replying to your new username?

        1. Justice PonZee Avatar
          Justice PonZee

          I am sharpening my blade for all Shia. People will soon be loosing their heads.

          1. Make that extra sharp Barry.

          2. Justice PonZee Avatar
            Justice PonZee

            Death to all apostates immediately!

          3. At once!

          4. Justice PonZee Avatar
            Justice PonZee

            When you lie with dogs you wake up with fleas. From the Hadith al Ponzee.

          5. Don’t worry, there is a solution -> put a fleas collar around you neck.


          6. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Are you a Daesh member?

          7. Justice PonZee Avatar
            Justice PonZee

            You don’t know?

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ponzee scheme lover?

          9. Justice PonZee Avatar
            Justice PonZee

            That plus a sharpener of knives.

          10. Justice PonZee Avatar
            Justice PonZee

            I am the new Khalif, Roto Guzi alBarino.

          11. Rudy1947 Avatar

            An Italian plumber?

          12. Good one.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You guessed

          14. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            mais regarde ses dates..il s’amuse.

          15. C’est clair.

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          We as humans.

          1. Oui, mais “Moe” (Muhammad Shoaib) est là depuis le 2 Août.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            On s’en fou, il est la avec deux commentaires sur son truc machin.

          3. Dumbyad, Ya Libnan’s resident historian… I thought this was the 5th’s job, no?

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            2 stalks

        3. master09 Avatar


    2. Right, because the Sunni wahhabis/takfiris/salafists don’t shed any Sunni blood. Keep it up Moe.

      1. Justice PonZee Avatar
        Justice PonZee

        Watch your tongue or I will have to rip it out.

        1. You seem mad Barry. Michel* didn’t give you some last night.

          * not Michelle

  2. Rudy1947 Avatar

    According to the SOHR 500 fighters were killed during the latest Aleppo siege. Now the Hizzbillies are sending in 400 more. The theorists that think attrition is the right strategy may be correct.

    1. They can only maintain this level of redeployment for so long. Iran will also have to send more Generals, they keep getting whacked.
      There is not an endless supply of disposable Hezbullah, the Lebanese shea may turn on the Party of Khamenei.

      1. “the Lebanese shea may turn on the Party of Khamenei.”
        Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it at all.

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Shia Islam in Lebanon has a history of more than a millennium. According to CIA study. You wan’t to obliterate them à la Hillary?
        Haifa wehbe is Shia Lebanese pop star, if she was in Saudi Arabia
        she would have been flogged stoned and beheaded.

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c7ccb3103694523398ae5ad64547c6798e1d778dcab2dcc04123e5ca4fc114f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0d2eeaee0c05f7c6331f660ef8fb7e7b71ed1529762ef853d9c0833d5728c6ed.jpg

        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          It seems Haifa Wehbe is just another pretty face (admittedly a very pretty package), but a dime a dozen. But what does she have to do with 400 Hizzbillies?

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hind used this to make a point .. she doesn’t like ‘Pop’ either.
            Basic point was they mostly all got along together in Lebanon until some idiots interfered – just as it was in Palestine, of course.

          2. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Really, Arab invasions had nothing to do with poor Lebanon.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Of course not … until they were ‘assigned’ to take in the displaced.

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            There was no Hezbollah before Begin Sharon invaded Lebanon. Lebanon never invade any country.

  3. Caribbean Avatar

    The Daily Star Jan. 01, 2012 | 11:46 AM BEIRUT: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said over the weekend that Lebanon will begin a process of state building following the collapse of President Bashar Assad’s government, which he predicted would likely happen in 2012

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        “accelerating the process of presidential election, recalling that Hezbollah never stopped supporting Michel Aoun’s candidacy.” …. errr … so why not go to elect him even if he doesn’t show up himself? STICK the idiot with it.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          Protecting Lebanon borders from the headshop cannibals slave driving maniacs is what i warned about when it started in 2011, first victims where the Christian in Homs, FSA was Moslem Brotherhood supported by KSA.. and i remember Sarkozy knew all in advance telling Al Rai in September; “prepare your people for an exodus to Europe, Western powers will invade the ME in November”. Sorry for the graphic picture. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6153661bb2041e2229962c642193c6e4d6affae7ddea2a5a8fcf0ba6f552f813.jpg ..

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Like Rai could get all the Christians out … and even after the Army got the idiots ( most of them ) out of Tripoli, there is nothing done for Christians. It was a fruitless warning.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It was in 2011..I don’t know what you mean..

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I mean, The WARNING should have been broadcast everywhere, and Rai could have played Moses leading a pack of wild people out of the promised debacle.

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You didn’t give analytic opinion when it happent.
            What Moses business? It appeared in Voltaire and was denied by western media, the motion to invade was vetoed in Extremis in UN by Russia and China. So they sent proxies. i’m going to sleep it’s 2:40.

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Never was able to analyse ‘religionists’ very well … they are so far off the mark anyway …. and can’t remember what I said as they all exited the ‘meeting’ looking very glum.
            (Maybe they were just being anal, and didn’t spout the info to the press very well.).

          6. master09 Avatar

            It sounds like Hind is Moses, he/she predicts news told on TV and Google. Save us please save US.

          7. She is like a Bizarro-world Moses. That one, instead of leading his people to freedom, drowns them in the Bizarro Red Sea. 🙂

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            The she she she..broken record.

          9. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Wow..Master of idiots parle à travers son chapeau, interfeering like Zionists do?

          10. master09 Avatar

            Free world baby free speech Jew or no Jew. Get a grip

          11. I KNEW the Jews were involved….Not.

          12. Every world leader lights menorahs with Chabad rabbis. I saw this even in Africa. What does that have to do with anything? You threw in the Zio thing when we are talking about jihadis killing each other and Muslim civilians. No Jews involved, despite your fever dreams.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Why are you lying? Sarkozy is the grandson of a Hungarian
            of Greek origin, a Sephardic Jew named Aaron Mallah who emigrated to France.
            Sarkozy is a Zionist who said “my life is dedicated to Israel”
            (not France:) Zionists were involved, they created Jihadis in every Arab country that they have destroyed.
            Jihadis were thrown in Libya by Hillary, Sarkozy, Cameron..

          14. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Are you having a melt down?

          15. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Why? I’m not having a baby…


          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            90F with 90% humidity today … could have had one … felt like an Israeli Swamp. ;-))

          17. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Why are you in Fahrenheit?
            We are in Celsius.. plus humidity 40 degrees swamp.;-)

          18. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I was born in Canada – before Trudelle said ‘Up to You’ 😉 And then handed the ‘Big Business’ a way to make more money. My house was built in feet and inches.
            My kids don’t know how to measure anything.
            And ‘Killopascals’ have nothing to do with air pressure.

          19. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Addendum … ‘Job Creation Ontario’ … placing speed signs everywhere …
            1. Lower speed limits by 10 to ‘save fuel’. (total lie.)
            2. Then a month later change them all again to Metric.
            Looks good on certain charts & graphs.

          20. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Celsius: 1742, Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701–1744)
            Fahrenheit: 1724, Polish-born German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736)
            I have one of those (perhaps rare) ‘dual-thermometers’ outside a shaded window … accurate because it has a fluid in it … with both Fahrenheit & Celsius the one for ‘feel’ from childhood and closer accuracy, and the other from a Swede who, I assume, didn’t like Polish-Germans and could only do ‘Zeros’, like most Europeans. :-)))
            At least he had the decency to wait until Fahrenheit died.

          21. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Good for him. BTW, did you check out Remy?

          22. Rudy1947 Avatar

            You can thank Remy Couture for the picture and the film Inner Depravity.

  4. Justice PonZee Avatar
    Justice PonZee

    Libnan is Shia? Oh no. That means we must behead everyone there. How awful. You better contact the Israelis for protection. They are really Sunni Muslims in secret. Netanyahu is a Sunni. He told me that. I was trying to kill him and he would not die.

  5. MekensehParty Avatar

    More haters returning in body bags, if they return at all…
    Still doubting the age of the Mekenseh?

  6. Absurdity101 Avatar

    Good move to help liberating parts of Aleppo from the terrorist foreign-backed “rebels” filth. HA is the one that really makes terrorists soil their pants, and haters bang their heads against the wall. LOL

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