6 things Lebanese got wrong about weddings


By: Dalia El Ali

Marriage is a big thing. I guess that’s why people tend to go all extravagant when it comes to the big day. It’s almost like a competition on who can make the biggest best and most magical wedding.

It really makes you wonder, where the hell is all this money coming from?

1. Guest: Spends a fortune on looks in hopes of looking better than the bride because ente kteer princess


Nobody takes you seriously. Remember that.

2. Newlyweds: Get a huge cake that will eventually be thrown away

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.54.18 AM

Source: Instagram

If you do this, you should probably just starve.

3. Guest: Comes to the wedding looking like this in hopes of catching a man


4. Newlyweds: Spending insane amounts of money on decorations

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5. Guest: #Taking #endless #Selfies #of #yourself



6. Newlyweds: Buying\Renting the biggest and craziest wedding dress

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