Hezbollah replaces Syrian army in practicing dominance over Lebanon government


hezbollah-in-black-paradeBy: YOUSSEF DIAB
Beirut, Lebanon- Beirut- 11 years have passed since the Syrian Army cleared Lebanese grounds as a result to the “Cedar Revolution” which was launched on 14 March 2005 and was triggered by the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

The “Cedar Revolution” has not accomplished most of what it set out for, most important being the dream on Lebanese people establishing a sovereign country promoting self-determination. The only goal successfully achieved by the pro-sovereignty forces, meaning the March 14 Alliance, was the establishment of the Special Tribunal For Lebanon ( STL) as to bring Hariri and his attaché’s killers to justice.

The tribunal persisted despite all political and legal obstacles laid across its way.

There is no doubt that the dreams and aspirations were greater than what reality could bear; especially that Lebanon is not situated in isolation from rest of the region which continuously afflicts the inner political state-of-affairs.

Lebanese Future Movement Minister Ahmad Fatfat told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that after the Syrian Army’s withdrawal from Lebanon, an armed militant group – in reference to Hezbollah- which practices authority over the government, started dominating the government and outlining its policy.

MP Fatfat also said that the “state within a state”, Hezbollah, employing its military, human resources and finances, has grown stronger than the government itself.

He stressed that the establishment of a legitimate government remains a dream so long that there is an armed faction bullying the constitutional entity and forcefully imposing its personal visions on all Lebanon.

“Hezbollah” is an Iranian striking fist in the region, and it is used as the latter pleases, Fatfat explained.

Fatfat refused claims on the March 14 alliance not achieving any progress since the Syrian Army’s withdrawal. On the contrary, he said that the alliance, as much as possible, has preserved both the government and civil peace and has prevented war from expanding from Syria into Lebanon. The alliance has also stood in the way of Hezbollah from dragging Lebanon into an armed conflict.

The Lebanese intellectual and writer Rezwan al-Sayed told Asharq Al- Awsat newspaper that Lebanon had undergone three different stages since Rafic Hariri’s assassination. The first phase having started with the Syrian Army’s withdrawal and the Syrian-backed party losing the Lebanese elections, al-Sayed said.

According to al-Sayed, the second phase kicked off after the establishment of the International Court of Justice for Lebanon, aimed at bringing Hariri’s assassins to justice.

After the tribunal being held in Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah went back to tightening their fists around the governmental proceedings, to prevent the tribunal, using all means necessary, through shutting down the government and shutting the parliamentary council as to prevent the tribunal from arriving to a resolve.

The tribunal was successfully established, yet Beirut was caught up in the strain of militant occupation taking over the streets, al-Sayed added.

As for the third phase, it is the evident overstepping of the governmental authority, all its institutions, and national benefits. All this has translated into Lebanon still being kept from its independence, which was the only Lebanese dream left after Hariri’s assassination, al-Sayed concluded.
Asharq al Awsat



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  1. master09 Avatar

    The dream is dead.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Seems so … “has prevented war from expanding from Syria into Lebanon” … wish they could say that to my friends bombed out of their houses in Tripoli. 🙁

  2. Daniel'O Avatar

    I start seeing Hezb as another passive version of the Sunni ISIL.

  3. The Party of God, is not that far removed from the Assad occupation. Hezb would like nothing more that to take down the government and replace it with more pawns obedient to Iran. Go secular or remain a failed state with occupation militias ruling the land.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Assad is Secular..
      “Before the war began, Syria had the greatest religious freedom and women’s equality of any Arab people. Many Americans are surprised to learn that the Syrian Constitution provides for free elections, religious freedom, women’s rights, and the Rule of Law. Before criticizing Syria, the U.S. might first insist that our allies – Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait – grant similar freedoms to their own people.” Richard Black

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