German taxpayers fund Hezbollah activists through ‘refugee projects’, report


Germany-based activists linked to the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group could be getting large amounts of financial support from the German government, the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reveals. In one instance, city of Berlin is set to grant €100,000 ( $112,000) to a ‘refugee project’ allegedly run by Hezbollah sympathisers. ‘Refugee Impulse Club’, as the group is called, has also been nominated for a €10,000 ($11200) prize offered by the German Ministry of Culture. The nomination alone brings €2,500 to the group.

Hezbollah, the Iran-funded Shiite militant group, controls most of Lebanon and has made large territorial gains in Syria fighting on behalf of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Hezbollah also acts as the long arm of Iranian regime, with a long history of involvement in international terrorism under the direction of Tehran. According to a German intelligence report, Berlin is home to some 250 active Hezbollah members. Estimated 950 Hezbollah members and 300 Hamas members are thought to be operating on German soil. Berliner Zeitung reports:

Anti-Israel and supporters of terrorist organisation Hezbollah are receiving large sums of money from the Berlin Senate [mayor and local government] and [German] Federal Government.

The purpose of the theatre project Refugee Club Impulse (RCI) supported by Workers Welfare Association (AWO), according to project’s own description is to work “for and with refugees to encourage them to express their feelings and problems in an artistic way on the stage.”

When Nadia Grassmann, the art director of RCI and her sister Maryam, educational director aren’t doing theatre, they take part in the Islamist Al Quds demonstration — and have been doing so for years. These marches held across Europe take place every summer. Last year in Berlin the demonstrators chanted anti-Semitic slogans and called for the destruction of Israel. (…)

Photos and video show Nadia Grossmann riding the speaker van and her sister Maryam suppling posters, handing over flyers and collecting donations. Additionally, several photos show Maryam Grassmann sporting earrings with Hezbollah logo. [Author’s translation]

Islamist terrorist group are known to be operating and even actively recruiting among new migrants entering Europe. According to a report published by British media earlier this year, Islamic State (ISIS) had set up small bases across Europe. Last month these fears were confirmed when ISIS operatives carried out large-scale coordinated terrorist attack in Brussels, killing 32 people and injuring more than 300.

Germany has taken in the bulk of migrants crossing into Europe, accepting over a million migrants last year alone. The actual migrant figure are expected to be much higher, as many migrants entering Germany have not been registered. According to official German reports, in recent months some half a million migrants have entered the country, in addition to the official figures.

Letting inmates run the asylum is a lot saner idea than putting terrorist sympathizers and Islamists in charge of the millions of migrants coming from Arab and Muslim countries. Only thing more insane would be to reward them handsomely along the way, like Europe does.

If governments, in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, fail to stop the funnelling of taxpayers Euros over to activists and group advocating terrorism, people of Europe must stand up against this outrage. If we in Europe remain complacent in the face of ongoing indoctrination and incitement by Islamists in our streets, schools and suburbs, we would have no one to blame but ourselves for the future horrors that await us.



7 responses to “German taxpayers fund Hezbollah activists through ‘refugee projects’, report”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    “If we in Europe remain complacent in the face of ongoing indoctrination and incitement by Islamists in our streets, schools and suburbs, we would have no one to blame but ourselves for the future horrors that await us.”
    Sums it all perfectly well

    1. Daniel'O Avatar

      But it’s not like that. The real danger does not come from minority immigrants, it’s from the majority cultures that count in millions. Have you ever been to Sydney?

  2. taxpayer22 Avatar

    The Hijrah was started in the 7th Century. Wonder why?

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Wonder why? They had same ancient testament as these Jewish burkas..even men

    2. Daniel'O Avatar

      Yes I wonder why. You right-wingers have one thing in common:
      Low income, rant about tax, and blame minority immigrants for your incompetent status in your own home country.

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