Lebanon arrests 5 Islamic State commanders with explosive belts

lebanon ISD intelligence branch
Log of ISF’s intelligence branch

Five Islamic State commanders with explosive belts were arrested in east Lebanon by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) , Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported
VOL identified the suspects as Nawrous Zeina, Abu Abdullah al-Ordoni, Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Shami, Abu Hasan al-Hawsh and Alaa Abu Maher and said they were arrested Saturday evening in the Bekaa Valley town of Saadnayel after they fled Syria’s border region of Qalamoun . They reportedly had $150,000 in their possession in addition to the explosive belts.

In another development National News Agency reported Saturday night that an elite unit in the ISF’s intelligence branch arrested Kh.A. Satem in the north Lebanon border region of Wadi Khaled. He is the brother of an ISIS commander, identified only by his first name Omar, who is said to be in the extremist group’s de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria. No other details about the arrest were given.



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