Russia will ‘fail to save’ Syria’s Assad, Saudi Foreign Minister predicts

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Sunday that Russia’s efforts to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not succeed in keeping him in power .

Jubeir told a press conference in Riyadh that previous efforts to prop up Assad, including by Iran, had “failed”.

“Now, (Assad) has sought the help of Russia, which will fail to save him,” he said, urging Moscow to “end its air operations against the moderate Syrian opposition.”

Russia, Assad’s closest ally alongside Iran, began conducting airstrikes in September, targeting mainly rebels backed by the West, according to US officials.

Analysts believe that Russia’s military intervention in Syria has given Assad a new lease of life and has also deeply alarmed the West.

But Jubeir, whose country is among the main Syrian opposition backers, said that “it is impossible for a man behind the killing of 300,000 innocent people… to remain” in power.

Assad’s departure “is a matter of time… sooner or later, this regime will fall, opening the way for building a new Syria without Bashar al-Assad,” said Jubeir.

He urged the Syrian regime to “immediately allow the entry of humanitarian assistance to all parts of Syria, end military attacks on innocent civilians… (and) begin a political transition in Syria.”

A 17-nation Syria Support Group, co-chaired by Russia and the United States, agreed on Friday to seek a “cessation of hostilities” within a week and dramatically ramp up humanitarian access to besieged towns.

Critics have said the deal is hobbled by the fact it does not include “terrorist” groups such as the Islamic State group and the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra, leaving room for Russia to continue attacks by claiming it is targeting jihadists.

The agreement followed a major offensive by Syrian government forces, backed by heavy Russian bombing and Iranian troops, on the rebel stronghold of Aleppo.





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  1. Some brothers are confused about the role of Saudi in the upcoming Syrian intervention, and curious about what they are likely to do. Here are a few basic thoug…hts to help guide the discussion:

    0- Saudi is a US puppet, and a very loyal one. They would not, and do not, undertake any actions like this without direct and specific instructions from their colonial master. This is a US move, not a Saudi move.

    [Note: This point doesn’t even deserve a number. It’s “ground zero” when assessing the political reality of our lands. It should be known before taking the first breath in this discussion. After the Khilafah was destroyed, our lands have been colonized through proxy regimes – either under US control or British control for the most part – and Saudi was there from the start, helping the British occupy Al-Hijaz and Al-Najd.]

    1- Saudi is entering through Turkey (toward ISIS, behind the Syrian people) rather than Jordan (direct access to Damascus and the Assad regime), which is proof that they are not interested in fighting Bashar, but most likely are there to fight ISIS only.

    2- They have only relocated some of their fighter jets from Qatar and Saudi to Turkey, and have not moved any ground troops at all. The claims of over a hundred thousand men being mobilized is a blatant lie aimed at looking serious and winning over Muslim public opinion, when they are far from serious.

    3- This early move of fighter jets to Turkey is mostly likely aimed at giving the Saudi regime an excuse to start paying the expenses of the upcoming war right away, because the US wants the regional governments to pay for this US war against the Syrian people who have rejected the proxy colonial setup.

    4- It is very unlikely that the Saudi forces will do much in the upcoming push into Syria, aside from paying bills. This is because the push into Syria is aimed at crushing the Syrian uprising, restoring Syria to Bashar, and possibly pushing ISIS into Iraq in order to restore Syria fully to Bashar. The Muslims in the Saudi military are sincere and will quickly realize that they are working against the Muslims of Syria and with Bashar if they spend too much time in the middle of the conflict between those two sides, so they are likely either to have no role other than paying bills, or they will be sent in for airstrikes against ISIS in order to push them back from central Syria.

    5- And a final point: Any theories of a third world war or whatever indicates a serious lack of understanding of the political reality in Syria. This entire situation revolves around just two sides: The Syrian people vs everyone else. All other sides, including the Russia, Iran, Saudi, Turkey, Hizb-Ebola (yes, like the virus), Bashar, the US, and every other coalition force, are all on one side, working to restore the US’s colonial control over Syria. There are underlying wrestling matches over who gets what piece of the pie in the end, but that is no different to how they wrestled over who gets what after the invasion of Iraq.

    The only objective of this coalition is to prevent a truly independent Muslim government – a government that has absolutely no intention of becoming a puppet for the US or anyone else – from taking Syria, whether a Khilafah or otherwise.

    This is what they are gathering toward and colluding against.

    But “They have planned their plan, and with Allah is their plan, even if their plan had been enough to dissolve mountains. So do not think that Allah will fail in His promise to His Messengers. Truly, Allah is Exalted and the Owner of Revenge.” [Ibrahim:46-47]

    May Allah (swt) cause their planning and deception to backfire in their faces, and expose every traitor and hypocrite.

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