Lebanon cabinet approves appointments for the army’s Military Council


Lebanon cabinet meetingThe Lebanese cabinet on Thursday approved long-awaited appointments for the army’s Military Council, a day after the rival parties reached a deal around the national dialogue table.

The appointed officers were identified as Brigadier General Samir al Hajj  (a Christian Orthodox )  Brigadier General George Shreim   (a Christian  Catholic)   and Brigadier General Mohsen Fneish ( a Muslim Shiite)

Defense Minister Samir Moqbel proposed three names for each of the three vacant posts.

Mohammad Janbeih , Khalil Ibrahim, Mohsen Fneish for the Muslim Shiite post

 Gabby  Homsy, Georg shreim, Ghassan Shaheen  for the Christian  Catholic   post

Fouad Qassees, Samir al Hajj , Samir Ossaily   for the Christian  Orthodox   post

The appointment of the three Military Council officers was one of the demands of the Free Patriotic Movement, which along with Hezbollah and the Tashnag Party have boycotted recent cabinet sessions.



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