Islamic State expanding, seized a district from Syrian government forces


DEIR EZZOR SYRIA MAPThe Islamic State group seized a district previously held by Syrian government forces in the city of Deir el-Zour, expanding its presence in the contested region following heavy clashes with troops holed up inside, the extremist group and Syrian opposition activists said Thursday.

The IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency said the industrial district of Deir el-Zour fell to the group late Wednesday following daylong clashes that began with three successive suicide operations carried out by the militants on Syrian army outposts inside.

It said at least 38 Syrian troops were killed in the attack during which the group seized large amounts of ammunition and an armed personnel carrier from the government troops.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported the IS capture of the district, saying at least 26 soldiers were killed.

The city is held mostly by IS but Syrian troops control a few districts inside and the Deir el-Zour airport on its outskirts.

IS fighters have launched several attacks in attempts to capture government-held parts of the city and the nearby airport in recent weeks without success.

Aamaq released a video showing the militants walking through rubble-filled streets, firing their machineguns amid blown out storefronts.

The Syrian conflict has killed more than a quarter of a million people since it started nearly five years ago, and displaced half the Middle Eastern country’s population.

Syria’s foreign minister said Thursday that his government is ready to take part in U.N.-organized peace talks and hopes the dialogue will help the country find a solution to the crisis.

The U.N. Security Council last Friday unanimously approved a resolution endorsing a peace process for Syria, including a cease-fire and talks between the Syrian government and the opposition. The U.N. plans to convene talks in Geneva in January.

“Syria is ready to participate in the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue in Geneva without any foreign interference,” Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem told reporters after meeting with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing. “Our delegation will be ready as soon as we receive a list of the opposition delegation.”




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  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    Wallaw ?
    Where are Abu Ali Putin’s Sokhoi?
    Oh right they’re busy bombing markets in places that ISIS might conquer in the future.

    1. These degenerates (see the resident “Resister’s” comment above) actually believe that Putin’s Russia is there to fight ISIS. That’s what they heard on Al Mayadeen. Of course, feeble-minded idiots that they are, they don’t even wonder what might have caused this sudden anti-ISIS elan on Putin’s part (which seemed totally non-existent until September this year).

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        It’s still nonexistent and this article is proof of it
        Since the Russian intervention Isis has won land in Syria and abu ali can’t do shit about it

  2. Were it not for US, UK and Russian air support, IS would rule all of Iraq, Syria and ultimately Lebanon, by now. Remember they almost took Kurdistan were it not for USAF. Iraqis winning in Ramadi due to RAF and USAF.
    Saudis were more interested in Yemen.

    1. US? UK? Neither did anything to thwart ISIS. They actually help and support.

      Russia is the ONLY ONE who did and does.

      ps – about Yemen, it’s not just the Saudis, IsraHell is equally involved.

      1. I know, I know, Jews rule the world. Arabs are imbeciles in your book, completely enthralled of Jews and carrying out their bidding. I get it, Jews.
        FYI- It was US warplanes that prevented the fall of Erbil.
        Unless it was really the Jews (who also support IS, right?)…

      2. MekensehParty Avatar

        If that cedar you have as a logo is not surrounded by a black allahuakbar it’s because of the US and UK who are sending weapons massively to equip the Lebanese army to be able to hold the border together.
        You idiots forget that Isis was roaming freely in dahyeh blowing your asses out and will BE in dahyeh if the US and UK quit the war against Isis. Heck, they’d have been in Tehran by now…

        1. Some correcto mundo for you …

          – Just like Al-Qaeda “emerged” after the Soviet-Afghani war, ISIS emerged after the illegal invasion of Iraq by the USA and its puppet allies

          – ISIS in Syria was armed by the USA from Lybian weapons (the invasion of Lybia and the Benghazi SNAFU should ring a bell).

          ISIS is the product of the IsraHell-USA-KSA (in that order) UnHoly Trinity: on-call paid killers who only attack designated targets/countries to topple leaders, replace them with puppets, and steal/loot natural resources. This is now old news.

          1. ISIS is a direct result of Iranian interference in Iraq’s vacuum political and social sphere. The marginalization and persecution of the countries sunnis by shiite fundamentalism, has lead to the creation of ISIS as a counter-radical force. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.
            But you are ok with believing your lies so I wasted my time.

          2. You really are one dumb clown to put Iran and ISIS in the same sentence.

            You’re not the one wasting his time, it’s me who is. ISIS are Wahhabi Sunnis. Iran is Shia. If you cannot see the black on white, clear up chronology of events that led to today’s mess, you must live under a rock. ISIS was put together y IsraHell/USA/KSA to defeat Syria and then Iran.

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            another dr. maher graduate
            the same exact narrative all you mazzeh graduate trolls repeat over and over, to the word!

          4. Who’s Dr. Maher? What narrative are you talking about?

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Considering they ARE being pushed out of places by the advances of Kurds&Coalition, they have to go somewhere. And one might assume it’s only a certain depleting number of them, even if they have been wildly training local kids as child soldiers.
          They move toward Lebanon … and hopefully the Army IS really up to snuff. LF has been doing well so far ….

    2. Russia? Russia? Yeah, sure, they are providing air support to those anti-ISIS forces by bombing the Turkmens. A great job!

  3. Send more Hezbullah to fight ISIS. It works for everyone.

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