Hezbollah wants Aoun for obstruction not president


aoun  nasrallahMarada chief Suleiman Franjieh appeared like an odd choice for former PM Saad Hariri. Franjieh is a key member of the March 8 alliance , a former interior minister with family ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his father Hafez dating back to the 1950s.

Hariri , who has has been highly critical of Assad’s conduct during Syria’s civil war views the Syrian government as responsible for the assassination of his father, Rafik, in central Beirut in 2005. The killing sent shockwaves through Lebanon and eventually led to the end of three decades of Syrian occupation.

Divisions both between and within the March 8 and March 14 blocs have increasingly emerged as a result of Syria’s civil war and Hezbollah’s military intervention in support of Assad.

“What united March 14 was its stance against Syria. If Hariri went with Franjieh then this would constitute a betrayal of this principle,” Sami Nader, an economics and politics professor at Beirut’s St Joseph University was quoted as saying .

But Hariri’s initiative which calls for nominating Franjieh as the presidential candidate has exposed Hezbollah’s intentions with regards to the presidency.

Even though Hezbollah keeps reiterating that the Change and reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun continues to be its candidate the party has done nothing to get him elected . Not one time has the party attended any of the parliament election sessions (after Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea secured 48 votes in the first session) to nominate Aoun.

Franjieh, whose ties to Hezbollah are much older, may be a preferable choice for the group as Hezbollah wages war in Syria in support of Assad.

Franjieh realizes that Aoun has no chance to be elected and for this reason he said that Hezbollah has plan B if Aoun does not get elected

According to analysts Hezbollah does not want at this stage any president in Lebanon and is using Aoun now like it did in 2007 strictly to obstruct the election of a president.

Hezbollah according to the observers wants to continue to use Aoun to get a Christian cover for its Syria role and wait till the Syrian war is over before making a decision on the presidency .

The observers concluded that for the foreseeable time Hezbollah wants Aoun for obstruction not president.



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    Christina Metron

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            The Cedars of God (Arabic: أرز الربّ‎ Horsh Arz el-Rab “Cedars of the Lord”) is one of the last vestiges of the extensive forests of the Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani ) that thrived across Mount Lebanon ancient times.

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  2. This seems like a reasonable analysis. However, the role of Aoun’s numerous Maronite supporters is not addressed at all. And that’s the elephant in the room: how can a whole community (a majority of it, in any case) delude itself to such a degree? Where are the people from Aoun’s own camp saying: “Enough!”? How can anyone still believe that this borderline senile buffoon and his pseudo-modernizing demagoguery are actually worth anything?

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    The faulty thinking …. “then this would constitute a betrayal of this principle”

    WHY does a change in anyone’s mind about anything – whether an old principle or a thought on a life-style or one’s music-enjoyment – need to be seen and/or described as a ‘Betrayal’?? WHAT is betrayed by an updated thought, except perhaps a previous ignorance?? If it’s necessary to stop ANY progressive thinking, even if seen as still not totally correct, those who wish to stop it from forming at all only betray the human experience.

    1. Christina Metron Avatar
      Christina Metron

      Jesus for an American Hasbara 5thDrawe sure has a fascination with Lebanese government and Lebanese political matters, he must dedicate a whole lot of time out his/her busy hasbara life to keep informed about the subtle and otherwise obvious undertakings in Lebanese Matters, Wow what dedication. If I didn’t know any better I might’ve thought him to be A Lebanese compatriot with best intention for the great republic and Specifically Hezbollah. What a dedicated soft Zionist you are 5th.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Zionistically-speaking, then, I would say it’s quite fascinating that an elected government can’t function at all for 35 months without a guy called a ‘President’.

    2. You need to be on your best behavior to avoid upsetting the arogant Hezbo here. CM will like you more if you start saying Zionist all the time.

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        Christina Metron

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    Christina Metron

    Hizib Being A lebanese Party, has the right to do all that is in its power to help install a president that will stand against the terror state of Israel, It’s just very funny when Israeli Zionist and their Hasbara trolls come here making comments about what these Zionist Orientalists think should rule, and make hyaposiss on which controls what and for what purpose, as if they have a say in the final solution to the Presidency, all they have are the Lebanese forces and the M14 clan to manipulate and help create division and hate” a ZioVermin specialty” They love to come here addressing the injustice H A is causing, the obstacles HA is creating in order to hinder the Selection,They almost fail to notice that their methodology and practices are well documented and their ploy is under control, What they tend to do most is try with political correctness use the Soft Zionists like “5thDrawer” to come here and poetically attempt manipulate your thought into thinking that it’s all peaceful and workable but the only obstacle to this utopian coexistence is Hizb and Of Course the non Lebanese Persian with their grand plan to push the Sunnis under the carpet and distruct all plenty and civility that would never benefit the Zionist “most definitely not” and by the twirl of their headdress.change or disrupt the whole dynamics of a perfect coexistence and harmony that would otherwise exist if we only let them advice and allow them to show us the light at the end of the dark tunnel. We just don’t know or comprehend the process of a healthy and productive existence on our own, you see, the Zionists have had us behind a glass window and have been studying our behavior and process of thought “providing we can function” and have come up with a very productive and beneficial plan for us . this plan will save us from our destructive self, and provide us with a constructive and healthy future if we just listen to these very thoughtful Zionists and just allow them to implement their agenda for us. After all, they’ve been studying us for the last 70 years, they must have figured us out and must’ve figured out what works best for us. All we need to do is submit to their will and of course superior way of thought, After all they convinced GOD to make them his chosen people, they must know something that we can never comprehend or acknowledge on our own misguided selfs. I am Sure they have our best interest at heart, don’t you’all agree. They have nothing to gain by us submitting, Zionists are our BFF and will never let us down, we should’ve learned a lesson by how they treated the South Lebanese Army. The Zionist will continue supporting them forever and ever and ever. The SLA don’t have to do anything, Israeli grants them all their wishes, one by one. We should use that as an example, and knowing that we could never think for ourselves, nor make any future plans on our own, we should just open wide and let the Zionists in. We can’t lose what we don’t have, right 5thDrawer? we promise we will let the Zionists plan our future, all that after the Zionists rid Lebanon of Hezbollah. I promise I will Submit then and only then.

    1. If Hezbollah has a role to play in choosing a president for Lebanon, boycotting seems to work well for them especially seeing them do it for every election. Seriously, if they have a choice and you believe their solution is for the greater of Lebanon, go to parliament and vote. What are they scared from? Again your arrogance comes into play, you suggest their deliberate paralysis is because of Zionist march 14 influence, so much for Hezbollah and its care for the president, it’s impact on Lebanon and what fools people are to believe Hezbollah wants democratic discussions/compliances.

      1. Christina Metron Avatar
        Christina Metron

        why don’t you mind your Israeli business. This does not concern you.

        1. Israeli business? LMFAOO. This is a Lebanese news site, I’m posting questions about Lebanon and you provide this as a response? Please, stay in the sewers below.

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            You got your answers

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            Christina Metron

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          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            “The expression of agony on Poussin’s mother in his masterpiece The Massacre of the Innocents is the same expression one witnesses on the faces of Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Afghani, and Somali mothers, including all the suffering mothers victimized by oppression and wars.”

            I see it on my Lebanese friends …. 🙁

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            Christina Metron

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          10. I’ll put it this way. Say Saudi Arabia funds a militia in Lebanon for the Sunni. Their aims are the same as Hezbollah. The Sunni receive great benefits from KSA for being apart of the militia. Those in Lebanon who aren’t apart of it, because of sectarian isolation, receive benefits from the government only, which the militia is always trying to hinder the progress of. They start wars, violence, blame someone else, say they are freedom fighters, where the Lebanese as a stronger majority disagree. You call this militia Lebanese? More like a state within a state. These people (most of) don’t have their interest in the country of Lebanon but in this militia of theirs.

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Hezbollah was born from Begin-Sharon invasion of Lebanon.

          12. LOL. Who funds it? Apart from illegal activities.
            Stop avoiding the subject at hand. That’s called defeat.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Stop avoiding the subject.
            BTW who funds the settlers..
            Have a nice troll.

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            Christina Metron

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            Christina Metron

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          23. *** Dirty Yahoudi *** Avatar
            *** Dirty Yahoudi ***

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          24. Tell me about it!

          25. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

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          26. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Meke is Lebanese expatriate that hate Lebanese stupidity and sides with Israel.

          27. MekensehParty Avatar

            I’m sorry, are you talking to me or to your dear Bashar el Assad or Hasan Nasrallah?

          28. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            ops sorry, I thought I was talking to you vermin mother.

          29. Hind Abyad Avatar

            They burn alive Palestinian babies too???

          30. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

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          31. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

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          32. Hind Abyad Avatar

            They burn alive Palestinian babies too???

          33. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I’d say yes .. bombs in barrels, or otherwise, do it.

          34. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Who created the War?

          35. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘Intel-ectuals’ who will talk, rather than fight, but who are happy to watch other ‘lesser brains’ (who think it’s the only way to accomplish anything) fight for them.

          36. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            So did US in Hiroshima, so does Israel in Gaza.
            ISIS does Méshoui with humans.. as the Wahhabi, at least lambs are dead before burning.

            Qatar Published Fatwa In 2006 Permitting Burning People — Removes It After IS Burns Pilot

          37. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Bolly/Hollywood will figure out how to show the greatest tortures without it actually happening … but obviously no-one taught some people that burning in hell was only a concept-piece for the ‘afterlife’.

          38. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Go back to your barrels, that was not the subject adressed to mister mekei

          39. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Mekeh vous êtes une ordure.

          40. I think she’s talking to your Hariri clan or house of saud or qatar or turkey. I think she’s talking to all those that keep blaming everyone else except themselves. I think she talking to all those that make excuses for their own by deflecting and blaming the minorities when it’s the majority that does nothing but create tension. I think she’s talking to those that make excuses for the rich and powerful as they beat down on the poor and weak. I think she’s talking the hypocrites that have spent billions of dollars over th last 5 years to destroy countries countries build a caliphate. I think she’s talking to those they claim in the name of Islam to o be so righteous yet they deny t basic human rights of a woman t t able to drive a car . I think she’s talking to those th , bought over 60000 toyota 4wd and funnelled , , syria via turkey. I think she’s talking to those that watced the kurds escape kobane to th turkish border only to find denied protection and have isis come and take them away. I think she’s talking about those that watched and did nothing as women are taken as sex slaves by isis. I think she’s talking to those that are illegally benefitting from the black market oil trade due to this war. I think she talking about the same people that have watched Palestinians suffer f 70 y and have a nothing.i think you better take a look in th mirror because I could go on and on and on an on.

          41. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Nice to see ‘dateam’ back here. 🙂

          42. MekensehParty Avatar

            Hahaha someone spent their New Year’s Eve in a terrible mood
            May 2016 be, just like 2015, 14, 13, 12 and 11, another year where you resistance savage dogs and Isis dogs tear each other apart in the most atrocious way. May your mothers weap tears of blood on the death of the monsters that came out of their putrid wombs. May we see the last one of you and the last Isis blowing each other to pieces.
            May 2016 be the year where you animals go extinct.
            Keep reciting your song that applies to you and your camp first and foremost. Keep trying to shift the blame on others when you know very well that you’re getting exactly what you deserve.
            The days of your arrogance and lies are over. You’re fooling no one but yourselves and the animals that follow you.
            Yellow stinky shits and black stinky shits to the sewers of history inchallah.

          43. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Not really an answer. 1 my article is about how ISIS was created. Better minds never joined.
            2 It’s too late now of course many deserted or were killed.
            3 Why does Google and Twitter allow ISIS accounts?


          44. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I wasn’t answering, just noting that not even all Muslims think the same way.
            As for the reporter who brings out ‘TRUTH’, well we know they are ‘first targets’ … especially when they note the little intrigues of the ‘money-power’ gangs.
            As for Twits & Googlers .. I think it’s largely the thinking that ‘everyone’ should know everything about everyone else and be allowed to ‘express’ a view … hmm … maybe even if that view gets one in hot water. The ‘innocents’ and advertisers use it freely.

          45. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Here’s one of the western examples … don’t need to be Jewish to be a lawyer. ;-))
            The MOB …. Canada

          46. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            ..but goorgllers and twisters think nobody should know about this reporter, you are so…..

          47. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Sorry … blank ?? 😉

          48. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Maybe better not discuss with me.

          49. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            If hatred killed, it would kill the hater.

          50. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Good one. 🙂 Which is why the phrase ‘Consumed with Hatred’ is often uttered.

          51. I actually enjoyed my nye. Spent it with family and friends. Is this all you have to say? I didn’t expect anything more intellectual than that. Yes I will enjoy watching the animals you support get slaughtered. It’s getting there now it won’t be long.

          52. MekensehParty Avatar

            Intellectual? What do you know of the intellect?
            For years now you have been repeating the same baseless accusations on which you have built all your nonsensical (un-intellectual) responses.
            how can I support Isis and call them black shit?
            How can I be an Isis supporter when I call for their extermination AND contribute to it?
            That’s the level of your intellect: imagine things about people and keep accusing them of it as if the repetition makes them truer, a good old mazzeh technique that will never work.
            Now back to swimming in those sewers you crawled out of to give us an idea of your “intellect” wahahaha

          53. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            to your mother.

          54. MekensehParty Avatar

            Glad you read all this, I was worried that my NY wishes would only be read by dateam when in fact they are meant to all you underhumans of the “fartsistance” axis and to barabie and her camp.
            Say hello to your cousins returning in body bags and their putrid womb mothers. You WILL be crying more in 2016!

          55. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            I glance at it and then I know what an Idiot like you would write and I respond just based on seeing one word in your comment. you ain’t worth reading.

          56. MekensehParty Avatar

            Hahahaha and yet you read it all
            How many of you animals died today?
            Thank you for your “martyrdom” for a just cause: cleaning the earth from your scum

          57. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            soon we’ll be taking the garbage out. Meaning you and your ilk.

          58. MekensehParty Avatar

            Make up your mind already
            Do you read what I write or not?

          59. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            hey stupid read my comment below.

          60. MekensehParty Avatar

            Must be dr. Maher’s automatic filters
            When the truth is too hard to read that programmed corridor between your ears shuts down and your eyes refuse to read
            Poor kids, what have they done to you
            Let me take that back: stupid kids, good for you, now listen to dr. Bashar and go die in Syria

          61. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            ..barabie called non-Sunni and Christians “Shitt”..
            This PopcornMek desecrate Mothers as the likes of the underhumans axis of barabie and her camp..what’s the difference

          62. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            why don’t you vermin scumbag talk about the Israeli Ziovermin funds?

          63. Why do you always direct questions to Zionism?

          64. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            hey scumbag, get lost.

          65. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            Ahhh, you are a ziovermin scumbag! that’s why my ZioVermin scumbag,oh my, oy vey oy vey oy vey, oy vey oy vey oy vey. ziovermin scumbag oh my, oy vey oy vey oy vey, oy vey oy vey oy vey. Ziovermin scumbag, Ziovermin scumbag, Ziovermin scumbag, Ziovermin scumbag. Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey Oy vey a scumbag. a jewish vermin scumbag oy vey.

          66. Hind Abyad Avatar

            BEcause Zionism is a mental disease.

          67. Because being a mental patient a sad and lonely affair. It makes you long for companionship. Sometimes it also makes you see things under your bed that aren’t the leftovers from your last meal.

          68. Some of these clowns on this site see twin girls and say one is a boy, yes that is correct no difference between S Arabia backed donkeys or Iranian backed donkeys.
            That’s what you call Brainwashed and nothing u can do to change their aaasssss licking brainwashed mind .

          69. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            you and him are nothing but a Hsbarat trolling ziovermin scumbags here to bash any anti Israel person. nothing more than a ZioVermin scumbags that need to be shot behind the ear.

          70. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Yes master9 friend of Malmequer0.

          71. Yes I am and NO more Meds for u as clearly they are making u feel like ET. Please call home SOON.

          72. Really? Then why don’t they do it and go liberate Palestine? Who say they haven’t tried? Naher elbered backfired and assir backfired. Syria also backfired. Honestly why does everything have to be sectarian. South lebanon have you ever been to it? All sects living side by side no issues no dramas. Schools hospitals roads social services all available. Go look at areas funded by the so called monarchies of the middle east. Israel occupied lebanon for 22 years. What did they do for lebanon. During the civil war they funded everyone an everything to keep it going. We the lebanese built the khalej then the Saudis bring in all the warlords sit them down pay them out and the Palestinians end up with more rights in lebanon than before the war. Yes hist does show us the ksa capabilities. Syria is a perfect example.

          73. Hind Abyad Avatar

            How many examples till we disappear..?

          74. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Consider, my Dear Lady, that if we do, we’ll feel better and be ‘ok’ anyway.
            But then we’d be as obtuse as the majority saying ‘I’m allright, Jack’. :-))))
            I WISH YOU A MUCH BETTER 2016 – and hope the world can live through it.

          75. Yes really every single politician is in a gang be it from S Arabia, Syria, Iran, Turkey and on and on and on. Not one single party gang or resistance in Lebanon really gives a shit about Lebanon. Everyone has an agenda some will do good for now and in 30 40 years bang in your face when they get what they want. Tell me why no body wants a president unless that president is going to work for the interst of the party and the party only rather than for Lebanon as a whole. Why don’t we have electricity do you know why. Let’s make it easy for you .
            If I don’t make money out of the deal I will not approve the funds and that is from every single politician in Lebanon, no money for me nothing for the people.
            Lebanon will be in the dark because of groups that brainwashed people follow and polish shoes for, while they live like sheep for ever.

          76. 5thDrawer Avatar

            When enough people hit the streets to bitch long enough about the stink, they were finally and strangely capable of getting a ‘new deal’ contract going on collecting it … at more than 3x the cost of same in Jordan, once again … and it was trucked out of Beirut, to be deposited generally around the country, and that seems to have stopped the protests … even if the stuff still stinks. Too weird … but we can suspect there was a missing pocket being padded somewhere … there’s no new dump site yet.

          77. We know all this it’s nothing new for lebanon. Regarding the presidency we know yalibnan is biased against hezbollah. What are we saying here that hezbollah is not allowed to support aoun even though he has the majority Christian seats in parliament because we simply don’t like them? If hezbollah supported geagea who has what 5 seats which were given to him by Hariri that would be ok.? Bottom line is presidency is reserve for the Christians. Why can’t the Christians agree? Even though they all agreed if you recall on the orthodox law and geagea renigged on it at the 11th hour at the orders of saudia arabia. Would the sunni community or Shia community tolerate the Christians getting involved in who is to be pm or house speaker? So why do the Christians tolerate it. ? Who is to blame? The article is an insult to any intelligent person. Look at the title. To suggest that hezbollah or any other group for that matter wants the person who has the most Christian seats in parliament to be elected as president simply to hinder the process is both ridicules and without logic. Like I sadi if they supported geagea would they be not hindering then? What about jumblatt nominating helou is that not a hinderence? We speak of wanting democracy yet when we don’t like someone then they are accused of being in the way? If saudia arabia turns around tommorrow and says we accept aoun then everyone will accept aoun correct? This is the way it has been since the taif. It’s simple how about we stop blaming everyone else and take a god look at ourselves. The Christian leaders meet with rai. Sit down and work things out. Whoever has the most seats wins. Obviously he strikes deals with the other leaders to give them a voice in the cabinet. But this is not the case because whether people want to admit it or not. The kataeb are weak and geagea is run by the Saudis. Aoun is Iran. And franjieh is good mates with assad is he not? So until the Saudis decide then it is mustaqbal that is hindering.

          78. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well dateam, it’s not democracy for sure. They decide that a new president is needed; Geagea puts up his hand and says: ‘I’ll do it.’ At the time no-one else does. Geagea “secured 48 votes in the first session” … and then the slow brains went ‘WHAT??’ (geee whiz, who woud have thought anyone agreed with that old guy?) So, Then all the other old guys walked out. Imagine they did that in a ‘company’ without some legal ‘strike sanction’ preceding it. They’d be gone.
            Basically, these are people who don’t have to work for a living – they just flap the gums, drive around town, and still try to look nice with a tie.

            This seems to be a ‘vote’ only among the ‘top dogs’, and not for their ‘constituents’ … and they have forgotten, or maybe never really understood, their job.
            Yes, one could say that about a lot of ‘political personalities’. But just think. IF they had picked Geagea then, his ‘term’ would be almost half over, and they could be deciding the next one WHILE the work of a government carried on.

          79. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Humans like to EMULATE a ‘top guy’- no matter where. Use the same lipstick, or whatever.
            It’s that old ‘Well if they can do that so can I.’ complex. (a complex concept)
            So the government ‘offices’ no longer function very well, and those are ‘the people’.
            So we get a guy like like Abu Faour who cares, as he should, about the bad ‘health practices’ of a whole population, and he simply becomes a ‘one-man-band’ struggling against the lack of education and the people who emulate the Tops.
            ‘Well, if that guy can throw his garbage on the street, so can I.’ (a simple concept)

          80. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            Ziovermin scumbag like you need to stay the phuck out of our business. you Ziovermin have done enough damage. if we need your vermin help, we will send you a request attached to a phucken rocket.

          81. Our business? You are demented. The article is a Lebanese affair and has absolutley nothing to do with Israel. Open your eyes.

          82. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Ha hah…! As O said ‘the truth is staring in your eyes’

          83. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            everything has to do with the vermin cancer. can’t you ZioVermin understand that. meanwhile, get the phuck out of here you motherphucking zionist scumbag.

          84. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            nahh, he is an Israeli zionist sccumbag that lives in the US, A US jew.

          85. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            oy vey, Vince, listen using my lineas does not give you credit.

          86. Hannibal Avatar

            One more thing Christina (if that is your name) 😉
            If one disagrees with your politics it does not make them an Israeli stooge 😛 This “takhwiin” strategy used and abused by HA’s politicians is getting too old. There are some of us who stand by HA’s struggle when it is southwardly but disagree with their eastern borders wars. It does not make us traitors.
            There are some of us who agree in carrying the weapons to defend Lebanon as we did during the civil war against the Kissinger’s plan for Lebanon but do not agree with HA monopolizing the “fun”.

          87. Hannibal Avatar

            The Lebanese Army in a secular Lebanon is the ONLY way.

          88. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            go on dreaming, when you wake up, then come back here and make some sense. A secular Lebanese Army? hahahahahahaha, your chances of being able to live on the Sun are better and higher than that ever happening.

          89. Hannibal Avatar

            Ok then a Shia one, a Sunni one, an Orthodox one, a Alaoui one and a Maronite one… Have I missed any? Yes plenty… The biggest traitor on this site is you since you advocate for a jewish palestine by saying what you say…
            A Lebanese army in a secular Lebanon is the Only way or chaos like in Syria and you know it.
            and Christina let me tell you that you are as Christian as I am a moslem.
            Happy New Year.

          90. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            eat shiet and shut your vermin mouth.

          91. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You’re wrong, Hanni is a true Lebanese, not “vermin”…:)

          92. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            Hind, he wants them to stay in Lebanon and wait for the terrorists to take over Syria, cut off the supply lines, but will defend Lebanon with no arms, no ammunition and no open supply lines. not very Lebanese of him.

          93. Hannibal Avatar

            There is enough weapons and ammunition in Lebanon to burn Syria to the ground. As to ISIS it is no longer a threat… The countdown has begun. HA is not bigger than Russia and Putin will finish them. It is time to focus on rebuilding the country and repatriating the Syrian refugees. We do not need another naqba.

          94. Hannibal Avatar

            “There will be no Lebanon to defend.” you say… That is my objection to HA and where we differ. Let ISIS just try to irk the Christians of Lebanon and you will see the fireworks… Alas HA monopolizes the rifle instead of unifying it… It makes you feel a little of a second class citizen. As to going to your priest for a job? Hmmmmm You need to go to your priest for religious guidance if this is your belief system. But for a job? It is by your son’s wit alone that he will make it in this life. No politician and no priest will help you… They will use you and abuse you…

          95. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            you do not live in Lebanon do you, you have no clue as to what the heck you’re talking about, you seem to like reading your comments and are just writing so you can marvel at what you wrote. In Lebanon you want people to be hired for their merit? are you kidding me, you couldn’t become a police officer if a politician or a religious leader pushes for you, I know you don’t live in Lebanon. In france where you live, that might work. I had enough with you. Please, find someone else to entertain you, try your cat or something. Some of the Israelis here will be more than happy to agree with you and give you thumbs up, just leave me alone and go on living in your fairy tail barbie world.

          96. Hannibal Avatar

            I live in the US of A. I have a clue but you will never hear me out no matter what I say since you are fixated on Israel.

            A nation gnaws on itself from within… Your enemy is within you. Why not start a business and stop voting the same politicians into the system.

            I cannot be in Lebanon as I left long time ago and my kids know not the country. I have family there and do visit and see all the wrongs. No politician defines me… If I were to live there I won’t vote for any of them. As NONE whatsoever is any good. Yet somehow the Lebanese vote the same “vermins” in 😉

            If you want to win your war against Israel start by fixing Lebanon… Fix what is broken and everything there is broken and it is neither the Syrian NOR the Israeli is breaking it. We have nobody but the Lebanese to blame…

            A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.
            Ariel Durant

          97. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            ISIS is no longer a threat (Inshallah), Zionism is and will never stop till Middle East becomes the Israeli Empire.

            “Ben-Gurion also warned in 1948. By ensuring at his Zionist friends that Palestinian would never return to their homes… ‘The old will die and the young will forget’ ‘We should prepare to launch the offensive at Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan (Jordan) and Syria The weak point c is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and it will be easy to undermine We shall establish a Christian state, then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan (Jordan).; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move forward to take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai. ‘(50) David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, the Chief of Staff. From Ben-Gurion, a Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte.”

            Ben Gurion is considered Israel founding father.

          98. Hannibal Avatar

            If a fraction of Lebanon taught the IDF a lesson in 2006 that lesson made abou abou ben Gurion twist and turn and moan in his grave because their dream is no longer valid. 😉

          99. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Problem is, Hannibal, some dreams drag on in bits and pieces for 3000 years … ;-))
            Hell, I head into only 3/4 of a century, and still dream about a taste of heaven. :-))))

          100. Hannibal Avatar

            so do suicide bombers… Waiting at the other end 72 ugly virgin nuns 😉 😛

          101. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            you made me laugh…:))

          102. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Did you read the Odeh Niyon plan for the nineteen nighties.

            When Lebanon will be annexed i pray to God by then i will be dead.


          103. MekensehParty Avatar

            Hold on a second: how exactly did you fight the Kissinger plan? By applying to be a refugee in America?
            There’s truly no limit to your nonsense…

          104. Hannibal Avatar

            I left… AFTER… AFTER… the civil war… There is no limit to your Lebaneseness… Look at that you just made invent a new word 😛

          105. MekensehParty Avatar

            Batal enta
            Batal el drat
            Fight the Kissinger plan al by moving to Camden NJ
            Ya heik Christians ya bala

          106. Hannibal Avatar

            Says the Lebanese d0uchebag with schizophrenia.

          107. MekensehParty Avatar

            What can I say hani
            I try not to make fun of you but it’s goddam hard not to when you make it so easy
            (Fight the Kissinger plan wahhahahahahah)
            [fart sound]

          108. MekensehParty Avatar

            Learn what you moron?
            That lebanon is not and will never be one country for all its peoples?
            That Kissinger, undoubtedly one of the greatest diplomats in history saw it and understood it 50 years ago while you idiot Christians blindly wanted to keep the country for yourselves and rule over the Muslims for eternity as an island surrounded by an ocean of Muslim countries? (Reminds me of a neighboring dillisional country believing the same…)
            As for the rest of the article, keep reading Miroslav Morronovich on anti-US WordPress, free to do whatever you want, but I continue to think that you’re a hypocrite living a relatively (when compared to batroun) beautiful life in a trailer park in Camden and spitting on the country that made you a man.
            Go back and fight Kissinger ideas and policies in your homeland if you think he’s wrong. Camden certainly can use less trash.

          109. Hannibal Avatar

            I was a man before I landed these shores unlike you a schizophrenic boy douche who stopped evolving and is stuck mentally in Lebanon yet thinks he is a yankee.
            We in the U.S. abide by something foreign to your Lebanese likes, namely freedom of speech. Therefore, I am free to say and speak my mind as I wish yet a stupid uneducated a55hole from downtown Detroit selling hot dogs on the streets keeps interfering with the bloggers here just because he was raped by his neighborhood friends in 3ayn el remeene.
            ruu7 za7it ya walad…

          110. MekensehParty Avatar

            having a dick doesn’t make you a man
            what you need is first and foremost a brain
            good luck having one being born in batroun

          111. Hannibal Avatar

            LOL I am not from Batroun… But I am curious honestly is the Batroun area that bad? I know they have good Lemonade but beside that I know not the area.

          112. MekensehParty Avatar

            you should run for president of Lebanon!
            Hurryaba raji3 Hani! Hurryaba raji3 el reyiss who grew up on 3 square km of the Lebanese soil and made it once to the beach to take a boat out.
            I fuckin love you Hani
            Every day is an episode of an endless comedy series with you

          113. Hannibal Avatar

            I am willing to meet you face to face so you find out how wrong you are about me and about a lot of other things. You will find me stern, intimidating, intelligent, highly educated, with strong enough character that you will never address me this way in a condescending manner.
            Online you become a keyboard warrior and you permit yourself to misbehave like you do and stoop to impermissible lows. I am game to meet up with you anytime as an experiment to see if you’d speak with this tone to me moving forward.
            Are you game? Lunch on me.
            I live in the suburbs of Boston. (but if you like I can meet you in Camden) 😛

          114. MekensehParty Avatar

            why do you want to meet me face to face? Other than trying to intimidate me with your sternness (pff khareitne tahte). You can prove me wrong right here by becoming rational, by talking like a truly intelligent and highly educated person instead of the constant nonsense and stupidities you utter on this blog. How do you want me to take you seriously when your arguments are based on what adonis49 wrote on wordpress, or when you say stupid shit like “I fought the Kissinger plan” when you don’t know where batroun is…
            I hope this will open your eyes and make you realize what the people who haven’t seen you think of you after reading your words, or what people who have seen you and know you think of you but wont tell you in your face.
            Deep inside I know you’re a good guy, a good father certainly since you decided to raise your family in a civilized country instead of returning to that shithole we both were born in, and I’m pretty sure you’re a doctor and maybe a good one too but you’re so full of yourself, so arrogant, so proud, so goddam Lebanese that it’s hard to imagine you like a serious or even civilized person.
            I know I can be an asshole myself but I also know that I can have truly civil conversation with people with different opinions and beliefs. I don’t think I’ve ever been an ass to 5th even though we don’t agree on everything, or even doron as much as I disagree with him, and all the others who entered in a sensible conversation with me. But I don’t take bulshit and nonsense very well. I also don’t accept or respect those who justify murderers/genociders/terrorists and their actions. I know there are gray areas in life and therefore in politics, but to side or even adopt only a few terrorists’ ideas or sympathize with some of their actions puts people immediately on my shit-on list.
            Maybe one day, when you will prove me wrong, we’ll meet for lunch
            We’ll sure invite 5th too and drink his scotch 😉

          115. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You justify Zionist settlers crimes and terrorism burning Palestinian babies alive..
            بالا شارف

          116. Hannibal Avatar

            I never said “I fought the Kissinger plan”… I said the Christian militias did.
            As to the Kissinger/zionist plan for Lebanon (and the entire region as a matter of fact), it is not a secret that destabilizing and turning the Middle East into “statelets” would be easier to control pretty much like the balkanization of Eastern Europe. A strong nation would make a hostile place for the U.S. and for Israel a big risk. You can google if you like the “Kissinger plan for Lebanon” and you’ll find many commentaries about it despite the fact that governments will always deny their shady plans.
            That being said, I always said that there would have been no Israel if the Arabs were not petty and backward and so religiously motivated so they build a nation and not many countries.
            For Lebanon, Fouad Chehab the president who ruled with an iron grip via his “deuxieme bureau” said in his memoirs: I built a country but I failed to build a nation. That was then and it still resonate today as no sect thought of Lebanon as a nation but as small cantons fractioned and maintained as long as the “za3ims” are sharing the pie “fairly”.
            Am I wrong if I love my country despite the serious drawbacks? I do not think so. I Love my country. I want it to change. However, as the majority of the Lebanese inside and outside of Lebanon we go about our business dreaming that someone else will prove us right that we are good people. Short of a bloody confrontation with the “za3ims” and all of the parties and mafias to wrestle control from them and establish a modern and a fair state there will be no hope. I do not believe, at least until now, we will have such events because the silent majority, including you and I, are not willing to pay the price which will have to be bloody and costly.

          117. MekensehParty Avatar

            I doubt that the majority is silent, no one can silence a majority. The majority is actually pretty vocal and what they want is clear: the perpetuation of corruption, of feudalism, of the lack of justice and law. Find me one independent who won in the Lebanese elections. We used to say, oh it’s the Syrian occupation who decides who wins and who looses. 2 elections since the end of the occupation and the Lebanese in their majority voted the return of the corrupt.
            Lebanon used to be a lovable place, now it’s simply a dumpster inhabited by dirty people who love living in a dumpster and the non-silent minority who tried to turn things around was simply defeated in the polls and on the streets. No need to fight a war, clean people will loose such war because they are very much outnumbered. Don’t go waste your blood out there…

          118. I also don’t accept or respect those who justify murderers/genociders/terrorists and their actions.

            Aren’t you constantly preaching the American way? Hypocrite much Mister with a deviant fetishes?

          119. Hannibal Avatar

            You meant sitting on… 😉

          120. That Kissinger, undoubtedly one of the greatest diplomats in history saw it and understood it 50 years ago

            Kissinger understood it 50 years ago? Are you really this gullible?

          121. You’re not posting any questions.

            You’re a filthy Israeli hasbara troll.

      2. Christina Metron Avatar
        Christina Metron

        Hey A hole, that’s all you got out of this. It shown who’s your Boogie man, your worst nightmare, as A ZioVermin, you must stay up all night thinking about Hassuna and what you’ll type the next day. Hassuna is making you vermin lose sleep huh. well, thank god for liquor, that should subdue your fears. but if I was you, I would keep an eye on the sky.

        1. Again pathetic response. You don’t know how stupid you sound. There are plenty upon plenty of Lebanese who know what I’ve said above is true. Hezbollah hinders progression. Its a Lebanese affair, but you can’t help, in your right state of mind, suggest ZioVermin as a rebuttal. I’m sure it makes you feel better and fills your ego much like Omega would state.

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You sound and are stupid, educate yourself if you want talk about what’s non of you business.

            All sects have a representative in the Lebanese government.

          2. What does this link have to do with anything? Lol a hezbpig supporter trying to teach someone about politics and parliament. Why don’t you for a start encourage Hezbollah to attend presidential elections first.

          3. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            Ziovermin supporters need to stay the phuck out of our business.

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You”re calling me a hezbpig? Is your sister a non- Israeli hezbpig?

          5. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            his sister “if like him” is a ziovermin pig.

          6. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Maybe it’s not in the family, hes a looser.

          7. You have changed subject on every single comment. I get it by now, you hate Israel, and just because you vent out anger 10000 times a day doesn’t make the point any more justified. I know you don’t like constructive responses so I’ll ignore anything that comes from you, omega, metron and the like.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Good riddance i didn’t get one logic response from the likes of you. Many Jews (real Jews hate Fascist Israel).
            Israel vent their hatred since 70 years..it’s a clever slow genocide. Quick one not permitted.

          9. MekensehParty Avatar

            don’t waste your time trying to get somewhere with those losers
            they have relinquished logic and truth a long time ago
            let them say the stupidities they repeat endlessly
            it’s their life they’re wasting and nothing else

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Good Baba..

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Why doesn’t Rothschild Cheney stop global worming?

          12. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            A ZioVermin like you stick to your Israeli politics, when we need your vermin input, we’ll ask for it.

          13. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            he dosen’t sound stupid, he is a stupid inbred slimy ZioVermin.

          14. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            But I know how stupid you sound my ziovermin scumbag.

          15. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Get off my back with your pathetic. I said good riddance, go home

            ISIS is what’s important.
            “Russia and France wreak revenge on ISIS: Putin orders his warships in Med to work with French Navy as jihadists in Syria are pummelled from the air”

            French defence officials say that, for the second time in less than 24 hours, fighter jets have targeted Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in northern Syria.

          16. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            ohhh poor ZioVermin scumbag, did I hurt your feeling my Ziovermin, oh poor baby, Oh by the way, you need to do something about that smell, jeeez, you smell like a french whore for christ’s sake.

          17. Hannibal Avatar

            What is wrong with a French whore? 😉 I always imagined a whore is a whore whether she comes from Paris or Baghdad.

          18. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            the Perfume small, you can smell a french whore from a mile away.

          19. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You don’t know how stupid you sound…Hezpigs, sand niggers, pallies. Palestinians don’t exist never existed..fills your ego
            Christians are “vampires and blood suckers..Lehava head calls for Christian ‘vampires’ to be expelled from Israel and Christmas banned
            ..but you come to a Lebanese site stir up sectarianism.

            And the unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East”: The Crisis in Iraq and the Centrality of the National Interest of Israel”

            Avi Dichter, the former Israeli Minister of Internal Security, former head of Shin Bet (Shabak) from 2000-2005, and current member of the Knesset, issued an ominous speech to the Israeli National Security Research Center on May 26, 2010. Dichter told the audience:

            “We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected and planned. Iraq has vanished as a military force and as a unified country. Our strategic option is to keep it divided. Our strategic goal is to not allow Iraq to take its regional and Arabic role back. Iraq must stay divided and isolated from its regional environment. Nobody can ignore what we have achieved in this field. Iraq can never be the same Iraq before 2003 (7).”
            Aren’t you happy about ISIS..you hypocrite

          20. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            the only pathetic thing here is your attempt to make any sense, a vermin trying to act like a monkey is what I see here. stick to being an inbred vermin, it suits you fine.

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar

      5thDrawer is an intellectual..

      1. Christina Metron Avatar
        Christina Metron

        grant him that, I did say poetic, i give him credit, he is a soft Zionit, I did say that, you got give me credit there.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          You got it right, he’s poetic…and a writer, i fight with him often but he’s
          a good soul, what he calls humanity is not in governments..only $$$$

          1. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            A soft Zionist is what he is. He sympathizes with us to a point. as long as it stays away from israel he is ok with it. just stay away from Israel.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            His Western side.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, since we’re analysing … I suspect the new ‘Subscription’ fees at Daily Star were too much for you too.? :-)))

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (pour vous)

            Words can flow and direct firm action.
            The pen beats sword; n’ere in satisfaction,
            Of soaring dreams, oft’ given imagination,
            When Artistic Lines sweep in simple passion.

          5. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Perfect poem… here’s a play for you.

            ah@d ha’@m
            Blue Handed

            (Breaking the Silence
            Testimony 41, Hebron)
            a play for 2 voices


          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            #41 in a series of short monologues?
            Reminds me of the ‘Coffee-house’ evenings in the Sixties … add bongo-drum.

            (and thank you, but nothing is really perfect)

          7. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Nothing is really tragic except your friends in Trablous.. Metron was right.
            “Give Israel every it wants or commit political suicide”.

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            The bottom rung people suffer always – there’s no end of the tragedies.

          9. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Thanks to the West.

            Merry Christmas: Hundreds of Millions Crushed by the Cross


          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            History of all civilization?? ‘Hundreds of Millions’?? hohohohoho
            Bring up the charts and graphs … include starvations as well ..

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Those neocons, the neo-colonialists, and Western exceptionalists/supremacists – are all comfortably seated in their saddles, as in the days of the Spanish Inquisition, or the insane reign of Calvin.

            All this is taking place under the crucifixion, which has been elevated to the reason, justification and excuse for the most intense, long-lasting and on-going slaughter of human beings in the history of mankind.
            Hundreds of millions, all over the world, have died so that “the message of Jesus” could live. Millions are still dying now, so that Christian fundamentalists can manipulate, rule and plunder the world, unopposed.

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And thus, they show their ignorance. At some point, some begin to notice an inquisition.
            Some have finally noticed the insane reign of a ‘Neo-Caliph’ as well.
            When it hits 8 or 10 billion, the humanity may well be all gone.
            Those who seek it, for their prophecies, will crow like idiots as they fall.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar

            I’m talking sinc 2000 years. How many people have died in the name of Christ, Christianity and Catholicism?


          14. And the ME Christians are doing so well. (sarc)

          15. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Not saying they are right, but the ones I met commit much more to the love in it.

          16. Hind Abyad Avatar

            In Israel they are called vampires

          17. The statement referred to ME Christians, not a “small group” of EU Christians.

          18. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Palestinian Christians are ME Christians.

          19. Your comment above referred to EU Christians and specifically “not Palestinians”.

          20. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You’re definitely stupid

          21. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
            Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

            And you’re a prejudiced bigot.

          22. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
            Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

            WTF are you talking about?

          23. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Evolution …… it happens. BOTTOM LINE ….. Get Recommended. (see bottom ;-))
            This only happened ONCE
            And only for half a million…
            As education dies…
            Ask Alice … “Remember what the door mouse said…Feed your head, feed your head”
            After that, you only need somebody to love….
            And then ‘The Man’ arrives …..
            Listen to the guitar of ‘Diablo’ …
            Who remembers?….
            BOTTOM LINE ….. Get Recommended.

          24. Soul Sacrifice, White Rabbit, Help From Me Friends, I’m Going Home, Star Spangled Banner……….classic Woodstock.

          25. If you are a “Christian”, I’m joining the Church of Satan.

          26. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You’re already in the Church of Zatan

          27. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Quite true. No sense of adventure, I guess. 😉

          28. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            The Inquisition was in Europe not in Middle East.

          29. Hind Abyad Avatar

            “A small metal shack with no electricity or running water on a jetty in the blazing seaside sun does not seem like the kind of place frequented by Hamas militants, the Israel Defense Forces’ intended targets. Children, maybe four feet tall, dressed in summer clothes, running from an explosion, don’t fit the description of Hamas fighters, either.” NYT photographe

      2. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
        Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

        Abyad is not….

    3. Hannibal Avatar

      Hezbollah’s “raison d’etre” is not Lebanon but money. If Iran stops the money they will become insignificant because someone has to bring the bread home. I am happy about the side effects of this “raison d’etre” mainly stopping Israel’s ambitions into the South but not happy about where this will take Lebanon in the long term.
      I look for small gains now as my thinking matures… So the first party that brings me electricity, decent internet, garbage (including ISIS) disposal, and finally jobs will get my respect and vote. Short of that they are just a mafia like Jumblatt’s party or the SSNP.

      1. Christina Metron Avatar
        Christina Metron

        go tell it to the Marines

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          If the Marines would listen to me I would have ordered them back to the Middle East to wipe ISIS off the planet. Alas they only listen to the president and to congress.

          1. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            I recall they were in Lebanon, I remember hearing the NJ battleship lobbing shells as big as a volkswagon car on Lebanese territory and killing Lebanese people, are you sure you want them back? how would you feel about them doing to Lebanon what they did to Iraq??

          2. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Just Daesh and you have a deal.

          3. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            it’s more like Daesh and you (Israel) have a deal, how many Israeli Jews have been killed by Daesh, not one, how many CHristians have been killed by Daesh, countless. Who is treating the Alqaida fighters in Syria and sending them back to fight and kill christians and minorities? Israel is. Lebanese are in a state of war with daesh, while Israel is getting their oil and reselling it for a profit $, which is the jewish god

          4. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Daesh knows better than to attack Israel. As far as medical treatment, how much intelligence was gleaned. I don’t think Israel would care about your opinion of treating those fighters.

            Better to be a living Jew in Israel than a dead Arab.

            I prefer a living American.

          5. Hannibal Avatar

            In Iraq they removed a dictator and gave the majority Shia a chance to share the power despite the fact that they abused it. If I were to compare what will they do to Lebanon I just have to recall my youth in Ashrafieh when the forces of Assad destroyed my home and my city 😉

          6. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            so, you as a Christian from Ashrafiya have no problem with Lebanese that were killed then, for as long as they’re not your fellow Ashrafia people? or you consider the Syrians as your enemies and the fact that the US was after the Syrians then, it All OK, just trying to understand you. Are you a Lebanese Forces supporter??? hoe do you feel about Bashir gemayel

          7. Hannibal Avatar

            Not at all… But when your family is at the receiving end while terrifying bombs are coming down on your head it is hard to think but about yourself… You should try it sometime. 😉
            I will never forgive the Assad regime NOR his army for doing what they did to Lebanon. As a matter of fact I am kind of happy that the karma came back to Syria so they get a taste of what they have done to others.
            “Wail, you juniper, for the cedar has fallen; the stately trees are ruined! Wail, oaks of Bashan; the dense forest has been cut down!… “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.” Bible

          8. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            removed a dictator and brought about ISIS, Great plan.

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Assad’s warships did the same to his own coastal cities 4 years ago …

          10. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            what does that have to do with the NJ bombing Lebanon. That is an internal Syrian issue that you as an American/Israeli Jew have no business getting involved in. It’s like Syria protesting the killing of the right wingers in Waco texas years back.

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (whew! … good thing I’m not an American/Israeli Jew … Christina would spank me with the metronome)

          12. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            denying your Jewishness again commander 5th? I thought we went over that already and we established that you’re a soft ZioVermin, You’re against the Occupation but fully support the terror state of Israel, a moderate hateful Jew is what you are. Now you deny your Jewishness and your affiliation to the Hasbara foundation. do I have to re establish the fact. I know being A Jew is nothing to be proud of, by Jesus, have some pride. But you Jewishness comes out very pointedly when you start venting about arabs and Muslims. A typical Zionist vermin Jew practice is to always bring up the Muslim card and bash it in every way possible. who gives a flying piss whether Arabs protest the killing of Americans, and why did the Americans come too the Arab land in the First place, Does it have anything to do with Protecting the Vermin Israelis, or is it on the Behalf of the Vermin Israelis, is it possible that the Americans came to do what the vermin Israelis failed to do, in other words do the bidding for the vermin Israelis and then pay the price in American life and money. A typical ZioVermin Practice, they want America to fight their wars and keep the welfare coming so the Jews can build settlements kill children and get Iraqi and ISIS oil at a cheap price. Israel will not rest untill the last American is milked out of the last penny, and I am not talking about the American Jews that are Israeli firsters! I am talking about the General American non jew Public.

          13. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hey, ‘they’ bash at me, why wouldn’t ‘I’ bash back.? I’m not some chicken-shit, after all.
            ‘You’ and ‘your we’ went over it in your own minds, sweets. What you come up with is not my problem, however, so I don’t hold it against you. I don’t like all the killing and starvations going on either. But I’m not getting involved in the ‘cult thinking’ which pervades the ‘religiosity’ everywhere. I just see how ‘they’ use it.

          14. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            are you sure you’re not, I tend to think that you are.

          15. I didn’t know that you converted to judaism and become an American…….

          16. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            Hahahaha, very funny. Not…

          17. Very funny……

          18. Your neighbour?

          19. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            to the south of Lebanon yes.

          20. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Must have been a godly moment I can’t remember, Matrix. :-)))

          21. Christina Metron Avatar
            Christina Metron

            A Jew first…

          22. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            And Israel sacrifices American soldiers for it’s wars. Connaissez vous US Liberty?

          23. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Really.. and what did Israel do? You Just have to post “something” .. anything

            “Zionists such as ARIwatch took the view that the U.S. was wrong to oppose Israel’s invasion of Beirut, whose purpose, they say, was to destroy the PLO. By the time the Israelis were “harassing” the U.S. marines, the PLO had already withdrawn from Beirut. At that point the goal of the Israelis was not to destroy the PLO, it could only have been to (1) kill Muslim Lebanese factions in the Lebanese civil war and (2) rope the U.S. into helping them do it”.


          24. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Answers like this one are pro Zionists 6thDrawer, and you don’t read what Zionist don’t like…either

    4. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
      Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

      Oh man what a bigot you are. I bet you don’t even know what the word Zionist means and instead invent your own meaning for it. Also, by definition, a state cannot be terrorist. Also, Hezbollah stopped being a Lebanese party the moment they took on Iranian assistance and made it their business to export the revolution. I bet you’re one of those people who calls anyone who doesn’t agree with them a ‘troll’.

    1. Great video.

      $15 billions of Americans’ tax payers money sent to IsraHell ever year, yet the despicable Israelis constantly brag about their GDP, how great they do economically, etc. They’re the biggest thieving, begging whores.

      The Rothschild-ian “Federal” Reserve enslaved the USA through debt since the 1913 and makes sure IsraHell is taking care of through their sweet and labor (which is UnConstitutionally taxed – also established in 1913) of the American people.

      Utterly discuting. America was once a great Nation. I hope they wake up. The faith of ISraHell is in their hands – hence why their conditioning is so important at keeping them docile.

      1. Christina Metron Avatar
        Christina Metron

        in due time Omega, they will in due time.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          They invest the money sell more shares to Noble Energy

          Israelis protest over Benjamin Netanyahu’s gas deal with US’s Noble Energy

          1. Somehow related, Genie Energy:


          2. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Netanyahu sold shares illegaly in occupied Golan Heights to Murdoch and Rothschild in 2009. That’s why they want Syria and Shebaa Farms.

        2. Absolutely.

          ps – Merry Christmas by the way.

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar

      ..and control MekenzehParty..We are number One.

      1. Was his name always “MekenzehParty”?

          1. Thank you.

    3. *** Dirty Yahoudi *** Avatar
      *** Dirty Yahoudi ***

      we love drek amerikan goyim money. send more.

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