Hezbollah ‘war correspondent’ killed in northern Syria in Aleppo province

Mohammad Mahmud Nazar , Hezbollah's war correspondent
Mohammad Mahmud Nazar , Hezbollah’s war correspondent (SANA)

A Lebanese journalist working for the powerful Shiite group Hezbollah was killed while covering clashes in northern Syria, Syria’s official news agency said Monday.

“The war correspondent of the Lebanese resistance (Hezbollah), Mohammad Mahmud Nazar, was killed yesterday while covering military operations” in Aleppo province, SANA reported.

Nazar, 28, was from the southern Lebanese village of Arab Salim.

According to SANA, he was “one of the first journalists to cover the battles between the Syrian army and the resistance against the terrorists in Syria.”

The Iranian backed Hezbollah, a staunch ally of the Syrian regime, acknowledged in 2013 that it had dispatched fighters to back Damascus against the Sunni-dominated uprising.

The group has since taken part in Syrian regime offensives throughout the country, including south of Syria’s second city, Aleppo.

Hezbollah runs the Al-Manar television station and website.

At least 49 Syrian and foreign reporters have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Yahoo/ AFP

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