Pressure builds for big military response to ISIS after Paris attack


France had announced that its sole aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, would be deployed to the Middle East, arriving on November 18. French President Francois Hollande vowed a "merciless" response to the massacre after ISIS claimed responsibility.
France had announced that its sole aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, would be deployed to the Middle East, arriving on November 18. French President Francois Hollande vowed a “merciless” response to the massacre after ISIS claimed responsibility.
The Paris terror attacks are likely to galvanize a stronger global military response to Islamic State, after a U.S.-led air war that has lasted more than a year has failed to contain a group now proving itself to be a growing worldwide threat.

The United States, long accused of taking an incremental approach to the struggle, is under growing political pressure at home and abroad to do more and it is expected to examine ways to intensify the campaign, including through expanded air power.

U.S. officials say Washington will look in particular to European and Arab allies to step up their military participation in the war in Iraq and Syria.

It remains far from clear whether Paris and Washington would be willing to radically expand the scope of their current military engagement, given a deep aversion to getting dragged into a large-scale ground war in the Middle East. But President Barack Obama has been committing more to the fight in recent months, and lawmakers and counter-terrorism experts see the Paris attacks strengthening arguments for additional military might.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for Friday’s attacks, which killed 129 people in Paris, in the worst bloodshed in France since the end of World War Two.

In the past two weeks, there have been other major Islamic State-claimed attacks. Two explosions in suicide attacks in a Shi’ite Muslim district of southern Beirut in Lebanon killed 43, and 224 died when a Russian aircraft crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said it had become clear that Obama’s strategy of limited air strikes coupled with support for ground forces in Iraq and Syria “are not sufficient to protect our country and our allies.”

“The fight is quickly spreading outside Iraq and Syria, and that’s why we must take the battle to them,” Feinstein said.

Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA expert on the region who has advised Obama, said the string of recent attacks had put to rest once and for all the debate whether Islamic State would stay focused on the war in Iraq and Syria.

“It is a game changer in this sense: there were those who debated whether the Islamic State would stay focused local – or go global. I think that debate’s over now,” said Riedel, now at the Brookings Institution.


Republicans seeking the party’s nomination to be its candidate in the 2016 presidential election have also been ratcheting up the pressure after the Paris attacks. One of them, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, said that the Islamic terrorists were engaged in “an organized effort to destroy Western civilization” and the U.S. needed to take the lead against them. “This is the war of our time,” Bush told conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Friday night.

France, which has described the Paris assault as an act of war, can quickly ramp up its contribution to the air campaign against Islamic State targets.

Even before the Paris attacks, France had announced that its sole aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, would be deployed to the Middle East, arriving on November 18.

“We’re only a matter of days before the French carrier departs and heads to the Persian Gulf to do strikes,” said former FBI official Martin Reardon, now with The Soufan Group consultancy. “I think France will do more.”

Obama, only last month, agreed to send U.S. special operations forces to Syria to coordinate with opposition fighters on the ground – something he had ruled out previously. He also deployed more U.S. aircraft to a base in Incirlik, Turkey.

U.S. officials say they are in discussions with allies, including from Arab nations, to also increase their roles in the air campaign. Talks are also underway about whether allies might deploy special operations forces, in Iraq and Syria.

Riedel and other former U.S. officials said one quick way the United States and its allies could do damage to Islamic State would be to expand pressure on its leadership. Such pressure has been steadily growing with precision strikes in recent months.

The same day as the Paris attacks unfolded, the United State carried out an operation to kill the Islamic State’s leader in Libya. A day earlier, it announced the death in Syria of a more symbolic target, striking an Islamic State figure, known as “Jihadi John,” who once taunted the West in hostage execution videos.

U.S. officials say such strikes show the United States could widen the field of battle.

“We’re looking at going after ISIL wherever we can hit them,” one U.S. official said using another name for the Islamic State.

So far, however, the United States has refrained from direct bombardment of known Islamic State headquarters buildings in its self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria.

That, individuals with knowledge of the matter said, is in part because of the risk of large-scale civilian casualties.

It remains to be seen whether the self-restraint will continue, and whether the Obama administration will generally loosen rules of engagement for airstrikes that some in Congress and elsewhere have called too restrictive.

Another question, officials and analysts said, is whether the United Kingdom will expand the airstrikes and airborne intelligence assets it has already used over Iraq to Syria.

London has not struck at Islamic State in Syria and although British Prime Minister David Cameron is said to be eager to take that step, he faces resistance from U.K. lawmakers.

“The question is really, will this change the British parliament?” the U.S. official said.




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  1. Police the world like you mean it.

  2. This is the war of our time,” Jeb Bush says.

    I guess it is about time that Russia directs its efforts against the Islamic State and not the moderate rebels as it has been doing . Defeating ISIS will require a united effort by all including the US and Russia .

    1. are moderate rebels is like moderate muslims? pls help to sort them

  3. Idiot Hind, where is Your jews conspiracy (In Hebron arrested a suspect in the murder of two Israelis)

    1. Father of terrorist, wounded three people at the crossroads of Gan Shmuel, will lose Israeli passport

      1. To save from destruction the house, another father has given out his son. killed two Israelis

        (GT) Evening
        of November 15 were allowed to publish details of the operation to
        arrest the suspect of involvement in the terrorist attacks on Friday
        near the settlement of Otniel (south of Hebron). Press service of the IDF reported that the Israeli assassin was
        arrested due to information received from his father and brother.

        report states that the 28-year-old resident of Hebron Shadi Ahmad
        Matua, the father of two children, was arrested during a joint operation
        of General Security Service (GSS) and IDF special forces. At the time of his arrest, he was at home. Matua already confessed. According to investigators, he is a fighter, “Islamic Jihad.”

        Press service of the IDF emphasizes that the father and brother Shadi
        Ahmad Matua contacted the Israeli security services in the hope of
        avoiding the destruction of the house where the family lived apart from
        the terrorist of his closest relatives.

        should be noted that last week the Israeli High Court of Justice
        rejected an appeal by relatives of the eight terrorists on the decision
        to demolish their homes. Judges of the High Court agreed with the position of the state
        security forces and prosecutors, that the demolition of houses of
        terrorists is a deterrent.

        In the attack near Otniel killed 40-year-old Rabbi Yaakov Litman and his 18-year-old son, Netanel, residents of Kiryat Arba.

        Recall that in the car exposed to the attack, there were seven members of the family Litman. The
        family was sent to the village Meytar, where they were to spend
        Saturday preceding the wedding of one of the daughters of Jacob Litman. The wedding was scheduled for 17 November.

        the investigation it was found that the terrorist was standing on the
        roadside next to his car and waited for the appearance of the machine
        with the Israelis. Seeing the car in which the family was Litman, a terrorist opened fire. The newspaper “Haaretz” reported, citing sources in the security services, that at least 14 bullets hit the car. Then the terrorist escaped.

        Medics arrived on the scene, was pronounced dead Jacob Litman and his son Netanelya. Five other family members were taken to hospital “Magpie”, where they provide the necessary assistance. All of them were discharged from the hospital.

        NRG presents evidence Litman family members, according to which, after
        the first shots terrorist approached the car, he opened the door and
        tried to shoot Noah Litman is there, as well as 16-year-old Dvir,
        12-year-old Moria, nine-six-year Tehillim and Abijah. In the machine there was a misfire, and chose suicide as quickly as possible to escape from the scene.

        to Noah Litman, Jacob’s wife, and their 16-year-old son Dvir, first
        appeared on the site of the terrorist attack, doctors “Red Crescent”,
        however, they left the area of ​​the incident, did not help the victims.
        According to radio station “Galya IDF,” Israeli Foreign Ministry
        lodged a sharp protest note to the office of the “Red Cross”, to
        exercise control over the activities of “Red Crescent”.

        The funeral of Jacob and Netanelya Litman held late on Saturday. More
        than a thousand people attended the ceremony, including the president
        of Israel Reuven Rivlin, Chief Rabbi David Lau and Deputy Defense
        Minister Eli Ben Dahan. Speaking at the ceremony, President Rivlin said that “it is impossible to share a picture of terror in Paris and Hebron.”

        The terrorist attacks in Israel during the “Intifada Al-Quds” (October 1, 2015)

        November 13. Arab terrorists fired at Israeli vehicles near Otniel in the southern
        Hebron Hills, four people were injured, two of the injured died soon.

        November 12. Armed with a knife attacked Arab troops at a checkpoint near Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. In this incident, no one was hurt. The attackers fled.

        10th of November. Trying terrorist attack near the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. The assailant shot.

        10th of November. Two Arab teenagers armed with knives attacked people in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev. He was wounded guard. The terrorists neutralized.

        November 9th. At the checkpoint, “Elijah” in Samaria Arab with a knife attacked a guard and was neutralized. None of the Israelites was not injured. Suicide, died from his injuries.

        November 8th. On the highway №55, Alfei Menashe on the close (Samaria) stabbed seriously wounded an Israeli. The terrorist escaped.

        November 8th. In Beitar Ilit Arab armed with a knife attacked a guard and wounded him easily. Suicide neutralized.

        November 8th. At
        the crossroads of Tapuah Palestinian Arab knocked on the car the three
        Israelis who were injured varying degrees of severity. The condition of one of the injured is serious.

        November 6. In the area of ​​Beit Anuni terrorist fired at Israelis, with the result that he was seriously wounded.

        November 6. In the area of ​​the Patriarchs Cave in Hebron terrorists fired at Israel, causing two people were injured.

        November 6. In the industrial area “Benjamin” north of Jerusalem, an Israeli Arab terrorist inflicted a severe wound, and fled the scene.

        November 6. Under Halhoul Arab car tried to run over a soldier. Border guards fired at the car and seriously wounded a woman. Among the victims were not Israelis.

        November 5. At the crossroads of Gush Etzion suicide with a knife attacked Israelis standing at a bus stop. None of the Israelites was not injured. A terrorist eliminated.

        4th of November. At the crossroads of Halhoul car, driven by a Arab, he crashed into a group of soldiers. As a result, “car terrorist attack,” injuring two people. Seriously wounded fighter mage. A terrorist eliminated.

        November 2. In the center of Netanya, an Arab armed with a knife attacked from the back of an old man, causing him severe injuries. Terrorist neutralized.

        November 2. Arab, armed with a knife attacked passers-by in Rishon Lezion. Three people received injuries of varying severity. The terrorist was detained.

        November 2. Two Arabs, armed with knives attacked a military checkpoint near Jenin. The terrorists neutralized, one of them killed. None of the Israelites was not injured.

        Nov. 1. At the crossroads of Ziph, south of Hebron, was attacked with stones on a car with Israeli license marks. The stones were broken car windshield. Shards of glass slightly wounded woman.

        Nov. 1. At the crossroads of Beit Anuni (Hebron area) vehicle driven by a driver of the Arab, he knocked down three Israelis. Injuring three people. The terrorist escaped.

        Nov. 1. Near the village of Beit Anuni (Hebron area) armed with a knife attacked an Arab soldier. An Israeli was injured. The attacker killed.

        October 31. The guard check point “Gilboa” shot an armed terrorist knife. No injuries were reported.

        October 30. During
        the riots at the crossroads Ayosh north of Ramallah, two Arabs attacked
        the guards, one intended to throw Molotov cocktails, the second – stab.
        The attackers neutralized, there were no injuries.

        October 30. During the riots at Beit-El Arab terrorist armed with a knife attacked a soldier. No one was injured, the attacker neutralized.

        October 30. Arab terrorists attacked a tram stop in Givat Tahmoshet in Jerusalem. The attacker is neutralized. Two people were injured.

        October 30. Two Arab terrorists attacked the guards at the crossroads of Tapuah. Border guards neutralized the attackers. No injuries were reported.

        October 30. Arabs
        have thrown at least four Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers who
        were on duty at the checkpoint “Beit Mirkahat” in Hebron. No injuries were reported.

        October 29. Arab, armed with a knife, wounding a woman in the street Hativat Golani in Eilat. Later, the attack was recognized as a terrorist act.

        October 29. Near the Ofra settlement in the Binyamin region from a passing car were fired at Israeli soldiers, who were on “trempiade.” The terrorists managed to escape. None of the Israelites was not injured.

        October 29. In the area of ​​the hospital complex “Augusta Victoria” in the Jerusalem explosion. Soldiers magician reported that their side explosive device was thrown. As a result of the incident, two people received a shock exit from which they needed medical help.

        October 29. A suicide with a knife attacked a soldier near the cave of the patriarchs (“Mearat a-Machpelah”) in Hebron. Soldier injured mild to moderate severity. Terrorist neutralized.

        On October 28. In the parking lot near the supermarket, “Rami Levy” in Gush Etzion a terrorist armed with a knife wounded woman. The terrorist was detained.

        On October 28. At the crossroads Dzhilbar in Hebron Palestinian Arab with a knife attacked Israeli soldiers. Terrorist neutralized. Among the Israeli victims.

        Of 27 October. In Hebron, Arabs, armed with a knife tried to attack IDF soldiers. The soldiers opened fire and destroyed a terrorist. Among the Israeli victims.

        Of 27 October. Two Arabs, armed with knives, attacked an Israeli near the Gush Etzion junction. The terrorists neutralized. An Israeli was wounded moderate.

        October 26th. Arab, armed with a knife, attacked the soldiers near the cave of the patriarchs in Hebron, and was neutralized.

        October 26th. On Anuni area (north of Kiryat Arba) terrorist stabbed an Israeli, was neutralized. The victim in serious condition.

        October 25th. At the crossroads of Ariel in Samaria commit attacks with bladed weapons. One person was wounded. The terrorist escaped.

        October 25th. Arab armed with a knife attacked a soldier in Hebron. An Israeli was hurt, terrorist neutralized.

        October 25th. Near the village of Masada (Gush Etzion) Arabs stoned a car with Israeli license marks. When the driver got out of the car, one of the Arabs stabbed him. The attackers fled.

        October 24. The guards at the checkpoint, “Gilboa” shot and killed an Arab, rushed at them with a knife. No other injuries were reported.

        October 24. On Derech Shechem Arab with a knife attacked the Jews who resisted the terrorists and who managed to grab his knife. The terrorist fled the scene. The Jew was hurt.

        October 23. Arabs threw a Molotov cocktail into the car on the road №60 under the Beit-El, bringing suffered a family of five.

        October 23. Arab, armed with a knife, attacked the soldier near the village Gvaot in Judea and wounded him. The attacker is neutralized and arrested.

        22 of October. Two armed Arabs attacked Jews in Beit Shemesh. Yeshiva student was injured. The terrorists neutralized by the police.

        October 21. On the highway №60, near the Arab village of Beit Umar, stone attack suffered an Israeli vehicle. Once people were in the car got out to assess the damage, they were hit by a car, driven by a Arab. Terrorist neutralized.

        October 21. At the crossroads in the district of Benjamin Adam suicide with a knife wounded servicemen. A terrorist eliminated his accomplice detained.

        October 21. Trying automotive terrorist attack near the settlement of Ofra (district Benjamin). Slightly wounded an Israeli.

        On 20 October. At the crossroads of Gush Etzion Palestinian Arab in his car hit a two Israelis. The terrorist has been eliminated. Injuries to the Israelis in a suicide bombing is estimated as the lungs.

        On 20 October. At the intersection of Al-Favart (southwest of Hebron) Arabs threw stones at the car in which there was a 50-year-old Israeli. He got out of the car and was hit by a car driven by a Arab. The victim, a resident of Kiryat Arba, Abraham (Usher) Hassan died.

        On 20 October. In the area of ​​settlement of Negohot Arab with a knife attacked an IDF officer. A soldier was lightly wounded, the terrorist was killed.

        On 18 October. At the central bus station in Beersheba was an armed attack with weapons and firearms. Killed Sergeant Omri Levy, eight wounded. A terrorist eliminated. Mistakenly killed by illegal immigrant from Eritrea.

        17 October. The terrorist stabbed a policeman at the checkpoint “Kalandia”. A police officer was lightly wounded. The soldiers neutralized the attacker.

        17 October. Arab terrorists, armed with a knife attacked a soldier at a checkpoint in Hebron and caused him injuries of moderate severity. Terrorist neutralized.

        17 October. Arab terrorist easily hurt knife employee of the Border Police. Forward neutralized.

        17 October. In Jerusalem, the Arab terrorist with a knife in his hand and he attacked the border guards was shot.

        17 October. In Hebron, armed with a knife attacked an Arab Israeli. There were no casualties, suicide neutralized.

        On October 16th. At the intersection of the A-go near Hebron armed with a knife wounded an Arab Israeli. The terrorist destroyed.

        October 14th. At the bus stop in the street of Jaffa, near the bus station in Jerusalem, wounding a woman suicide. A terrorist eliminated.

        October 14th. At the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem when attempting an attack on a guard armed with a knife liquidated terrorist.

        October 13. The attack near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

        October 13. The second day of the terrorist attack in Ra’anana. Four of the wounded. The attacker was detained.

        October 13. “Road terrorist attack” on the street Mulkay Israel in Jerusalem. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevski killed, four wounded.

        October 13. In the bus, follow the district Armon Natsiv in Jerusalem, it was an armed attack. Two terrorists neutralized. Killed Alon (Andrew) Govberg, 16 wounded.

        October 13. Armed attack at a bus stop in Ra’anana. Slightly wounded an Israeli. Terrorist neutralized by the locals.

        October 12. In
        the bus, follow the street Shazar, near the String Bridge, an Arab
        stabbed two passengers and tried to steal the weapon of a soldier. A terrorist eliminated.

        October 12. In Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev, two terrorists armed with knives made series of attacks on passers-by. Two people were injured. 13-year-old was taken to hospital in critical condition. One terrorist was liquidated, his accomplice – neutralized.

        October 12. Arab armed with a knife, attacked the border guards near the building of the police headquarters in Jerusalem. Policeman (magician) was slightly injured, terrorist neutralized.

        October 12. Arab, armed with a knife, attacked the border guards near the Lion’s Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. A terrorist eliminated.

        October 11. On the highway №65, near the junction of Gan Shmuel terrorist stabbed three people standing at the bus stop. The attack injured two girls 14 and 19 years old and 20-year-old man. The condition of one of the injured is serious.

        October 11. An explosion at a checkpoint near Maale Adumim, a policeman slightly injured. Suicide was seriously injured.

        10th of October. Armed attack on border guards near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Three soldiers were wounded. The terrorist was killed.

        10th of October. The terrorist, armed with a knife, wounding two people in Jerusalem. The assailant shot and killed by police.

        October 9. At the central bus station in Afula Arab armed with a knife and tried to attack a soldier. Forward neutralized and taken to hospital.

        October 9. In Jerusalem, on the street and Shmuel Navi attacked with knives. Injured 16-year-old. The attacker fled the scene, but was soon arrested.

        October 9. In Kiryat Arba Arab armed with a knife tried to attack a police officer. A police officer was slightly injured. The attacker was shot dead.

        October 8th. On
        the street Arlozorov in Afula, near the cafe “Aroma” Arab terrorist
        attacked IDF soldiers, inflicting a stab wound to moderate severity. The terrorist was neutralized by police officers and civilians.

        October 8th. Near the eastern gate of Kiryat Arba terrorist stabbed a Jew. The terrorist escaped.

        October 8th. In
        the heart of Tel Aviv, near the military base “Kiriya”, at the corner
        of Moses, and Menachem Begin, a terrorist armed with a knife wounded
        five people. A terrorist eliminated.

        October 8th. In Jerusalem, an Arab with a knife seriously wounded a religious Jew. Terrorist neutralized.

        October 7th. Arab stabbed 25-year-old man in the center of Petah Tikva. The terrorist was detained.

        October 7th. Arab attacked a soldier in Kiryat Gat. A soldier was lightly wounded, the terrorist eliminated.

        October 7th. Arab with a knife attacked the Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem, two wounded.

        The 4th of October. Arab stabbed a Jewish teenager near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Terrorist shot the policeman.

        the 3rd of October. The
        attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, near the Lion Gate, were seriously
        injured three people, a small child was slightly injured. Later, two wounded, and Nehemiah Lavi Aaaron Benet IDF soldier, died in the hospital.

        October 1st. In the area of ​​Beit Furik village of terrorists opened fire on an Israeli vehicle with number signs. Spouses
        Eitam and Naama Henkin, who were in the car were killed, four of them
        children, who witnessed the murder of their parents, are not affected (GT)

  4. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Well, the Russians haven’t worried much about “the risk of large-scale civilian casualties.”

  5. Oh boy…they still don’t want to understand it do they?
    bombing Syria will help just like bombing Iraq helped after 9/11, meaning no help.
    the only thing you need to think of is how to tackle the problem of radical muslims (muslims in general) in Europe.creating more displaced is not a solution.

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