Lebanon Interior minister calls for serious dialogue after arrest of terror network


Nuhad MashnoukLebanon’s Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq revealed on Sunday that the Internal Security Forces Information Branch was able to arrest within 48 hours the whole network that was behind the Burj al-Barajneh twin suicide bombing attack.

“The Information Branch recorded an exceptional achievement and was able to arrest within 48 hours the entire network that stood behind the Burj al-Barajneh bombings. The Security Forces are doing well in light of the political disputes,” said Mashnouq during a press conference.

“Investigations have shown that the attack was planned to take place in the al-Rasoul al-Aazam hospital with five suicide attackers, but the assailants changed the plans because of the security measures,” he added, assuring that the security forces will not cease to pursuit terrorism and the terrorists.

“The network included 7 people in addition to the suicide attackers. It is clear that there is a major decision to carry out bombings in Lebanon,” the Minister stressed.

“The Lebanese have proven that there is no environment that nurtures terrorism in Lebanon.” He stressed

Mashnouq addressed the political leaders by saying:

“We should take good care of Lebanon and find solutions (for political disputes). Lebanon is not on the international map, only Yemen and Syria are.

“We must realize this fact and work on that basis to protect the Lebanese form the criminal takfiris. Political stability is the only means to achieve security in the country. I hope that this achievement paves way for a serious political dialogue,” he concluded.

Political stability is the only means to achieve security in the country”.
Nouhad al-Mashnouq

Lebanese authorities arrested five Syrians and a Palestinian in connection with the twin suicide bombings in southern Beirut on Thursday that killed 43 people, a senior security source said on Saturday.

The bombings in a busy residential and commercial area that is a stronghold for Lebanese Shi’ite movement Hezbollah were claimed by Islamic State.

“Within 24 hours the network was arrested in the fastest uncovering of a bombing incident in the country,” the source said.

The explosions were the first attacks in more than a year to target a Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon, as the Iran-backed group steps up its involvement in the war in neighboring Syria.

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