Nusra chief urges wider attacks on Assad’s Alawite areas to avenge Russian bombing


Abu Mohamad al-Golani, Al Nusra  Front leader
Abu Mohamad al-Golani, Al Nusra Front leader
The head of Syria’s Nusra Front, an offshoot of al Qaeda, urged insurgents on Monday to escalate attacks on the strongholds of President Bashar al Assad’s minority Alawite sect, in retaliation for what he said was the indiscriminate killing of Muslim Sunnis by invading Russians.

The audio message from Nusra’s Abu Mohamad al-Golani, posted on YouTube, said Russia’s military intervention since last week was aimed at saving Assad’s rule from collapse but was doomed to fail, as had previous Iranian and Hezbollah military support.

“There is no choice but to escalate the battle and to target Alawite towns and villages in Latakia and I call on all factions to … daily hit their villages with hundreds of missiles as they do to Sunni cities and villages,” Golani said.

Nusra Front, a radical Muslim Sunni fundamentalist group, is one of the most powerful forces fighting the Syrian government in an increasingly complex conflict that Russia’s intervention has only worsened.

Golani describing the Russian intervention as a new Christian crusade from the east that was doomed to fail and came after a “string of victories made by the Mujahdeen” threatened Assad’s rule.

“The war in Cham (Syria) will make the Russians forget the horrors of what they faced in Afghanistan. The new Russian invasion is the last dart in the weaponry of the enemies of Muslims and the enemies of Syria,” he said.

Russia has dramatically intensified its bombing campaign in recent days. Moscow says it is targeting the Islamic State militant group, but most of its strikes have hit other rebel factions fighting against Assad, some of which have the support of Arab powers, Turkey or the United States.

Rebels also say Russia’s “scorched earth” policy was killing dozens of civilians.




49 responses to “Nusra chief urges wider attacks on Assad’s Alawite areas to avenge Russian bombing”

  1. Patience2 Avatar

    Hmmmmm… seems like the ‘Stupid’ Russians are causing the insurgents to change their focus somewhat.

    1. sweetvirgo Avatar

      The “chief” is scared. What can he do at this point? He is going to tell his other nursa buddies to “step it up” but Putin will strike them hard.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        “new Christian crusade” … From the ‘East’, yet … hohohohoho

        1. And to him, how is he wrong?
          What would you think if you were in his shoes??
          In fact, I said something similar to hind about the Syrians now being attacked by Christian Syrians, when hind was talking about evangelicals.
          So according to anyone who believes in all this religious, this guy’s interpretation or analysis isn’t far fetched in his mind.
          And if it is being perceived as a holy war by one side, then doesn’t it follow that it would be thought of the same by the other sides???
          Which actually means we are already in a holy war and I just realised it, too.

          1. *syrians now attacked by eastern Christians.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I explained that before. Planes are too delicate to swing a bottle of Champagne at.

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Syrians..these are Orthodox Russians.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘Holiness’ has lost it.

          5. Reasonableman Avatar

            سوريا – روسيا
            Mind blown ? Syria and russia are same letters but re arranged in arabic…
            A quick rundown to better understand goals of some russian politicians.

            Here is the TL;DR version.

            – Controlled by Roman Empire at time of Rasulullah
            – Companions kicked their butts, took Al Sham (Levant)
            – Various Islammic dynasties ruled the levant
            – 80 year Christian domination due to Crusades
            – Muslims reestablished control
            – Transitioned again between Muslim hands, this time to ottomans. 
            – Broken off after Ww1 under Sevres/Sykes Picot, given to French under French mandate
            – French mandate ended at end of WW2. 
            – Syrian republic became independent of Lebanese component of the French mandate at this time; this continued till the United Arab republic which lasted a couple of years (with Egypt)
            – Thereafter (1961) control was in hands of bathists – arab socialist heavily influenced by soviet union. Coups and counter coups within their circles followed, until eventually a hafiz al Assad came to power. 
            – Ruled for three decades; crushed muslim opposition, ruled with iron fist, oppressed sunnis. Infamous for hama massacre. he was from the minority alawi clan, which was in part prepared for power by the french and the allies after the mandate ended – knowing that it was a suitable faction to give power to as it had been “oppressed” by the ottoman sunnis and had resentment.
            – Son succeeded him, who rules to today, does the same thing. Majority of army and political leadership is in alawite hands
            – Inevitable revolution that had to happpen came in 2011. Started as protests. turned into proper civil war. Secular and islamists factions; many attempts to carve a united secular opposition by the West failed because frankly the people reject them. 
            – But islamists (salafi jihadis) differed among themselves. Lots of detail but bottom line is split in jihadi groups, many of whom are on opposing sides of an internecine conflict. 
            – state of play today: assad weak, propped up by iranians and russians, otherwise would be defeated within weeks. Islamist opposition not united by mainly isis on one hand and all other islamists on the other. Secular opposition still attempting to be bought by america, who doesnt trust them because they are all incompetent. 
            – future: Allah knows. we pray the disunity is removed, the fitnah makers lose influence and Allah establishes his Hukm again through this grisly but noble revolution.

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            “Hukm’ … Is that where we got ‘Hokum’?? (Hind might know …)

          7. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Hukum or Hokum is the governance.

          8. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            “In fact, I said something similar to hind about the Syrians now being attacked by Christian Syrians, when hind was talking about evangelicals.”

            My question dates from 5 hours, before i read your post from 18 hours ago.

            What is your logic comparing 2000 yrs old Middle East Christians to American Evangelicals who finance settlers burning Palestinian Christians alive?
            “Religious” are the ones attacking not the ME Christians who are disappearing.

          9. “”In fact, I said something similar to hind about the Syrians now being attacked by Christian Syrians, when hind was talking about evangelicals.”

            If you have a look, you will see I already corrected the Christian Syrians to Eastern Christians. Eastern Christians in this case being Russians. So your question is invalid

          10. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What? Eastern Church is Middle East Christians, not Russians, Balkans or Greek. So you are on the side of Al Golani…
   were always defending ISIS anyway..

          11. “What? Eastern Church is Middle East Christians, not Russians, Balkans or Greek. So you are on the side of Al Golani…
   were always defending ISIS anyway..”

            Russia is in the east. That makes them Eastern Christians. End of subject.
            As for your lame Isis insults, grow up!

          12. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I know it’s “End of subject” cause it has always been.
            “That makes them Eastern Christians”; is a commodity for al Golani ISIS which you support! End of subject!

            Eastern Orthodox Church is more closely linked historically to the Roman Catholic Church (Western Church), and Eastern Catholic Churches than to the Oriental Orthodox Church, since Oriental Orthodoxy split from the larger body of the Christian Church centuries before Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism split.

            The term Eastern Christianity, therefore, is more of a Western convention to describe non-Western Churches. The Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian Orthodox Church, traces its roots to the See of Babylon, Mesopotamia. Syria..

          13. Whatever. You want to keep going with your insults then you are not worth responding to. When you grow up and learn how to communicate like a mature adult, let me know.

          14. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Excellent way to avoid discussing logic, you want to dictate and control..please be my guest! I have to ask your permission to “address” Reasonable, and everybody else for that matter.

          15. Blah blah blah

          16. “”That makes them Eastern Christians”; is a commodity for al Golani ISIS which you support!”

            Thank you for confirming the real reason behind you asking reasonable that question about golani. You just couldn’t help yourself. Have a good day in your hatred.

          17. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well O, I’m happy not to be in his (Golani’s) shoes … They’d at least be the wrong size.
            He is going to make all Alawites ‘PAY’ in exactly the same way ASSad made everyone else ‘PAY’ …. so I don’t see it as a ‘right’ move. It only means everyone just keeps on ‘PAYING’.
            I’d add that ‘pay’ means ‘with anything but money’ in this case, just in case there’s some confusion on it. But he’ll take money too.

        2. Reasonableman Avatar

          It’s true that secularism, communism which are both in the same godless systems were created long after the abandonment of the pagan/ judeo-christ beliefs.

          Any body who believes that roots of christianity still exists in these systems indeed needs a lesson in history.

          That’s not to say that each political party does not have their own internal aspirations. If people really knew what each politicians intentions really were when they meet in secret, the said and un said, then alot of people would be shocked and most likely wouldn’t elect such people.
          Don’t rule out that this pan christindom neo crusades don’t have a platform hiding behind secularism.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Very true about the ‘politicians’. Well, then we’d have to call any war of ideology a ‘crusade’ for/against something, I suppose, if we’re going to use that word. One ‘side’ crusades for some democracy, and the other crusades against it. And a pile of people have in mind some sort of ‘mixed’ system.
            If one considers that ANY ‘politico’ is a dictator in a simple concept of the word – because one way or another he/she was ‘given’ that BY a certain mass of ‘the people’ – then the whole planet runs with dictators. Of one ideological bent or another.
            Women ‘crusaded’ for some input into their own existence and futures, for example, and in some places actually achieved a large portion of that.
            Let’s say that I ‘crusade’ for some food for some who haven’t eaten for 4 days in Tripoli.
            There’s nothing ‘spiritual’ about the dead that I’ve ever seen.
            Even if there are ‘Ghost Hunters’ on TV shows,
            Trying to convince those women that any ‘form’ of any God will ‘save’ them with a gun isn’t very convincing, no matter which ‘sect’ touts the ‘political line’ about their own ‘pet’ crusade against another. That they SUFFER CONSTANTLY is the reality of ‘Religion’.
            ‘Humanity’ is in a CRUSADE for LIFE.

          2. Reasonableman Avatar

            I don’t know 5th, secularism can’t explain morality since no side holds the ultimate truth.
            Hhhmmmm we need some discussion and consent then call a vote to see what the majority of people believe is moral TODAY even if it was immoral 10 years ago.

            See what i did there?!?

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, Reasonable … I don’t see any value in educating about ‘morality’ if people don’t have some food & water for brain function. Yacking at folks falling over from dizziness about ANY form of ‘ human morals’ can’t boost retention of the education much.
            First, Education should start at the simpler concept …. when people are dead, there’s no moral applicable, and they can’t make an ‘X’ on a ballot … after all.
            And only Live People with functioning brains can make ‘comparatives’ between ‘then&now’ subjects … some can’t remember last week any more.

          4. Reasonableman Avatar

            You whitesplaining education to me??
            Geopolitics and lack of morals has everything to do with who is starving and who isn’t.

            Hence worrying who gets to eat means applying morals, so don’t give me don’t worry about morals talk 😉

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            We agree Religion isn’t about morality. A whitey and a whatever. :-)))
            I had a nap during discussion ….

          6. Reasonableman Avatar

            No 5th religous morality governing the relationship between humans god animals and the environment are different to the morals you preach even though you claim morality ” have hardly an effect” and are too complex which coming from a canadian is abit rich i.e (whitesplaining).

            So you have a binary if morality hardly has an effect why are you preaching it?

            even if you wanted to practise your morals what good is it if the majority see it as immoral and criminalise you??

            I can say though the only thing i agree with in liberal secularism is equality but not the foundations its governed from.

            Likewise goodmorning 🙂

          7. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What about non-Arabs Syria’s Nusra Front offshoot of al Qaeda now ISIS Al Golani from Chechnya, they want to establish the Caucasus Caliphate?


          8. What does that have to do with what they were discussing???
            And why exactly did you address it to reasonable?
            It looks to me like you are picking on him.

          9. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            I asked his opinion, why is that picking on him, i can’t “address” him?
            It’s “Nusra chief urges..” that they were discussing, no?

          10. This is what they are discussing.

            “No 5th religous morality governing the relationship between humans god animals and the environment are different to the morals you preach even though you claim morality ” have hardly an effect” and are too complex which coming from a canadian is abit rich i.e (whitesplaining).”

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            It’s not my business “what 5th morality..whitesplaining)”, it was my question.

        3. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad


          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ladies Ladies … Please. I will attempt to summarize. It became confused …

            I laughed about the ‘New Christian Crusade’ line.
            Reasonable was fast to tell me that ‘secular thought’ (which is ‘a-religious’) and ‘Communist ideology’ (which is just that), were not ‘Godly’- describing both as ‘godless’. Fairly True. Then he gave me ancient Christian history (roots) in one line – and attempted to make secular government into a ’system’ by calling it an ‘ism’. Then flipped words to come up with ’Neo-Crusades of Pan Christendom’. (a theory, I suspect)

            I agree about politicians. And explain the word ‘crusade’ – as used in a modern context.
            Reasonable likes ’systems’ as they were 2000 years ago, as we know, AND adds the word ‘morality’ to the dialogue to add to the confusion. (which I see it did, Ladies) He ascribes to ’a-religious’ secular governing, a ‘morality’, then says it doesn’t have any. (it’s not supposed to – he does note that votes are cast by other and varied-morality folks.) Reasonable thinks voting for or against something is a bad idea altogether … a Caliph picked by Religious Heads should tell us all what to do all the time – like Solomon, the Caliph will be perfect. (almost Supreme?)

            So I throw up, and throw in the small fact that humans suffer constantly for Religions.
            Reasonable agrees with an ‘up’ … but switches back to the ever-changing ‘mores’ of society as a reason to ignore ’secularism’ – which isn’t an ‘ism’. 😉 And says we need what Lebanon loves … ‘dialogues’.

            I remind Reasonable that brains starved for nutrients don’t dialogue well – a ‘basic’ of life. He tells me I shouldn’t ‘lecture’ about basics. It’s a ‘moral issue’ I don’t understand.

            AND along the way, Canadians become ‘white’ … not enough sunshine in winter. This doesn’t bother me – I take extra vitamin D when I can’t tan naked because it’s too cold. (Studies show most North Americans are deficient in D … another fact … especially since everyone is on the ’Sunblock Bandwagon’ with the changing Mores, and maybe morales too – it’s weird.)

            Then he goes back into the shots about me trying to explain ‘morality’ in a secular state – which I wasn’t. I was simply laughing at the words ’New Crusades’ and ‘From The East’ … which I think is ludicrous, but may be coming from minds affected by lack of nutrition in a place which farmers largely escaped from after the irrigation channels were blown up.
            I can’t answer ‘See what I did there?’ without asking him if he thinks females should have ‘universal suffrage’ … because he doesn’t like the secular system that they worked for that in. But THAT is Aeons removed from ‘Old Crusades’ too. Isn’t it?? :-))

          2. Reasonableman Avatar

            Everything is a system 5th, really i don’t want to play catch up but i will spoon feed you for the sake of clarity.
            Secularism exposed itself as the extreme reaction against roman cathlic church during the Renaissance, the total rejectionist movement led by david hume began to get traction.

            The total rejection movement denied or questioned the existence of God and with it the validity of religion. It became popular among philosophical circles of that period to deny God’s existence. And, for the first time in recorded history, pure atheism began to be propagated on a wide scale. At first it was done quietly but eventually is spread and became openly stated especially in scientific and political circles.

            The great transition to modern science occurred in the battle over Copernicus’s theory – the Copernican revolution.
            Galileo was the hero of the great battle. Galileo was punished and his books officially banned. But his ideas triumphed, and with them came the end of Aristotelian science and the search for final causes. In time, scientists were able to elaborate more and more mechanisms to explain how the universe and everything we see around us worked. All the mysteries that human beings had once attributed to God or the gods turned out to have simple mechanistic explanations.

            Until the 19th century a vast majority of intellectuals remained religious believers. In 1830, Charles Lyell’s book Principles of Geology blew the catastrophists out of the water. In three volumes of meticulous argumentation, Lyell showed how the normal forces of nature could account for all the irregularities of the natural landscape – so long as one assumed that the earth was vastly older than the Bible stories suggested.
            Charles Darwin would not publish The Origin of Species until 1859. When it appeared, it was the coup de grace: Modern science had at last found a simple mechanism to explain the origin of life and the human species itself. Darwin breathed fresh life into the atheist position – a fact immediately recognized across the globe. Notably, the famous 19th century atheist, Karl Marx, asked Darwin if he could dedicate the English translation of Capital to him. In the German edition, he wrote “From a devoted admirer of Charles Darwin.”
            Science, it appeared, had found mechanistic explanations for everything. The verdict seemed inescapable. It was uttered finally in 1885 by the German philosopher Freidrich Nietzsche, the philosophical “shock jock” of his era: “God is dead.

          3. Reasonableman Avatar

            Whitesplaining – you a secular westerner (secularism meaning a product of darwinism who believes europeans are the most “evolved” race) telling everybody else how it should be and how everyone should feel regardless of their own opinions.

            Click the link, whitesplaining splained

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            NO !! I BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. Period. It happens all the time .. even now. Species come and species go … some perhaps not planning on it. There’s a ’cause & effect’. NOT some Zeus waving a mighty Bolt and saying ‘*POOF* … Human’. Such poppycock in face of all the evidence against that. 3000 years ago I can understand why the human ‘wondered’. Not now.
            I might believe there could be a feeling… a spiritual ‘awakening’ in ‘an experience’.
            There is also ‘spiritual death’ in humans, before their body dies, and some long before that, often caused by the ‘life experience’.
            Darwin was a ‘believer’ … who also didn’t plan on seeing what he did.
            But he reported it as accurately as he could at the time. He knew ‘the fear’ of being honest too – as were Galileo and many others living with ‘the fear’.
            And I know your ‘opinions’ … you don’t need to ‘teach me’ anything. I have lived.

            All the ‘proofs’ below are thoughts by ‘theorists’. And thoughts are an evolutionary, as well as revolutionary, process. Some were obviously scientific in their methods … I DID get some History lessons in schools … AND I know how to read.
            THAT does not mean I believe every word I read. OR that those words of what worked back then will actually apply to survival 10 or 20 years from now. I CAN form my opinions, as you do, Freely. But I am not ‘bound and gagged’ by this ‘society’ EITHER.
            I see what doesn’t work FOR ‘the people’. Usually ‘assumptions’ are wrong.
            YOU assume you know me from some writing in here. I can write what you want to hear, as well as not. THAT is my choice too. Sometimes I am serious.
            So … “everything is a system’? To you? Well SO is a human body. I’m sure you understand the things which will make it fail, or not function properly. Why blame those failures on a God, or a Devil? Why not just on ‘life’ – as it has evolved – on this little planet. The ‘age of dinosaurs’ … much MUCH longer than the age of humans … didn’t have the brains to adapt to the ‘system’ of the Universe or the ‘changes’ on the planet. Humans ones got so big and ‘smart’ they can eliminate themselves from ‘the system’ much sooner. And they try to.

            As for Freidrich Nietzsche saying “God is dead.”, well we may call him an Ass too – God was never ‘alive’. Like the planet, He is supposed to just ‘BE’. Only the human mind came up with with anything else about ‘the one’.

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (you know when you do that bit, no-body likes it …. )
            (yah …no ‘ups’ ever, just in case a god gives a down for doing an up …)
            (so … stick with the jokes and nudes then …)
            (maybe … ;-)))))

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            When I see THAT stupid word in the Oxford dictionary, I’ll burn it.
            I’ve got a few I invented myself.

          7. Reasonableman Avatar

            The fact i have to explain whiteness to you proves how white you are.
            Look at me falling for it, just a brown man doing the usual explaining complexity while nobody listens.

      2. Patience2 Avatar

        Just ground-to-air rockets. Make it expensive, and maintain the sanctions.

      3. Aren’t you just a bundle of joy. Imagine you in the kitchen.

      4. Anti ISIS Avatar

        You got right. Putin has a veiw rockets with their names on it. And he is going to shove those rockets up their asses.
        How are you sweets. Hope you and yours are doing extremely well.

  2. johngilbert Avatar

    Christian cross over Muslim crescent on Russian churches.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Ancient symbolism. Very Decorative. And neither of them beat Communism as an ideological/political force in recent history … and these days it’s too expensive to add a Hammer and a Sickle. Keeping them shiny is becoming expensive enough. But they look good for the tourists, don’t they?

    2. arzatna1 Avatar

      There are many other explanations for the cross and crescent on top of Russian Orthodox churches . The explanation you picked is the one coined in 1486 after Tsar Ivan IV (the “Terrible”) .

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Sun on one side, moon on the other … a Mathematician drawing a staight line between them like a flat Earth. 😉

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Orthodox Russian Christianity is same Greek and Middle East from the Byzantine Era.

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