It is confirmed: IS leader injured in Iraqi Army’s airstrike


baghdadiLeader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi was injured in Iraqi Army’s airstrike. Currently he is in a hospital, a local source confirmed to Sputnik Monday.

“Al-Baghdadi was wounded and currently is at a hospital of Al-Qaim. The hospital is encircled by the [ISIL] group’s militants,” the source told Sputnik.

The town of Al-Qaim is located in the northwest of Iraq on the border with Syria.

The Islamic State is a radical Sunni group that has ceased vast areas in Syria and Iraq. It aims to establish an Islamic caliphate on the occupied territories. The radicals have become notorious for numerous terrorist attacks and their mass executions, stoning of women and the beheading of foreigners.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Parliament Defense and Security Committee Chairman Haqim Zamli told Sputnik that Iraq may turn to Russia for military help in the fight against the Islamic State if Russian airstrikes in Syria prove successful.

But according to reports from Syria the Russian airstrikes are mainly targeting the rebels and are providing cover to the Islamic State militants to seize more ground from the moderate rebels