World must ‘keep Iran’s feet to the fire’, says Israeli PM


NETANYAHUIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the world to “keep Iran’s feet to the fire” in an interview with Fox News which aired last Friday
Netanyahu called for greater pressure on the Islamic Republic and thorough inspections to ensure it abides by the nuclear deal reached earlier this year.

“We have to keep Iran’s feet to the fire, we have to make sure it abides by its obligations under the nuclear deal,” he told Fox News

Netanyahu said the international community should “bolster those forces that are working against Iran’s aggression in the region” and combat its global terrorism network.

“We have to tear down Iran’s global terror network because it’s not merely increasing its aggression in the region, it’s building terror cells on five continents, including in this hemisphere.”

He said Israel wouldn’t tolerate Iranian aggression against Israel in Lebanon and Syria, nor the transfer of sophisticated armaments to Hezbollah from Syrian territory.

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9 responses to “World must ‘keep Iran’s feet to the fire’, says Israeli PM”

  1. Robert Rabraham Avatar
    Robert Rabraham

    and forget about isreali nukes

  2. Stop the charades you dishonest deceptive kunt!
    You have been in bed with Iran since 1979 and you haven’t been using condoms.

      1. Thanks for that. I honestly never knew the ancestry of Mahmoud amidget

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            We can’t wait to see the Pyramids being blown up by ISIS … imagine the amount of TNT they need to stockpile for those.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ultimately, The ONLY conclusion one can logically come up with, is that for naturally deficient humans who have spent all creation trying to come up proof of their Theories on the question of ‘WHY’, MANY have wasted lifetimes simply trying to analyze and debate the words of other Theorists who went before, and none have as yet come up with any solid proof of any of it, while the words simply fill volumes making less and less sense of what the former Theorists wrote down, and the various sects multiplied with the populations. Indeed great TOMBS of ‘thought’ are written, yet have little practical meaning. And for this they want to die?

  3. In many ways Israel has become less significant and Nutinyahoo is crying for attention.
    I wish them luck, in whacking many IRGC Generals in the Golan’s very soon.

  4. 5thDrawer Avatar

    ‘Feet to the Fire’ is an old way of torture … got nothing better??

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