Marco Rubio: Putin is trying to force the world to support Assad


US presidential candidate Marco Rubio Explains Putin’s Plan to trick Obama into supporting Syrian president Bashar al Assad

“Vladimir Putin is deliberately targeting the non-ISIS rebels,” Rubio explains. “And here’s why: If he’s going to wipe out all the non-ISIS elements on the ground in Syria, then they can say: ISIS or Assad, there are no other options. We killed all the non-ISIS people.”

“And at that point, he’ll be able to force the world to support Assad, and that is what he is doing.”

“In fact if you look at the region, this is going to sound absurd to your viewers, but there are a lot of people who beleive the U.S. actually is supporting ISIS.”

“It’s a conspiracy theory, it is absurd, but it has taken root in the minds of a lot of people. And one of the reasons why is they know what American air power looks like, during the war in Iraq. And they’re saying what we’re doing now is not real American air power. That’s why it is important not to do a better job of attacking ISIS for the purposes of defeating them, but to restore confidence in the people on the ground. The absence of that confidence creates the space for Putin to try to step in and try to replace us.”